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Oops Sorry.....

Hi All, it's about time i told you all who i am.

Im Paul Radcliffe from North Wales, ive been visiting this site for a couple of years now for all things U2, the U2 news here is second to none! I already know a few people on here I.E. Jamie and Patti P through Trading (great people)
Ive been a fan of U2 since 1983 after seeing the performance of Red Rocks on the Ch4 Midsummers Tube Special, that performance blew me away, ive been to 12 live shows from the Joshua Tree Onwards.

Im also a big collector of U2 items, i scour the auction sites for rarities to add to my collection.

* I also met the whole of U2 at the Maida vale studios in 2000 a day i will never forget*

Here is the article i wrote for the U2 fanzine - Elevator.

I hope you enjoy the read.
BBC Radio 1 phone in competition to win one of 10 pairs of tickets to see U2 perform live at the BBC Maida Vale studios on 23rd October 2000. Competition on Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley shows

This is my review of a once in a lifetime only chance to see U2 perform an exclusive set for Radio 1.

Date: 16th October 2000
Time: 10.00 am
Simon Mayo show

I got up at 9.30 am and put the radio on. Simon Mayo gave details of a big U2 contest called “close to the Edge” which started that day.
You had to listen out for a clip of U2 and once you heard it phone Radio 1. He said it could be the Edge talking or playing his axe!

As soon as I heard the Edge sound clip I quickly dialled Radio 1 – engaged tone! I redial for 5 minutes and eventually get through. I was so excited I said ‘ I want those tickets to see U2’
Radio 1 took my details and said they would call me back if selected. I thought I wouldn’t have a chance as loads of people jammed the phone lines.

Ten minutes later the phone rings and its Radio 1. I’ve been selected to go on air. I am really nervous, as I don’t know what questions are coming my way.
The perfecto mix of ‘even better than the real thing’ is playing in the background and its time for me to go on air.

Simon: ‘Caller no. 1 is Paul Radcliffe, where are you?’
Me: ‘North Wales’
Simon: ‘Where about?’
Me: ‘Connahs Quay’
Simon: ‘Are you a big U2 fan?’
Me: ‘Ultimate…massive’
Simon: ‘How long were you waiting for the Edge clip?’
Me: ‘ ½ hour’

Then came the questions:

1. Which U2 song opens the U2 concert Rattle and Hum?
Ans. Helter Skelter

2. Which member of U2 sang lead vocals on Van Diemans land?
Ans. Edge

My heart was beating like mad, Simon pointed out that there were callers on the other lines praying that I got the third question wrong.

3. In which European city did U2 start to record Achtung Baby?
Ans. Berlin

I got all three questions right – I couldn’t believe it. I was the first winner.
Simon congratulated me and said ‘see you Monday’

Off air I gave my details to the assistant producer and the studio address and details would be sent in the next few days.
The letter arrived by first class post on Friday morning. All the details were given and a reminder to bring identification. I booked a coach ticket to get to London the day before the show to meet up with my brother who lives there. He was as excited as I was, he loves U2 and was well chuffed to be my guest to the gig. (Brotherly love..I don’t know’)

Monday morning can’t come quick enough and when my alarm goes off at 6.10 am I realise that today is the day for the ultimate U2 experience.
We have to be at the Maida Vale studios by 9.00 am so we start our journey at 7.00 am due to the rush hour in London. We arrive at Maida Vale station at 8.00 am and walk about ½ mile to the studios.
As we approach I see all the trucks outside loading all the gear off and also a few U2 fans hanging around at the main reception hoping to catch a glimpse of U2.
We walk further down to where I meet up with some other winners, a couple of girls who had won later in the week.
Finally at 8.50am the studio door opened and we were greeted by Simon Mayo’s assistant.
We signed in at reception and showed our ID. We were then given a guided tour of Maida Vale studios. It was an amazing place, lots of corridors with soundproof rooms galore! Loads of people were dashing around.
We were taken to the canteen to have some coffee and a chat until we were told that we could make our way to the studio where U2 would perform.

I was asked along with the other winners from Simon Mayo’s show to go behind the scenes to the studio where Simon was on air. We were sat on a nice and cushy leather couch watching the engineers busily setting up the web cam and getting the sound right. There were mixing desks everywhere. I was totally in awe at this moment.

At 10.30 am we were lead into the main studio to meet Simon and go live on air to talk about our experience of U2 and the competition. I had a bit of a panic as I was supposed to be in work but had made up an excuse not to go – I couldn’t miss this! I made a point that they didn’t say my surname on air!
The interview was done and dusted and we were lead to the balcony area of the studio where U2 would play. On the chairs for all the winners and their guests were promotional bags for ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ Inside was a signed copy of the album, a print, a mouse mat and a one track ‘Beautiful Day’ video. I was well chuffed. Lots of food and drink was provided which I tucked into as I was starving whilst listening to Bono and Edge being interviewed by Simon. I looked down into the studio and could see where they were sat. I loaded up my camera and was all set for the band to make their entrance.

First to arrive was Paul McGuiness, (what a big bloke!), and then Larry, Adam and Edge. Huge cheers then for Bono as he walks in for which he waves to us all. They then do a sound check prior to actual airing, by playing ‘Elevation’, it was amazing. I was focused on Edge at this point, watching him mess about with his effects box and pedals.

Now for the main event, 11.22 am – U2 played ‘Elevation’ to the world. The hairs on the back of my neck stood right up, the sound was totally awesome! It was just like seeing them play in your front room, this was absolutely amazing. My camera never stopped flashing.

After the track Simon mingled with the winners and Bono came onto the balcony. I thought he wasn’t very tall dressed in his leather trench coat, black shirt, black moon boots and trademark glasses. After a brief chat with Simon the band launched into the 2nd track ‘New York’. This was the first time I had heard this track, I loved it straight away – still do after hearing the album version. Seriously nothing can top this experience.
After the track Simon says bye to everyone and it is time for Jo Whileys show at 12.00 noon.

Jo interviews U2 briefly then its time for another live track.
‘Stuck in a moment’ – the Edge still has a great voice. What a track.
When they finished Jo put a Robbie Williams track on and Bono was pretending to re enact the Robbie walk. She then chatted briefly to Bono and Adam and then they played ‘Beautiful day’. A truly deserved number 1, everyone on the balcony was rocking at this point. Bono was looking up at us and pointing whilst singing ‘take us to that other place’. The sound was deafening, really loud in the mix.
The band was then asked if they did any encores – everyone shouted out their favourites. Bono was handed an acoustic guitar and he and Edge sang ‘ She’s a mystery to me’. Bono’s voice almost broke at one point; I love this song it should have gone on for longer.
Jo then interviewed U2 and when that finished we had an official photo taken with the band.
Bono opened a bottle of champagne and we all had a glass. I’m more of a bitter man myself but it was nice!
After various press shots I thought I have to seize the opportunity and meet the band and have a chat. I approached Adam and asked him to sign my photos. He was really pleasant, very well spoken – what a nice bloke. I grabbed hold of Edge next and he gladly signed my photos, very relaxed and chilled out man, that is the Edge. Now it was for Bono and Larry, they were nowhere to be seen. I got hold of my brother and we walked out of the main studio. There stood against a wall was Larry. I approached him and asked him to sign my photos. I had learnt that Larry was very shy but he willingly signed and although it was quite hard to get him to talk, he did.
I then found Bono sitting down against a wall and I told him that had been superb. Bono thanked me and shook my hand saying God bless you, he looked very tired.
By now it was time to leave the studios; I was quite upset at this point, as I didn’t want it to end. The day just went so quickly. I had wanted to exchange addresses with the other winners but they had already left.

We came outside and there were still people waiting for the band. Well that was it, my day was over but I loved every minute of it. Now it was time to make the journey home.
I would like to thank everyone at Radio 1 especially Simon Mayo and Wilf. Of course I want to thank U2 for being great with us and giving me a day to remember forever.

It was a beautiful day, no doubt about it!

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Hi, Paul!

"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at] interference.com
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Into the heart of a child...
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That's a cool story, thanks for sharing it and Welcome to Interference, glad to have you aboard. Hope to see you around the boards!
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Welcome to Interland Paul!!!
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Fantastic story, great username and Wales is such a beautiful country-so all in all a big welcome to you......even if I am 3 years too late!
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Hi there and welcome! So cool that you met U2!!
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Hello and welcome Paul Radcliffe. Wow what a post,good job.
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Hi Patti

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