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The List is from a list of 100 essential country songs that Johnny Cash gave her when she was 18


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The Price You Pay video is truly a HOLY SH*T moment, but after watching it once or twice, this is the one I can't get enough of.

I guess it kind of epitomizes a Springsteen concert for me. Taking a request for a cover that had only been played a handful of times and not since 1981 and making something pretty special out of it. I can't help but smile towards the end when he has them take it up a step...


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Originally Posted by MrsSpringsteen View Post
That is so adorable
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I MISS BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE. Im out on the west coast, went to all 3 shows this year. Got to meet the man, shook his hand and he signed my Rolling Stone. During Spirit in the Night in LA, he came down to me and my brother got off stage and sat right in front of us all the while taking off my brothers hat, and putting on his own head. And in San Jose he gave my brother his harmonica after Promised Land. Bruce holds a special place in our families hearts!
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Originally Posted by mapender View Post
The Price You Pay video is truly a HOLY SH*T moment, but after watching it once or twice, this is the one I can't get enough of.

I guess it kind of epitomizes a Springsteen concert for me. Taking a request for a cover that had only been played a handful of times and not since 1981 and making something pretty special out of it. I can't help but smile towards the end when he has them take it up a step...
Higher And Higher was definitely another holy shit moment. It sounded just as good as it did back in 1977. And he's truly having a blast with it.

But The Price You Pay is one of my all-time favorites. Always has been; I'm not just saying that because it hasn't been heard from in over 28 years, either. I truly can't believe how such a great song could go unplayed for so long, so yeah, him finally doing it last night is pretty much the highlight of the entire tour for me.
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so who wants to e-mail me "wrecking ball" ?
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Clarence Clemons, on Howard Stern, (Interview Highlights)

Clarence Clemons Visits. 10/21/09. 8:15am
After the break we heard some prank calls that Sal and Richard made to a TV show where they play chess on the air. Fred played Bruce Springsteen's ''Tenth Avenue Freeze Out'' as they were coming back. Howard came back and said that Clarence Clemons was there. He had him come in a short time later. Howard said that Clarence was wearing a Jewish star so he wondered what that was about. Clarence said that he has a lot of Jewish friends. He said it's a spiritual thing too.
Howard asked Clarence about this book he wrote that he claims is true and not true. The white pages are facts and the grey pages are kind of made up stuff according to Clarence. Clarence said that it could have been or something that could have happened.
Howard said he read that he met Bruce in 1971 on the Jersey shore and he knew how great the guy was. He ended up leaving his wife and kids because he knew that it was his calling to go out and tour with this guy. Howard asked Clarence about being married 5 times. Clarence said he thinks he's gotten it this time. He said he thinks he found the right woman. Clarence said that he believes in that love at first sight thing.
Howard asked Clarence about the nail polish he had on. He said it matches his horn and he feels naked when he doesn't wear it.
Howard said he saw Clarence recently when he was out on tour with Bruce. He said that's coming to an end soon though. Howard said he knows that they've been touring forever. Clarence talked about the time when Bruce got another band going and left the rest of them behind. Clarence said he was pissed about that but he understands what Bruce was doing.
Howard said that they're saying that this is the end of the E Street Band and they won't see them on stage for a while. Clarence said that might last for a while but Bruce will see that he needs them again in the future. He said it's a lifetime commitment to the band.
Howard said Bruce probably wanted to go out on the road and keep some money for himself. Clarence said he has never bad mouthed Bruce because the guy has been great to him all these years.
Howard read about what Redd Foxx had said to Clarence one time. Howard said Redd told him to watch Bruce because he's a white man and he has to keep an eye on guys like that. Howard read that Redd told him that white men look at the world different than a black man does. Howard said Redd was trying to fuck his head up. Clarence said he didn't even know Bruce was white.
Howard said he must have been shocked when Redd Foxx said that to him. Clarence said that nothing shocked him about what Redd Foxx said. The guy was angry at the world. Clarence said a lot of black people don't trust white people.
Howard asked Clarence what's going on with his knees. Clarence said he had his knees replaced and his legs straightened so there is some pain there. He said that should go away eventually. He has back problems too though. Clarence said he's all fucked up. He said he'll be around for a long time though and he wants his fans to know that.
Clarence said he was on a narcotic that really wiped him out. He couldn't remember the name of it though. He said he forgot to bring his brain in with him.
Howard went over Clarence's history and talked about him playing football in college. Clarence also said he wanted to talk about the car accident he was in and how bad that was. Clarence said that his motor mounts broke in the car he was driving and the car just took off. He said the car was doing about 90 miles per hour and he tried to lift the accelerator. He ended up hitting a tree. Clarence said that he knows he was dead and that's what they say happened to him. He hit the tree, the car wrapped around the next tree and he was just laying there. He said it was very peaceful when he was laying there and he felt himself hovering above his body and this white guy came over and said ''he's gone.'' Clarence said he was watching all of this going on from above and he felt so good. Clarence said he could give up and just experience that for eternity. Clarence said he was given the chance to go back so that's exactly what he did.
Clarence said he's not sure who he was talking to but figured it was just the spirit of life. He said he's not sure if the guy was Caucasian or not. Clarence said that he was walking to the light but ended up going back and ended up waking up in the hospital.
Clarence said that he gained knowledge about youth and he's been doing meditation and stuff so he can concentrate on the good things in life. He said he found the fountain of youth and it's in your mind. Howard said he figured it was all of the pussy he got out on the road.
Howard asked Clarence about how blessed he's been with his talent and how maybe that's why his life is good and maybe other people's lives aren't that good. Clarence said that he's out there trying to spread the joy of life around.
Howard said that it's easy for Clarence to be youthful because he's not working in the mines like some people are. Clarence said that anyone can do what he does. He said that ti's not just being lucky. He said you have to have faith in your life and you also have to stop drinking.
Howard asked if the guys in the band hang out at all. Clarence said that they really don't hang out at all and they never really have. He said that they occasionally have a drink or something but it's not a regular thing. He said he has been invited over to Bruce's house to visit and things but not that often.
Clarence said that he and Bruce have been so close that his girlfriend told him that they were gay. Artie said if that was true he was going to leap off a building.
Howard said that Clarence and Bruce were close like brothers at one point. Now they don't hang out that much. Clarence said that he's still pretty close to the guy and his family. Howard said he thinks that it's Patty that doesn't like him. Howard said maybe she doesn't like black people. Howard said Redd Foxx did warn him about that.
Howard said he read that Clarence has 4 kids and they range in age from 11 to 42. Clarence said that's right. Robin sounded shocked by that.
Robin said that she learned that they went to the same school. Clarence didn't know that. He said he would have banged Robin if he had the chance.
Howard asked Clarence if his brother is jealous of him. Howard read that his brother is a saxophone player as well. Clarence said that he's a very spiritual person too and he's not jealous of him either. Clarence said that they're still very close and they talk all the time.
Howard said Springsteen is 60 years old. Clarence said that he's still like a kid to him. Howard said Clarence is 67 years old.
Howard said Clarence talks about road pussy in the book. Howard read a quote from Clarence about how easy it was to get girls on the road. It was possible to have a different girl every 5 minutes. It was too much at times. Clarence said that he did attract a lot of women. He said it wasn't the whole band though.
Howard said Clarence talks about how he hated the original drummer in the band. Clarence said he thinks that guy hated him. He said that Vinnie ''Mad Dog'' Lopez actually played with them last night though. Howard asked if he secretly tells the guy that he's a dumb fuck and he's still in the band while that guy isn't. Clarence said he has no malice for the guy and doesn't hate him.
Howard asked if the guy pretends to be his friend now. Clarence said that he kind of does that but they get along now. Clarence said that Vinnie felt kind of threatened when he joined the band because he and Bruce were so close.
Howard asked Clarence about why Bruce doesn't take more advantage of the chicks on the road. Clarence said he doesn't know that he didn't. He said he didn't follow him around that much so he's not sure what was going on there. Howard asked about his wife Patty and what she's like. Clarence didn't have anything bad to say about her. He said he loves her. Howard asked if she's ever said anything nice to him. Clarence had to think about that for a minute. He said she's never said anything bad about him.
Howard asked Clarence if he and Bruce could be any closer than they are. Clarence said that if they were any closer there would have to be sex going on and he doesn't go that way so that won't be happening.
Howard said Clarence calls out Bill Cosby in his book an said that he's not the nicest guy. Clarence said he's from the same school as Redd Foxx is. He said that he's very opinionated about stuff. Howard asked what he said to him. Clarence said he didn't say anything to him but then said that he did have some advice that a brother would give a brother. He said it's in the book but he didn't want to tell him. He told Howard he has to read the book to find out.
Howard wanted to know what it was but Clarence wasn't saying exactly what it was. Clarence said that he did give him some advice for how to take advantage of the situation he was in. Robin figured he was telling him to leave the band.
Howard said when you get famous people have advice for you and he's glad that he didn't listen to everyone and stayed in that position. Clarence said that he had to do what he thought was right.
Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn and gave Clarence a plug for his book ''Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales.'' Mariann said she saw the band in 1976 for the first time.
Howard asked Clarence if they're ever going to appear on American Idol. Clarence said he wouldn't do that. Howard said Bruce must look down on that show because they're above all of that. Clarence said that it is pretty much nothing.
Howard asked if he was surprised that Bruce played at the Super Bowl. He said he wasn't surprised by that at all. He said Bruce made that decision himself and they all went along with it.
Howard read about some of the stuff that Clarence demands at each concert. The demands included a joint, knee braces and Botox injections. He said he takes those for his back pain.
Howard read that Clarence had a heart attack and that's what kept him from smoking weed anymore. Clarence said that's not true. He said he has a pacemaker now but he's not afraid to smoke weed. He said he just doesn't want to do that stuff anymore. Clarence said he never asked for weed back stage like that. Howard said he thought they got that from his book but Clarence said he never wrote that.
Howard took a call from a guy who asked Clarence how many girls he's banged. Clarence said he has no idea. He said that he had 6 in one day one time. He said that was all at the same time. Clarence said he banged all six of them too. He said he watched a lot too.
Howard asked if he thinks that Bruce did that kind of stuff too. Clarence said he's not sure about that. Howard said he must have seen him doing stuff on the tour bus. Clarence said he had his own tour bus so he's never seen anything. Howard said he had to have seen something.
The caller said that he heard that Patty is the biggest cunt in the world. Clarence said that he had to hang up on this guy. Clarence said he doesn't know about that. He said that these guys are guys who have no life and have to stir up shit.
Howard asked Clarence if he ever knocked anyone up accidentally. Clarence said that he has but he had the kid. That's the 11 year old that's his fourth son. He said that his condom broke. Howard asked if that was scary to him at the time. Clarence said he didn't know it happened until 3 years after the kid was born. He said he got a letter from a lawyer who was telling him about it.
Clarence said that this cop came into a gig where he was working and they had an arrest order. Clarence said that they were going to take him off stage and right to jail. Clarence said they were arresting him for not paying support but he didn't even know he had this kid. He said the kid is very special and he still sees the mother to this day.
Howard asked if the mother was white. Clarence said that she was Caucasian. He also told Howard how he met the kid the first time. He said the kid came running to him yelling ''Daddy'' and it was great. He said he's still close with the kid and he was out on the road with them in Europe. He said the kid is 11 and he's in a band and they jam so hard it's unbelievable. He said that the guitar player plays like Van Halen. He said the kid is fantastic and he's only been playing for one year.
Irish John called in and asked if he ever gets creeped out by guys who cry at the shows and hold up signs requesting songs. He was referring to Ross Zapin. Howard told Clarence about Ross and how crazy he can get about the whole thing. Howard said he's almost possessed. Howard said Ross would probably blow Clarence if he wanted.
Clarence said it's great to see people that enthusiastic about what they do. He said that he loves bringing joy to people like that.
Howard took one more call for Clarence and gave him some more plugs for his book signing and for the book. The caller asked if he shaves and if he has a big cock. He was asking for Robin since she never got to see that. Howard asked if she missed out on a big penis. Clarence said that he is pretty large and he's thick too. Howard asked if he's ever met a woman who can't fit him in. He said that hasn't happened and all women give it a try. He said Robin missed out on that.
Howard told Clarence about Robin masturbating with vegetables and meats when she was growing up. She used frozen hot dogs and things like that. Clarence said that sounds cold to him. He said that Robin was blushing after that.
Howard asked Clarence how many inches he has. He said that it's between 8 and 9. He said it's not the meat, it's the motion.
Gary said he was in the green room and Clarence's assistant was in there with her hands over her ears going ''LA, LA, LA'' so she didn't have to hear this.
Howard gave Clarence some more plugs and started to wrap up with him a short time later. Howard asked if he sticks around to sign everything for everyone. Clarence said that he does that and he will shake hands too. Artie thanked him for all the years of entertainment.
Howard ended up asking Clarence about his wife. Clarence said that he's trying to have a baby now but he'll be retired for a while so he'll be able to spend some time with the kid. He said he's going to do some writing and maybe some acting gigs too. He said he's going to slow down and enjoy life a bit. Howard had to go to break a short time later.
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I was just fooling around on the internet and saw the announcement that the show in KC has been canceled tonight due to a death in the "performer's immediate family."

Nobody has any idea what that means, but thought and prayers go out to the whole band and their families.
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^I just saw that

Thoughts and prayers go to the band and families
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Oct. 26, 2009) - Due to a death in Bruce's immediate family, tonight's show at Sprint Center has been unavoidably cancelled. All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. Bruce and The Band deeply appreciate the understanding of our Kansas City audience and look forward to returning at the earliest opportunity.

Terrible news! Thoughts and prayers to the family!
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert in Kansas City was canceled on Monday due to the death of a road crew member, officials said.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
The concert was set to begin at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the downtown Sprint Center.
All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase, Sprint Center officials said.
Police told KMBC that a 34-year-old member of the road crew died at the InterContinental Hotel at the Plaza. The death is not suspicious, police said.
"Bruce and The Band deeply appreciate the understanding of our Kansas City audience and look forward to returning at the earliest opportunity," Sprint officials said in a news release.
Springsteen Concert Canceled Due To Roadie's Death - Entertainment News Story - KMBC Kansas City
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Well damn. That's sad.
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Oh wow.
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Bruce's cousin, apparently.
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We were in line for several hours last night, and because we won the lottery we were going to be in the pit for this one.

They took an unusually long time coming out to get the reformed line to take in. Then, shortly before 6, they came out with a megaphone and announced that due to a death in the immediate family, that the show was canceled. And that was that; they unceremoniously went back inside. At first it felt like some super odd joke. But after everyone stood in shocked silence for a minute, the crowd dispersed.

I will say that 99% of everyone took the news very well. I, like everyone else, was of course sad to hear the show was canceled, but you gotta take care of yourself first. If the band was close to Lenny, and it sounds like they were, it's not fair to make them go onstage after hearing such harsh and sad news. He was family, and he was part of the road crew for over 10 years. Our thoughts are with the band and Lenny's family today.

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