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Hi from Albany, NY

Hi folks...Um, I've posted in the Forums for the past week but forgot to introduce myself??

I have a busy schedule and don't have time to post every day, so I do a lot of reading/lurking..been lurking here for 3 months in the Forums, but reading the News ever since '01.

I'm 35, been a fan since I was 12. Yep---"Gloria"...

Fond memories of freaking my Mom out singing SBS at the top of my lungs, parading around with a white towel on a pole..one day chanting "broken bottles under childrens' feet..bodies strewn across a dead-end street"..and Mom finally asking me in a whisper "WHAT is wromg with you? WHAT are you listening to??" and me replying, "oh, its only u2 Mom,"..she thought they were some decadent or violent satanic act etc...


I MADE her go out and buy War for me the next week...attempted to explain the band's message but she didn't get it until JT. However as I did not turn into a delinquent or a little Lolita she tolerated it.

Now, 20+ yrs later, she calls m and alerts me to U2 TV spots. "Let me guess...it's Bono on Fox you are recording?? I thought he hated Bush?"

Weeping out loud during U2's performance at Live Aid, which I watched live...to see many other acts, but U2 most of all...Bono taking rhe black girl in his arms during 'Bad...' nothing likeit on TV before or since....

Funny, I had my own "Shalom" experience...baptized in the Spirit on May 10, 1988..translation: became a "Christian" as they say on that day...without knowing it was Bono's birthday at the time. As Bono said, "God must have a strange sense of humor to have me on board..." Nowadays, I'm still very much interested in spiritual side of the band. I'll be reading "Yahweh" like the Bible...in fact the Bible will gather dust during the 2nd half of November this year! (Blasphemy I know, but God will understand!)

Freaking out at the Shades during ZooTV, like so many older fans did at the time... but saying to myself: If the music is still great, if it still works live, I'll tolerate it...Albany, NY: 5th show of ZooTV, my first ever u2 show (THANK YOU PROPAGANDA). The 5th song on the set: "ONE"..how the crowd fell completely silent..chills like I'd felt only when I was a child and seeing "Star Wars" in the theater in 1977....by the end...people around me sobbing openly...and I said: "Ok...it IS only a mask...they haven't changed. But the second the music is second to the stage show, I'm off..." 3 more shows that year.

Pop came close to that, so I only went to one show that yr...

Well, after that, SHARE THE LOVE...ELAVATION....4 shows..BOSTON AFTER 20 YRS, YES!!!!!!!!And NYC 6 weeks after 9/11. what a show...SBS being about US. Surreal...And giving Bono that book on King David...see the "what's the most starnge thing you've done for U2"? thread.

For me, the upcoming slbum and tour will be an osais of calm and love and coming together, in a world increasingly toren apart...

Oh..did I mention I was a "Ringer" as well? "(Read LOTR and was a Tolkien fan long before the films..see the OneRing.net)

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"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at] interference.com
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U2 and LOTR.
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Hi and welcome to Interference!
Into the heart of a child...
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Hello New York!

My Uncle calls me anytime he sees U2 on TV to tease me, hahaha.

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