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Old 12-21-2008, 02:05 PM   #46
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I have some old import 45's, Zoots, if you are looking to buy any

And VP, I remember that single of Photograph. I think I have it as well. No idea where it might be, but I know I had it back in the day. Helped that I worked in a record store in the early 80s that imported all the new cool stuff (U2 included, though I never bought or took home either of the 4-paks )

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I'm pretty sure that I have Euphoria, but I'll check and let you know if I need it. Honestly, I only gave that and Slang a half-hearted listen or two, and then I moved on to greener musical pastures. We had a good run, but I felt like I outgrew them.

I really wouldn't mind going back and revisiting the newer albums and giving them another chance. And if you have anything past Euphoria, I'd happily accept that. I think Reg sent both of us links to the covers album, but by the time I went to download it, the link had expired.

Here's some Def Leppard video trivia - Jerri Manthey, villainess of the second season of Survivor stars in the 8 minute "epic" version of the When Love and Hate Collide video:

eta - I just watched the full video for the first time in years. God, it's goofy and pretentious. Their attempt at artiness, I guess. It's still a great song, though.

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Old 12-30-2008, 11:59 PM   #48
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I bought a greatest hits of theirs about a year ago, and now consider myself a fan....
I used to only know Pour some sugar..., but now realize that Animal is clearly their greatest work.
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Old 01-15-2009, 09:21 AM   #49
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Im 22 and for 6 years U2 was my favourite band until one day I was listening to internet radio and I heard the main riff to what I now know was "Have you ever needed someone so Bad." For some reason that riff just took me. I loved everything about the song, the harmony, the INCREDIBLE backing vocals (which def leppard are known for, and believe me it's not all production, they pull it off live leaving you with disbelief), the perfect guitar tone, and the drum sound. I guess the bass was okay but nobody really comments on that lol (sorry Sav).
I then got the greatest hits album. I loved every single song, they all blew me away as Def Leppards music is everything I wanted in a band. I then got their entire backcatalouge and didn't look back, the first 6 albums up to Slang were brilliant. Especially, of course, Hysteria, which IMO is the worlds most perfect album, where there is simply not a filler in it, you can't skip any song as they are all equally brilliant and memorable. I thought loving Def Leppard's music was just a phase, but 4 years later I still love them just as much as I ever did, and I never get tired of their songs.

They are a great influence to me in my band, where we are bringing back guitar orientated melodic rock with soaring guitar solos.

My favourites include, but are certainly not limited to! :

Tear it down : Pure rock and roll, one of the most simplest songs, but the rythym and guitar sound I love. Check it out live at the 1989 MTV music awards, and feel the pure energy that music today lacks.
Ring of fire : My favourite track and my most listened to, I would love to hear it live ( they've only played it once)
Desert Song : A hard rocker with an incredible atmosphere to it, I really feel like I'm in the Desert when I listen to it! And the solo is just , hearing this live would blow me away

I saw them live in Adelaide in November 2008, I was right in front of Phil Collen. It was the best concert of my life, and I've seen many 80's acts, including U2, but Def Leppard rocked the house down, they definately can still play live. I would do anything for Phil collens guitar and his tone.
Def Leppard is simply a band that I can't get tired of. And for all those who can't look past the admittedly chessy novelty song Pour some sugar on me..............SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
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Old 01-18-2009, 12:08 PM   #50
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Def Leppard is a band very close to my heart - I still have - on tape - Pyromania, copied by the boy I was in love with through the whole of high school - he'd hand written all the song titles, and done the little Def Leppard logo for me too.
Love Bites can still bring me to tears to this day, thinking about what might have been....

ETA...AussieU2fanman I am SOOOO jealous!! I desperately wanted to go see them last year, but absolutely NO ONE would go with me
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Old 01-19-2009, 07:53 PM   #51
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They got out of their comfort zone with 'Slang', but I really like it, typical Lep fan didn't though so they quickly reverted back to formula .

This was way better than any single that came later

Title track was great too.


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def leppard

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