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Old 09-21-2008, 01:48 AM   #1
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Sun Kil Moon

Anyone else here a fan? I'm new to the world of Mark Kozelek, but now extremely curious about his work apart from his "new" release April. As a part of my quest to listen to at least 30 albums from the calender year 2008, I took it upon myself to listen through that album this evening and was thoroughly surprised. I picked up on so many influences while listening, but I couldn't decide on just one...though the fact that the album reminds me of a 72-minute Five Leaves Left causes me to gravitate towards Nick Drake. I loved the album though; sure, the songs could have used some stingier editing, but the hypnotic beauty of the record is undeniable. Sometimes, records like this are an absolute necessity, even if "sometimes" comes around only on the rarest of occasions.

Ghosts Of The Great Highway is on a giant list of albums that I want to check out, so I'll report back on that. Until then, I'm at least confident that April is a strong top 10 contender for 2008.


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I have Ghosts of the Great Highway and really love it. It's a very "autumn" record for me - perfect for gray, rainy days.

"Carry Me Ohio" is an amazing song.

I haven't checked out anything else by them, though, and have never gotten into Red House Painters or any of the other projects Kozelek has done.

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There was a thread about them/him earlier this year, and big surprise, search is not finding it.

Mark produced the Retribution Gospel Choir album (Low side project). That's about the most I know about them honestly.
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OK, I figured this was as good a place as any to talk about just how in love I am in with Mark Kozelek.

This covers album he's releasing soon (which is currently streaming on Pitchfork Advance) is an awesome little beast:

On one hand, I have only known two songs on it, one I didn't even recognize the way he sang it and the other being a beautiful rendition of "Carpet Crawlers". So, really, it's pretty much a bunch of songs being sung in that Kozeleky way he has.

On the other, I do know the artists he's covering, and I can almost imagine how these songs originally go, and it keeps cracking me up.

Mostly, I'll listen to anything this guy sings...including a covers album of AC/DC songs...
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Addendum: His cover of "I've Got You Babe" just took my soul and crushed it into a million tiny pieces of happiness.
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sun kil moon

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