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A Chance Meeting. - Chapter 2

Ok for who wants a second chapter her it is
Rember this is Fiction & sorry if it's long again hope it's ok.

A few weeks had passed since the party at Ambers work but the man her & Sally had taken to calling 'Mr Hottie' was still pre occupying Ambers mind. Why did he look so familiar,where was that sexy accent of his from?,this is what kept rolling round in her mind.

One Thursday evening while doing the weekly shopping with the family Amber & Tabitha were looking at the Bread when all of a sudden she heard a voice, 'why hello how are you'.looking up from the loaf of bread she was holding,she saw it was 'Mister Hottie' standing smiling at her, "I'm sorry I never introduced my self be for I'm Larry & you are", "Amber" she heard her daughter blurt out before she could even think or answer for her self,Amber turned to look at Tabitha who was smiling & nudeging her mother forward. Hi she said I'm Amber v-very ni-good to see you again,she stamerad as he was looking directly into her eyes & making her feel a little uncomfortable.
"Ied been meaning to come back to your restaurant for another meal,& to introduce my self properly". "Oh you really didn't need to bother" said Amber,but you are really welcome to come for a meal any time,bur the other girl Gina has her shift tonight,so I'm going to relax at home with my daughter." Appon hearing this Larry blushed & looked down at his shoes,Amber thought I know I've said to much I've made him feel uncomfortable. She nudged tabitha & said "this is my girl,tabitha she has a big mouth just like her mum".Larry smiled & laughed "pleased to meet you tabitha,you look a lot like your mum". "Well Amber I must be going my friends are waiting I have a meeting to get to,but I will see you soon" with that Larry gave her a wink & turned & walked away.when she thought he was far enough away Amber let out a soft sigh,wow mum his hot!! Why didn't you ask for his number,Amber coming out of her fog could hear Tabitha saying.

Amber shot her a look as if to say 'Tabitha shh' grabbing hold of her over flowing trolly,she ambled over to the asile where Harley & Tyler where trying to work out what ice cream to get,looking Harley over who was still dressed in his dirty clothes & badly needing a hair cut,she thought robber self what had happened to my life. He was still happy in their family,why couldent she just relax & be happy to "Babe what ice cream do we want?Tyler said choc chip but me & Tabitha like honeycomb." holding up both tubs towards Amber,this snapped her back to reality as she was still thinking about "Mr Hottie" actually now she knew his name was Larry. Sighing "Harley just be a Dad & make a decision" shooting a look her shoulder adding, "& know were not getting both". Just then her mobile bussed with a message it was from Sally asking how she was doing. To Wich her response was "mmm,grocery shopping!!Larry?".

This is the way it should feel all the time she thought yo her self as she was cuddled up with Harley on the lounge.the Kidd had gone to bed early it was just the two of them together like the old days,but what had gotten into him why be so caring now all of a sudden as he layed playing with the buttons on her pj's,then trailing his hand up her neck to follow the line of her jaw & gently drawing his finger across her lips. Ahh yes I rember this she said to her self we were so good together once as she felt her self begin to let her self go & enjoy his tender touches.
He leaned across her,taking het face in his hands & gently kissing her,at first tender & soft & oh so lovely,then becoming more force full searching.She could hear the phone ring & ring it finally stoped,who ever it was thay could wate she really didnt care at that moment.thay were happy & finally acting like a couple should.But all of a sudden her mind began to race & she was suddenly back in the suppermarket,talking to Larry then watching him walk away,what a sight that was watching him leave,but what was it that made him so familiar & yet still so mysterious,why was she thinking of him again Falling back into her own headagain,releasing Harley was still kissing her & trying to be more intamate she relised what had happened,her day dream was stopping her from enjoying the moment. Again she heard the phone ring,this time she pulled away from Harley trying to get up he grabed her arm 'Babe let the machine get it again ok' looking down at him she smiled he added 'tonight I need you'.

Moving of the lounge & scooping her up into his arms in one smooth movement they headed for there room,kicking the door shut behind her Amber prepared her self for what she hoped would be one hot night at last she thought we can be one.

The next morning the kids had gone to school & Harley had left for work kissing her gently at the & calling her princess just like he had long before,the thought of his touch made her tremble with memories of last night still playing with her mind.

Walking past the phone she saw the answering machine light flashing with 2 messages.hazey pushing the button she heard sally's voice "Amber answer the phone I know your home! What did you mean Larry?". Next message Ginas voice came on "Amber where are you girl?there was a rather fine looking guy come in just now looking to find out when your working next!,I told him Friday,he said oh hecwas going away for a while on Friday with his band hecwas a drummer,I think he said his name was Larry?" with that the phone went click & the messages ended.

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Originally Posted by happyfeet View Post
when she thought he was far enough away Amber let out a soft sigh,wow mum his hot!! Why didn't you ask for his number,Amber coming out of her fog could hear Tabitha saying.

Amber shot her a look as if to say 'Tabitha shh' grabbing hold of her over flowing trolly
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