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I think I saw something that said there was going to be a 90 minute "recap" of the games on September 16th, on NBC.

I saw it on Twitter; sounds like the organization is going to review the broadcast rights, since they apparently agree that it's appalling that it got no coverage here at all. What a shame.

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The coverage here wasn't too bad, though minimal.

We're a lot better at the Paralympics than at the "normal" Olympics. 7 medals is a hell of a lot better than 3.

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Originally Posted by Axver
I was trying to watch it, but the ABC's coverage was somehow even more excruciating than Channel Nine's - it was more than I could handle, so I gave up.
How do you mean?
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Originally Posted by cobl04 View Post
How do you mean?
Did you suffer through much of it? They showed even less events live than Nine did. They showed even more Australians competing with no context for the event than Nine did. They spent even more time letting their panel blather on than Nine did. Their panel was even less informed than Nine's was. I don't think Nine sunk so low as to show day-old events when there was live action to show instead. I swear to god, there was about five minutes of live action in every hour; the rest was just their idiotic panel talking or, if you were lucky, old footage.

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Well... Shit
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Yes. One of the most inspiring and heartwarming examples of the potential and possibility of the human spirit is charged with killing his girlfriend.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Well he did run a killer race in the Olypmics at least.

Too soon?
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In better news. Michelle Jenneke is in Maxim.
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I hate this place
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