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Old 10-25-2004, 04:56 PM   #1
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Well, I finally think I've found what I'm looking for

Yes, I know. My introduction title is a bit of a groaner and has probably been used a million times by other U2 fans, but I'm a bit fried from a long day at work and a exhaustive homework session. I need a little break.

Hello, I'm Golightly Grrl and I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've been a U2 fan for twenty years now. No, I will not tell you my age. It's somewhere between the Oleson Twins and death. But I digress.

I first became a U2 fan when I heard one of our local radio stations played "Pride (In the Name of Love." My reaction wasn't so much "Hey, that's a nice song" as it was, "Oh My God! This is exactly the type of music I need to listen to." I grew up in a small town where everyone was supposed to live a narrow life and never consider the outside world. This was rather difficult for a girl like me who despised the confines of suburbia and who wanted to experience life beyond pep rallies and homecoming games. I was also beginning to become more aware of social issues and politics. U2 and their music was a catalyst for me to get more involved and open-minded.

I eventually escaped my small town. I've been involved in community service and try to be a politically aware. I'm graduating this December with a degree in Communications, Management and Technology and was very involved at my college. I was an editor of the school newspaper and helped turn that paper around into something more substantial with articles about politics, social issues and women entrepreneurship (I go to an all women's college). I am on the board of a prominent school organization and was one of the few students at my college invited to attend a mayoral debate held at my school last spring. I was also nominated to speak at my commencement this December. Would any of this happened without U2? Perhaps, but I really believe U2 really gave me the kick in the butt to go out and accomplish things. So thank you, U2.

I've seen U2 several times in concert, the first time in 1986 at the Conspiracy of Hope tour and the last time in 2001 at the Bradley Center here in Milwaukee. My friend Oma told me she didn't know what was more entertaining that night. U2's performance or my reaction to seeing them.

I can't wait for their new album to come out and I squealed with delight when I saw the I-pod "Vertigo" TV ad. Hell, I still do.

Bono and Larry have always been my faves, but Edge and Adam are pretty cool, too. I'd love to meet them and who knows, maybe they wouldn't mind meeting me.

I know this is a long post and I appreciate reading all of you reading it. I can't wait to meet all of you. I've been lurking for quite a while and you're such a fun, smart, caring, articulate bunch. Take care.

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Glad you came out of hiding!

bonosloveslave [at] interference.com
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Nice of you to join us. Hello and welcome to the forum!
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Re: Well, I finally think I've found what I'm looking for

Originally posted by Golightly Grrl
No, I will not tell you my age. It's somewhere between the Oleson Twins and death.

I've been to Milwaukee on a handful of occasions. Welcome!
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Welcome, Golightly Grrl! My daughter just started college, and is majoring in communications, also, and was editor of several school newspapers throughout her school career.

Unfortunately, she's not a U2 fan Maybe because I'm too much of one...

I've been a fan since 1988 or so. Pride hit me first, also, although it was the live version of Bad that sucked me in completely.
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welcome. i don't know what was the first U2 song that hit me. i don't even remember the times when i didn't know and didn't like them... though i wasn't always crazy for them the way i am now (that's been 4 a few years already). i think they made me change some things in my life too, look at the world in some different way. i do appreciate them a lot .

enjoy the forum and take care, e.
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Well, Welcome! You live in WI and a 20+ year fan of U2! Two great things in common - Sounds like you may just be about my age and I also live in WI. Madison to be exact! Nice to meet you and hope to run into you around the boards. Have fun posting Take Care~ANGIE~
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