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A Rhythm Unbroken: Chapter Two

Chapter Two! Plz to be enjoying.

~This is fictional. Whether or not Bono is a horrible cook is anyone's guess~

December 12

Bono seemed to be in just as much a hurry to get through the door as I was to get to him. "Ah-ah," I said, stopping him in the doorway and pointing over his head. "Mistletoe!" He looked up, grinned, and kissed me properly. "Ok, now we can-" He didn't even let me finish, kicking the door shut with his foot. He picked me up and pinned me between his body and the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed eachother hungrily. "So, baby, how's it going?" Throughout their album recording process, I would usually hang around at the studio, sometimes getting in the way. I loved to watch them work together- as artists, they fascinated me. But in the final days of them finishing up the last one, I nearly erased the almost-finished Indian Summer Sky. I would never forget the mortification on everyone's faces. "NO!! Don't touch that!!!" I had almost leaned my elbow in a spot that it clearly wasn't welcome. Holding it suspended in midair with shocked, wide eyes, I asked, "What? What?" "Oh, you only just almost deleted the eighth track on the album is all!" Larry spat angrily. After that, it was mutually decided that when it came to the critical final days, I was, eh, not welcome in the studio. I had spent a lot of time watching them record The Joshua Tree, but now that it was nearing its completion, I stayed away. "It's going great, love. Shouldn't be more than two days of work left on it. We'll finish it up when we get back from California next week." Which reminded me, packing needed to be done.

He finally set me down on the floor. "I'm going to cook dinner!" he announced proudly. I laughed, kissing the tip of his nose. Bono was not at all a good cook. Not that I was a great chef or anything, but he really struggled not to cause disaster. Nonetheless, the gesture melted my heart. "Are you now? What are you making?" He was already in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge and cupboards. "DAMN! I forgot." He got a piece of paper and a pen, and scrawled down a few things. "Can you do me a favor ar run to the store, love? So I can get started? I forgot we didn't have this stuff." He was delightfully scatterbrained. I giggled. "Sure. Just be careful, please, I don't want to come back to a raging inferno. And, eh, make sure you tie back your hair babe." He winked. "But of course! Go on, so I can feed you!" I raced out to the car.

The grocery store was the Irish equivalent of a supermarket, but not by American standards. So I called it a "grocery store". I wandered about, reading off Bono's list. I had become an expert at deciphering his handwriting. I smiled fondly at the pretty yet barely legible unique scrawl, and was filled with a sudden urge to get back home as soon as possible. While picking onions, I heard a familiar voice. I couldn't place it, but it was one that I had heard long ago, the same accent as mine. I looked around, and spotted the bright red hair, and then the goofy smile that went along with it. "Oh my God, Mackenzie Roberts?!?!?!" I shouted. Her eyes widened. "Lil!! Good God!" She rushed over to hug me, my childhood friend who had moved to Queens after middle school. I hadn't seen her since. Hugging her back, I asked, "What on earth are you doing in Dublin?!" She laughed. "I'm visiting my aunt, actually, but I'm looking at apartments. I got a job here and I'm moving after Christmas. What are you doing here? You sound a little different." Did I? Was it possible that everyone had been right? "I moved here, oh, five and a half years ago? In March of '81." Her face lit up. "Really? I can't believe this, right here in the same city I'm moving to! Why'd you leave New York?" The whole story would take forever, so I cut it down. "Well, I left to just, I dunno, find something that was missing, I guess. But I met someone almost the minute I got here, and I never looked back. We got married in May of '83." "Ooohhh, you married an Irish boy? What does he do?" Oh. Well now. I didn't know if she knew of U2 or not. It was hard to imagine someone living in a city like New York and not knowing, but then again, Kenzie had always been a bit out to lunch. Much like me, which was why we'd always gotten along so well. "He's actually in a band, I don't know if-" She interrupted me with a squeal. "Ooo, really? What's the name of the band? Maybe I've heard of them!" I said it in a kind of questioning tone. "U2?"

Her eyes were like big hazel marbles. "You. Are married. TO A MEMBER OF U2?!" She looked like she was going to start hyperventilating, and I honestly felt embarassed. "Which one?!?!" I bit my lip, afraid to say any more, lest she go into cardiac arrest. Loudly, drawing even more stares. "Bono." She grabbed my shirt and shook me. "Lillian Quinn, I cannot believe you are married to Bono!!!" More people turned to look momentarily. "I mean, you're beautiful, and you deserve it, but damn! What's he...I mean, is he..." She seemed to be trying to find the right words. "He's impossible to put into words. I mean, he's just a regular man in the general sense...sometimes I don't think he knows or cares that he's 'famous'. But he's an extraordinary person...he's my soul mate. I love him more than everything else put together." Kenzie sighed girlishly. "How lovely. Do you have a picture??" Psh, did I have a picture. Of course I did. I showed her one from our wedding day, and another, much more recent one that I had snapped of him when we needed to finish off the roll of film. "Damn, girl...he's hot!" I laughed loudly. "I know!" I couldn't remember the last time I had this kind of conversation with another girl. It felt refreshing. After talking for a few minutes, she looked at me curiously. "I'm sure of it now." "Sure of what?" She nodded. "You're losing your accent! Or picking up an Irish one. Both, I guess. It's wild." I didn't hear this when I spoke, but then again, would anyone notice a change in their own speech over time? I had been exposed almost exclusively to people who spoke with Irish accents over the past few years, so I supposed it was possible. "Listen, you want to follow me back to my apartment? He's cooking dinner right now, but I can introduce you guys real quick." I hoped that hadn't come off sounding rude. As happy as I was to see her, I didn't want her eating dinner with us. I hadn't seen Bono all day. Besides, she was going to be moving nearby. We would have plenty of time to hang out. "Sure!" She looked thrilled. "My aunt is getting dinner ready too, so I only have a few minutes anyway. But I sure as hell want to meet him!"

There was no answer when I knocked on the door, so I dug for the key. "Oh God...I hope he isn't naked." Kenzie burst into slightly nervous laughter. I chuckled. "Yeah, you laugh...he's done that!" Twice, in fact. Luckily I had not brought a surprise guest home either time. I pushed the door open and was greeted by the smell of food. Surprisingly, it smelled good. Really good. From the kitchen I could hear the frying oil hissing and Bono singing to himself. Just to be safe, I instructed Kenzie to wait by the door. "Baby?" I went into the kitchen. Phew, he was fully dressed. And he had remembered to tie his hair back. I put the bag of groceries on the table and he came and kissed me. "Bono, it actually smells really good in here." He smirked. "What, you didn't think I was capable of cooking something edible?" God he was adorable. I laughed. "Not really. But I guess that'll teach me to doubt you...come here for a sec, I found someone I want you to meet. And no, I didn't invite her for dinner." He laughed silently. "Good, then I'll go meet her!"

Kenzie's eyes widened adorably. "Bono, this is Mackenzie Roberts, she was my first friend! I haven't seen her since I was about thirteen...Kenzie, well, Bono," I said, laughing. She blushed profusely as he took her hand and kissed her cheek cordially. Bono absolutely oozed charm, and it had little to do with his looks. It was a vibe he gave off, one of intense charisma, that could fill a whole room and was like a magnetic force around him. "What brings you to Dublin, Kenzie?" He had taken my cue and used her nickname. Her face was a deeper red than her hair. "Well, I'm going to be moving here next month...right now I'm staying with my aunt and looking for a place." He grinned. "Would this be a real aunt, or a fake one?" He stuck his tongue out the corner of his mouth at me. "W-what?" She looked to me for an explanation, but I just laughed. "When Lilly first came to Dublin, she told me she was staying with her aunt here...but it was a lie, she made that aunt up! Had a fake phone conversation with her and everything!" Now Kenzie laughed too, somewhat less awkwardly. Suddenly, something went POP in the kitchen. "Oh shit. It was lovely meeting you, Kenzie. We'll see you again when you move in...I'll make sure we stop by that very day! Take care." He gave her a quick hug and disappeared into the kitchen to put down whatever revolt was going on in there, leaving her gawking after him. I giggled fondly. "He's partially insane." She turned her wide eyes on me. "That was the most charming man I've ever met in my life. How on earth do you not worry every time he's out of your sight?!" I frowned slightly. "Why would I worry?" She was looking at me incredulously. "Lil...or...do you go by Lilly now? Anyway, do you have any idea how many women are probably in love with him?!" I laughed heartily. "Ohh, I know that. But that doesn't effect him...he's not, I dunno, he's not your average man. Which I know sounds silly and naive, but it's true actually." Without knowing it, she had touched on one of the things that I marveled at most about Bono. "And you can call me Lil I guess...my family still does." People from my past called me by that name. For whatever reason, I liked the distinction between the two.

"Well, then you really are the luckiest girl in the world," Kenzie said, smiling. "I better get going. You guys are going to eat, and Aunt Siobhan will be wondering where the hell I went." I gave her a hug. "I'm so glad you're moving here. Call when you have the date and give me all the info, ok?" She nodded. "Sure thing. Merry Christmas!" "Merry Christmas," I echoed, locking the door behind her. Bono seemed to be done with dinner. I sneaked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my lips to his ear. He gasped, mildly shocked. "I'm so happy for you, love. You need a girlfriend...I worry about you sometimes, stuck with just us men all the time!" I scowled playfully. "What, tired of having me in your hair all the time?" He laughed and wiggled around to face me. "Absurd. You know I miss you after not seeing you for just a few hours. It's just that it's healthy for you to have a girl to talk to...you know, for girly talk. You can talk to me about everything...except for me! You need someone to talk to about me!" I laughed and cuddled him. "If you mean what I think you mean, you must know that I use Edge for that. He's not just my brother, he's my makeshift girl friend!" Bono tipped his head back and laughed. I just loved it when he did that. "Wow, then he gets it from both ends. Anyway, I'm happy about this." I nodded. "Me too. We were best friends for years, but you know, she went to a different school and we just lost touch." The oven timer went off, and I went to tend to it, but Bono caught my arm. "Ahh! Sit, you. I told you I was making dinner!" He brought the food to the table, and then sat down, scooting his chair next to mine. My heart absolutely melted all over again. It didn't even matter what it tasted like. He had worked hard, and it was endearing. But the thing was, it turned out great. I must have told him ten times what a great job he'd done, and he was just glowing.

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should i have a bad feeling about the new girl in the story or is it just me?


I love it! A cooking Bono! Always have to have a sexy, hair pulled back Bono! Gaah! I love your Bono character! He's exactly the type of husband I imagine him to be. Good job, val!

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Awesome chapter! I really think it's great how you describe Bono! (:
Whahaha Edge the girlfriend! For all your girly talk
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Amazing chapter!!!!
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"You must know that I use Edge for that. He's not just my brother, he's my makeshift girl friend!"

and it's amazing Bono could cook. Wow
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