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OT-Album Sales

Album sales have been on the decline since around 2002. There used to be a several albums each year that sold over 5 million copies and a couple (the biggest hits) that would sell over 10 million.

In recent years, it has become common that the top sellers are now around 2 or 3 million in a year. I would argue that 2 million is the new "5 million" and 5 million is the new 10 million (perhaps even 4 million).

The highest single sales week since official tracking began in 1991 was 2.48 million by N'sync in 2002. No other artist has come close to this record since 2002.

U2's biggest sales weeks were ~840k & 430k (Bomb & ATYCLB), both of which are very good (amazing really) but those of course were 10 and 14 years ago.

I tell you all of this because last week Adele broke N'syncs record sales in a week. Well, she didn't really break it, she absolutely crapped all over it and in 2015 nonetheless.

Last week she sold 3.38 million albums…let that sink in. She sold more albums in 1 week than any other artist sold in all of 2015 including Taylor Swift. With the holidays upon us it is very likely that her new album will go 10x platinum by January (i.e. 10 million shipped). That is nuts!!!!

These sales in just 1 week would put her album as a top 5 seller for EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 2003 and in several of those years it would be the #1 seller.

Just wanted to single out this amazing result

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It is incredible... borderline unbelievable. I must have missed the moment where Adele became the biggest musical force on the planet... because it clearly happened and I must not have been clued in.

Good for her and the industry.

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I'm still confused by how it's possible.
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Originally Posted by bono_212 View Post
I'm still confused by how it's possible.

I don't know. Her songs are good and she is very talented no doubt but record shattering talented? It's as if her appeal crosses multiple generations.

While I don't know the answer, I take comfort that it is due to her raw talent(what a voice) and not a cheap gimmick like wearing meat dresses, riding a wrecking ball naked or a manufactured boy band.

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We were talking about it at Thanksgiving. My wife (29), my Mom (56), my Grandma (late 70s), and several aunts and cousins ranging from teenagers to 50-somethings all bought it. I'd say it's mostly (but not entirely) women buying this album, of all ages. We listened to it Saturday while we were getting our house "Christmasfied". I enjoyed it, a little ballad heavy for my taste, but that woman has so much talent. It's a true phenomenon. I imagine it will sell a crapload more throughout the Christmas buying season. People of my parents generation still buy CDs, so I'm sure she'll sell a bunch of those.
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Old 12-09-2015, 12:42 PM   #6
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Album sales...from tape to CD to digital

The music business model has changed so much since I first put "Boy" TAPE into my walkman in 1984. I remember thinking I was late to the party in 1985, as I only had UF on tape...and then the Joshua Tree explosion in '87 hit. I had to purchase War, UF, & October immediately, as well as book tickets to as many shows as possible.

The Zoo TV/AB/ropa era I was out of college and well into a career. Fast forward to 2000 and my child likes BD. U2 are somehow still relevant in 2004 with the Vertigo/Apple deal and the digital revolution.

Hard to believe i just watched them on HBO in Paris now in late 2015. They have been the soundtrack to my entire life. I used to check up and follow album sales, singles on the charts, you name it. I got to take my own teenage daughter to U2360...something I never even dreamed of when I first saw U2 on JT tour in 1987.

There will never be another U2. Adele has a good voice and has a ton of female fans across generations. Also very young. U2 now gives music away and still cashes in with global tours. They were wise to do that deal with Apple, as it extended their real money making power well past the 80's and 90's. They are just stupid rich, as I remember reading that each band member had a net worth north of a half billion dollars some 6 years ago.

I don't think they'll ever try to make another JT or AB. Album sales for U2 are no longer that relevant for U2, yet the band itself is still incredibly relevant after nearly 40 years. I can't think of any band that has had their success for AS LONG as U2 have...I have heard quite a few of the songs from SOI played on radio/satellite/streaming services over the past year.

Now I guess I'm just rambling. I agree with the OP that 3+ M in first week sales is astounding...especially if we're talking about physical CD sales. Swift was the last one, or so I thought. I think it might be the demographic of Adele's fans...

Only thing I really care about, though, is still U2's music, even after 30+ years. My 17 year old daughter is a fan, but likely because of me. Since NLOTH and the 360 tour, I've let go of tracking sales and charts for U2. I just hope the I+E tour comes back to the U.S. next year so we can see them live one last time.

FWIW, the last Paris Show from Monday Night was amazing. It was streaming online and I was really surprised at how Social Media was following the show.

The HBO broadcast was even better. Couldn't believe the young people in the audience who were singing the words to Rasied by Wolves & Cedarwood Road. Made me wonder if I was 16 now and just stumbled onto their music...just how much I'd spend on getting CD's of their entire catalog. Guess I'm way old fashioned. Still love hearing a U2 album from beginning to end. My child NEVER does that, and she says she only streams music (like most people these days).
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OT-Album Sales

As if the first week sales were not mind blowing enough....let me further amaze you....


Her lead single sells the most downloads in a single week at..... 1.1 million!!

Oh, and her album sold just over 1 MILLION in her second week, which I'm almost positive is a record for a 2nd week and she is the only artist to sell more than a million copies of the same album in more than 1 week.


F-me she is shattering music sales records left and right

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OT-Album Sales

I rather have the records go to her than any of the garbage that's being played on the radio nowadays.
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Couldnt agree more. She deserves the success as she is an artist....

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