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I Want a Thread too.

Okay, so I have decided I might just start posting, even if I probably won't because...well, intimidated and all.

Hiya, I'm not U2's biggest fan, but they are my favorite, so that counts for something.

I don't ever remember not liking the band, I don't have a "became a fan" moment. I'm certain there was a moment, or something, but I don't remember it. It's my happy music. I work retail (at a craft store. fun), and...well, my job, it's retail. But! In the stupid piped in music from corporate, we have sometimes as many as three, THREE! U2 songs. And it makes my day go just a little bit better. I don't know why, it just does.

What other random bits of stuff can I put in here? I'm 32. My kid is almost 11, but I'm still only 32. My birthday is sooner than his. It might be denial, it might be something else... I dunno. Insanity. Probably.

I've got two boys, ages almost 11 and 6...and um, I might just be corrupting them just a little bit. But hey, I'm mom, I control the radio. Though, it did backfire a bit, because my oldest son wanted to listen to some songs on his DSi, and we had to convert them to a format it'll read, and for a few days, every time the kiddo opened up his DSi, it'd be playing Vertigo, or SBS, or something, and yes, I like the songs, but I want to pick when I hear them.

I sing tons of lyrics wrong (which I think was one of the things that led me here, a google search for misheard lyrics. I'm certain I have a link bookmarked so a certain thread). Hell, for the longest time I didn't even realize that the bit in I Will Follow where he says "walk away walk away"...was that, until my then 3 year old was following me around the yard singing that. Same kiddo used to sing Elevation as "Ironman in the sky...". When he had his kindergarten end of year program a few weeks ago, they sang a song called "Beautiful Day", both of my boys complained that it was the wrong one.

But it's fun, they're fun. And who better to corrupt than your own children? (And I do listen to other music. Honest!).

Anyway, I'm babbling, which is what I do. I probably won't post all that much, but I might. Hi, from Virginia (where Mr. Peanut is from. @@).

Okay, I might be done. I think. Yeah. Done. Hiya again.

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Sounds like your raising your kids right!

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