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This is a really cool thread. I might add some comments though. Because discussion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lists.

1. Where the Streets Have No Name
2. Running to Stand Still
3. With or Without You
Honourable mentions to Bad and UTEOTW. AB remains my #1 U2 album (and #2 all-time behind Dark Side of the Moon) but the highs on JT just can't be beaten. These were the songs that changed me as a human being.

David Bowie
1. A New Career in a New Town
2. "Heroes"
3. Life on Mars?
These three songs could be in any order, honestly, and to be totally honest, New Career probably falls behind the other two, but I just wish people realised the beauty of that song. Along with Floyd's Any Colour You Like, the best instrumental I've ever heard. But without doubt the most evocative.

1. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
2. Black Star
3. Kid A
I've had a solid Radiohead top four for years (Motion Picture Soundtrack rounds it out). Weird Fishes is my second favourite song of all-time, after Streets. Black Star contains one of my all time favourite riffs, while Kid A slowly went from one of my most hated Radiohead songs to one of my absolute favourites.

Pink Floyd
1. Time
2. Dogs
3. Wish You Were Here
Not that happy with this top three... Pink Floyd, a lot harder than I thought. One of the major problems being that my favourite Floyd moment is two tracks, Brain Damage-Eclipse.

1. Da Art of Storytellin, pt. 1
2. B.O.B.
3. SpottieOttieDopalicious
There's a case to be made that B.O.B. is the greatest song of all time, in my opinion. But I remember hearing Storytellin 1 for the first time and being transported. André 3000's verse on this song is probably my favourite hip-hop verse of all time. The sense of urgency, the disaster, the tragic incident, combined with a deep, sly beat courtesy of Organized Noize... it's unbeatable, and fuck you if you don't agree.

LCD Soundsystem
1. All My Friends
2. Someone Great
3. Home
Pretty easy. Most people agree the first two are LCD's best songs. And Home was a truly outstanding way to (sort of) end their career.

The National
1. This is the Last Time
2. All the Wine
3. Abel
Honourable mentions to Abel, Mr November, Mistaken for Strangers, Fake Empire, Brainy, About Today, about five tracks from High Violet and another five from Trouble Will Find Me. They are just so consistent and I love them so much. Trouble is my fav Nash album, because it deals with anxiety in a way so well it's unchallenged unless I haven't heard another album that does it better and please recommend me, and All the Wine is the most perfect post-anxiety song ever, and Abel was the first Nash song I loved and it just fucking rules and still does.

1. My Favourite Year
2. European Oils
3. Blue Eyes
I can barely even listen to this band without crying. Part of that is because of my sadness that no one else I know appreciates or loves this band as much as I do, which breaks my heart, and the other part is that they/he have just made so many emotionally gripping songs and I feel spoiled. My Fav Year is from an album that was released before they truly became popular indie darlings, and it is incredibly wonderful.

Something for Kate/Paul Dempsey
1. Monsters
2. Out the Airlock
3. Captain (Million Miles an Hour)
So much love for Paul Dempsey and his band SFK. The voice of a person trying constantly to find comfort but just never quite being able to reach it.

Bon Iver
1. The Wolves (Act I and II)
2. re: Stacks
3. Skinny Love
With apologies to Blood Bank and pretty much every song on the self-titled, which is easily my favourite Bon Iver album. Thing is, as consistent and wonderful and re-playable as that thing is, nothing on it can quite stack up against the three best tracks from the debut. That perfect encapsulation of melancholy. I still remember the night that I cried endlessly to re:Stacks. I still remember the night I saw Bon Iver and sang badly the outro to Wolves next to the one-time love of my life. Whilst I will always maintain the self-titled is Bon Iver's (to-date) best work, there is no denying the simple, beautiful, melancholic power of these three incredible, timeless, wonderful songs from For Emma, Forever Ago.

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1. The Fly
2. Bad
3. Mysterious Ways

1. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
2. How to Disappear Completely
3. Paranoid Android

Nine Inch Nails
1. Wish
2. The Day The World Went Away
3. Ruiner

St. Vincent
1. Cruel
2. Now Now
3. Krokodil

David Bowie
1. Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
2. Golden Years
3. Beauty and the Beast

Porcupine Tree
1. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
2. Blackest Eyes
3. Trains

The National
1. Terrible Love
2. Mr. November
3. Squalor Victoria (live)

1. Girls & Boys
2. Tender
3. Advert

The Beatles
1. Strawberry Fields Forever
2. I Am The Walrus
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

1. Finest Worksong
2. Begin the Begin
3. It's The End of the World As We Know It

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Alright I'll do a serious post, and friggin' Cobbler's suggestion of comments is a good one.

Porcupine Tree
1. Piano Lessons
2. Fadeaway
3. Pure Narcotic
The top two have been solid for a long time now. There's a fair bit of competition for the third spot - in particular I could've gone with Waiting Phase One or The Rest Will Flow - but Pure Narcotic has a special place for me at the moment for the "leave me dreaming on a railway track" verse.

Pure Reason Revolution
1. Goshen's Remains
2. Deus Ex Machina
3. Arrival/The Intention Craft
Honourable mentions: The Twyncyn/Trembling Willows, Nimos and Tambos, In Aurelia. I've actually never been able to come up with a PRR ranking that satisfies me, so the numbers are just nominal. Any of the six songs mentioned in any order is fine. No other band has written songs with such impeccable, evocative soundscapes.

1. Tir Nan Og
2. Printemps emeraude
3. Away
Another impossibly hard list. The opener and closer of Souvenirs d'un autre monde probably have the top two locked down, because Printemps emeraude is basically the definition of everything blackgaze should be and Tir Nan Og is impossibly beautiful, but choosing a third was brutal. On another day it could've been Percées de lumière, Écailles de lune (part one), or Summer's Glory, but Away has become really significant to me lately. It's a wonderfully calming song, and how can you go wrong with Alcest and Neil Halstead of Slowdive collaborating?

1. She Painted Fire Across the Skyline
2. This Old Cabin
3. In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion
Am I cheating by including She Painted Fire as one song rather than dividing it into three parts? I don't care. You really have to take it as a whole, and it's an atmospheric black metal masterpiece. This Old Cabin is one of their earliest songs, before they'd fully evolved from being just a black metal band into something more, but it's a fucking classic, and In the Shadow is the best product of their evolution into an almost uncategorisable metal band incorporating elements of multiple genres without ever being fully any of them (black metal, doom metal, post-rock, neofolk, etc.).

Crowded House
1. Recurring Dream
2. Anyone Can Tell
3. Kare Kare
I, uh, have a full ranking of all Crowdies songs with comments here (fuck I must've been bored in 2010):

The Chills
1. Effloresce and Deliquesce
2. Pink Frost
3. Part Past Part Fiction
If your top three Chills songs doesn't include Pink Frost, you're probably doing something wrong, and Effloresce and Deliquesce chooses itself for me because it captures everything I love about the band: Martin's eloquent yet effortless lyricism combined with shimmering, jangling guitar notes just spilling out of the speakers. It was hard to leave out songs like Male Monster from the Id, Sleeping Giants, Come Home, February, and Underwater Wasteland.

1. Grey Machine
2. CLOAD "Q"
3. Scent
I must be crazy: two of my top three Pinback songs were mere bonus tracks, and I used to hate my number one. I really can't fathom how Scent missed Summer in Abaddon or CLOAD "Q" Information Retrieved; they're absolutely infectious. As for Grey Machine, I used to think it was the only weak thing about the Offcell EP but this great epic has long since wormed its way into my heart. My apologies to Non Photo-Blue, Microtonic Wave, From Nothing to Nowhere, and Tres.

1. Leave Them All Behind
2. Seagull
3. Vapour Trail
I originally had Chelsea Girl in third because it's such a damn good shoegaze pop track, but omitting Vapour Trail is probably a criminal offence. Seagull is basically exactly what I ask for from shoegaze, and I've said before that I consider Leave Them All Behind to currently be my favourite song of all time.

1. Playgirl
2. Destroy Everything You Touch
3. Discotraxx
This gives a false impression that Velocifero is not my favourite Ladytron album; the next few songs I'd list comprise mainly material from Velocifero. But Playgirl and Discotraxx are incredibly addictive electropop tracks, and Destroy Everything You Touch is the perfect summation of Ladytron's sound, those powerful synths with a dark, punkish undercurrent.

Oh fine...
1. A Sort of Homecoming
2. One Tree Hill
3. Heartland
I've probably said more than enough about these songs throughout my billion years on this forum. Suffice it to say that I think these are the three moments where U2 came closest to musical perfection.
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Barenaked Ladies
War On Drugs
For You
Call And Answer
There are about a dozen that could interchange with these on any given day – but War On Drugs would always be number one.

The Beatles
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (‘LOVE’ version)
Norwegian Wood
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Lots of options here – but these are the 3 I go back to the most often.

Darren Hayes
Bloodstained Heart
Who Would Have Thought
So Beautiful
Lots of tracks from ‘This Delicate Thing’ and ‘The Tension And The Spark’ could have been mixed in here.

Michael Jackson
Man In The Mirror
On The Line
Again - impossible to really 100% lock in just 3…

Full Circle
Orange Crush
So Fast So Numb
Totally depends on my mood. REM have songs to suit most moods.

Listen To Your Heart
Almost Unreal
Wish I Could Fly
Probably the top 3 that I can’t see any reason to change.

Dream Girl
Ring Ding Dong
Yeah kpop – deal with it. Big Bang almost made the cut however I prefer more Shinee tracks than BB.

Simon And Garfunkel
The Boxer
Bridge Over Troubled Water
There are about 20 tracks that potentially could have made the cut – but these are the 3 I go back to the most.

About You Now (acoustic version please and thank you)
Every Heart Broken
Unbreakable Heart
The whole ‘Catfights And Spotlights’ album could have made it.

Take That
The Day After Tomorrow
Never Forget
Higher Than Higher
Even as a three piece the quality pop keeps coming.

If I had to include U2 -
Last Night On Earth
Until The End Of The World
Dirty Day

Also I better throw Robbie Williams a bone as he is my avatar -
Let Love Be Your Energy
You Know Me
Lovelight (really - anything off 'Rudebox' except... 'Rudebox'... )

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