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Um..I'm an AIDS dissident + U2 fan

Hi U2ers….Um….I need to tell you a few things…such a hassle.
I took any URLs out, just use a search.

I love Bono and all of U2’s music up to the last album and have been a fan since the 80’s.
‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ is brilliant, emotional and sad while ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’ seems like they rushed into the studio to keep the record company happy.
I find his attempts at debt relief to be gallant but I’m an AIDS dissident or someone who doesn’t believe HIV causes AIDS.
I believe that enough to say I would take blood in an instant from a HIV tagged person if I needed blood at the time.
Now I’m hoping the moderator will allow this post to stay and be talked about because I don’t expect the subject of HIV irregularities has been raised before.
I think it is that serious that the future of U2 could be in jeopardy and these comments from Bono himself confirms that for me.

“U2 front man Bono said Thursday that his band mates had feared his activism would "wipe out" their music and have bristled at his meetings with "uncool" politicians.”

“Bono's work on Thursday brought him to the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where his celebrity was enlisted in promoting a new program whereby American Express, Gap and other corporations will market specific products whose proceeds will partly go to fighting AIDS in Africa, one of the singer's passionate causes.”
‘Bono Band Mates Worry About 'Uncool' Pols’

To make this straightforward I wrote this recently and left it in Ireland on a website, it is highly complex but I wrote it to be understandable and since it involves cancer you should all take notice.
Bono would not know any of this.
All the politicians he lobbies know none of this.
A politician like Bush only knows that if he uses taxpayer money to buy AIDS drugs for Africa a hefty donation from the drug companies will go to his next election campaign.
That’s how they see it and unfortunately Bono is helping them.

Cut and paste to a Google.

‘Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases’
26th May 2006.
It’s at

As far as I’m concerned AIDS and cancer are treatable without toxic drugs, Africans have a huge TB problem and that is what ‘HIV/AIDS’ patients die from, this is also treatable without resorting to poisons.
The U2 army out there is actually big enough to change the way we do this and change Bono’s mind on the matter.

People like Tine Van Der Maas and Harold Foster in Africa are getting results with AIDS using Selenium, Tine uses simple things like lemons and garlic, garlic also contains Selenium.

Groups like HEAL have been actively doing it their own way for over two decades and these are the people who need funds not giant drug multinationals.

Hopefully the moderator lets us talk about it, maybe puts in a correct forum or deletes it, whatever.
I’ll come back, I won’t get angry or abusive and I hope everyone reading this keeps a cool head too because this is a touchy subject.
Have a good day U2ers

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"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Interesting viewpoint, perhaps debatable topic in FYM?
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Welcome to the forum!
Into the heart of a child...
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Hi from Oz

Well your a lovely bunch, I'm used to angry abuse if I mention the subject.
Does anyone take note of the drugs Bono is helping to buy for Africans? I'm an old hand now and swap emails with folk in Africa that are fully against it, also doctors, HIV positives and reporters blowing the whistle who are in the West.
Should it be debated somewhere here?

Have a beaut day people. CU's
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Aw you're sweeties, Debate is the wrong word.
No rush, i'll drop in and show you good things people like Tine Van Der Maas are doing in South Africa.
If you do a google on her you find heaps of attacks on her ideas just because she doesn't use antivirals but the reality is a lot of Africans are using her ideas and they work.
Maybe not all the time, but neither do antivirals.
And it's cheaper.
Have a nice weekend.
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Are you a doctor or have any medical education?

Just curious...
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Hello and welcome!
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Welcome and thank you for your report Deva Station

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