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A Chance Meeting-----Chapter 3

Hi every one i dont know if anyone is intrested in this but here is chappter 3 i had it written so i thought i post it hope its ok Rember its all Fiction

(It was a story evening really bad weather)

He sat staring out the rain soaked window of his motel room lost in his own thoughts, he didnt hear the door open, nor the foot steps of the person that was now standing behind the chair he was sitting in. "Lar-Lar" he felt a gental shake of his shoulder. Blinking hard & slowly looking up he relised it was his Band mate Edge trying to get his attention.
"Oh hi Edge i was just lost in my thoughts,i didnt hear you come in sorry" "yea you did seam a little lost in thought,i was just coming to get you to go out for dinner". The whole time Edge was talking to him larry was wringing his hands,looking rather worried noticing this Edge tryied to lighten the mood "Hay mate i only came up to get you" Larry intrupted him "oh E i think ive made a terible mistake" Edge looked at his friend puzzled at what Larry could of done that had him worried so much,
"Never mind Lar ive only asked you to come out for dinner not next weeks lotto numbers,so lets go get dinner now & we can sit down latter & see if we can work out whats wrong,because the other two are wating & Bono was complaning about being hungry & you know how he gets when we dont feed him"
With that the Larry looked up at Edge & laughed, standing up from his chair & moving over to wear he had thron his leather jacket earlier that day,pulling it on as the pair headed to the door slapping each other on the back, "Yea E im shure i can sort it all out latter i just ned to stop thinking about it" with that he shut the motel room door & folowed his friend down the hall to meet up with his other band mates.

Life had been going along rather nicely for amber,all though it had been a month since their night of passion, Harley was still trying to be really attentive to her, It was all most like he was trhying to win her heart all over again,with little sugestions of going out for dinner or just bringing her home some flowers just to make her smile, thay were even starting to talk again about adding to there family some thing he had been putting off for a while,
Yes she thought to hedr self life is going along nicely at the moment, but maybe to nicely because there was allways something or someone in the back of her mind. It was also a month since she had seen Larry, would she see him again?? why did she care?? he was just a rather good looking customer who had been nice to her, shed had customers like him before. Any way she had her family to think about, but what made him so intresting & whyn was she so intrested in this stranger any way.
Sally would taunt her every now & again "A Drummer hey,here we go again", there were times shed hear her other friend Tammy's voice saying "thought you had those type out your system? hes not worth it! stop trying to mess up, what you have with Harley".
As she sat & thought of everything her friends had been telling her & she had been telling her self to wake up & be happy with her family. She haddent noticed Tabitha walk in to the room she was holding a magazine "Mum why didnt you get that guys number when you could 0f?".
Looking up at her Ambers reply was simple "Tabitha dont be silly! & why what make yoju say that?". Holding out the magazine towards her mum "because mum look at this!".

There we go hope that one ok let me know & i might do another chapter ok
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