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The Fly
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This is me just starting to have a play around with writing because I've enjoyed reading your stories i thought I would have a go. It may be a bit slow & long winded at the start cause I'm trying to set up the people but please just bear with it unless you really don't like It then tell me to stop & I will. By the way it's a Larry Fiction hope thats ok!.so here goes. Please keep in mind it's done on my phone so not as neat & prety as I would like.

As she walked along the busy street she always took on her way to what she refered toas her mundane job,as a waitress/Manger in the local Chinese restaurant,she kept reminding her self at least it payed the bills. As she turned the corner to walk down the Main road she always took,her path was blocked by a large metal fence,dam those council workers trying to beautfiy her town. As she looked around to find where she was able to walk,her iPhone suddenly jumped to a song Wich made her stop & think. It was one of her favorite bands Powderfinger song "These Days" that had came on,this was a song she greatly loved & had always brang a tear to her eye.

As the chorus built she keept on walking "These days turned out noting like I had planed." She thought to her self is there any more apt words written about the way she felt.
When she arrived at the Restaurant she looked through the window,& saw the tables set up for a large party. Great was her first thought just what I needed tonight. Pushing the front door open she headed for the kitchen,her boss Amanda was standing on the other side of the prep table,appon hearing the door open she looked up & said "oh hi Amber how's everything at home?"
Amber looked at her sighed & said "ok,what time for the party & how many people coming?" Amanda replied "oh about 15 & ther coming at 6.30". Amber though great it's 5 now I have a little while to get organized before thay arrive.

The time was passing rather quickly customers came& went, the restaurant was rather busy for a wensday night. People began arriving for the party Amber was talking to another customer,when a lonesome looking man came in. He hesitated at the counter,turning her gaze to him Amber asked if he was looking for the party "um yes I am" was his reply,to Wich she ushered him over to the table,taking a seat she gave him a menu,telling the seated table "I will be back in a minute to take your order." she could tell that the other people had been waiting for this man as he was the last to arrive,but what was so special about this man she thought to her self as she turned to walk away.

Getting back to her counter her friend Sally had came in to get some take away "that's a large party you have to look after but your self tonight", Ambers reply was non plussed "nothing I carnt handle". That last guy you seated Amber is mighty fine,oh Amber sited I hadn't really taken that much notice.
Amber was still preoccupied with what was going on at home. Home that was a joke,theirs was not a home but a house her & her partner shared. Her self & Harley her partner,barley spoke any more when he came home from work,she left for her job. They were no longer lovers hadent been for quite a while she felt they were strangers just sharing a house. She some times thought if not for the kids I'd leave here,there kids were growing up 14 year old Tabitha was very head strong like her mum & 5 year old Tyler was stubborn like Harley.all though she love them with all her heart some times she felt like running away.

The party was becoming more roudy as they waited for there dessert,it was nearly 9pm Amber thought that thay had really drawn out there meal. Sally had came back to pick up her up So thay could go catch a late movie. Amber found her self staring at the man from before,he was rather good looking,blonde & muscular looking,this she had decided she could tell even thought he was wearing a long sleve winter shirt,but had the top three buttons undone. When he leaned across the table it opened just enough to catch sight of a rather fine chest.while handing around the desert,she caught part of the conversation another man was having with the muscular man.

"Never mind Larry you are better off with out her,you will find another nice woman & maybe setall down,just wait till you get back to jump into any thing."
Heading back to Sally,Amber greated her friend with a smile & said "I know that hot guy is single I just heard him talking,but he must be going away on holidays cause he was told to wait till he got back to start a new relationship,so bad luck Sally you miss out again."
The party finally left about 9.30,a large man came & payed the bill,the party guests left all appart from the quiet man,he stood by Ambers desk waiting to catch het eye, "um excuse me,but could you please tell your boss that the meal was lovely & I hope to come back". Amber smiled & said "thanks I will pass that on". He than handed her some money, oh the bill has all ready been payed said amber. no this is you tip,he than gave her a wink,Sally & amber shared a secret smile & with that the man smiled & said I will see you again.

Later while sitting in the movies Amber suddenly turned to Sally saying "why did that man look so familiar,where have I seen him before" "I'm not shure amber but I felt the same way,he looks very familiar but I carnt think of why." thay both sat staring at the movie in silence trying to think of where thay had seen the handsome man.

Hope that wasent to long girls & it was ok

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Any Larry fic is welcomed....there are so few

Roll on the next chapter

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The Fly
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Hay thanks for that I was wondering if I should but up chapter 2?
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