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The following are the R.E.M. songs that I adore, roughly divided by eras:

Radio Free Europe
Sitting Still
Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
All the Right Friends

Perfect Circle
Talk about the Passion
(Don't Go Back to) Rockville
So. Central Rain

Driver 8
Fall On Me
The Flowers of Guatemala
I Believe
Superman (cover)

It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Pop Song 89
Get Up
The One I Love
You Are the Everything
Orange Crush
I Remember California

Radio Song
Losing My Religion
Shiny Happy People
Try Not to Breathe
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
Everybody Hurts
New Orleans Instrumental No.1
Sweetness Follows
Man on the Moon
Find the River

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
Bang and Blame
Strange Currencies
E-bow the Letter
New Test Leper

At My Most Beautiful
The Great Beyond
I've Been High
Bad Day (yes, I prefer the 2003 re-do)

I'm not fond of what I've heard from Around the Sun, and to be honest I still haven't listened to the last two LPs. I would like to do so, soon.

I quite like all their stuff in the Bill Berry era. Nothing was poor, although the Monster-thing seemed a little self-conscious (like recent U2) in that they were trying to wear a hat that didn't really fit them. I actually enjoy their more 'pop' stuff, as you can see from my list -- for example, I think 'Stand' and 'Shiny Happy People' are great! The only R.E.M.-sound I didn't like was the electronic-sound they jumped to in the immediate post-Berry stuff, such as on Reveal and Around the Sun, although there were still a few exceptionally good songs.

By the way, Tony Fletcher is a really good writer (R.E.M. even loved him, and got him to write some sleeve notes for them) and his updated, Perfect Circle, is the best book about R.E.M. and is really well done:

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Originally Posted by lazarus View Post
Don't qualify it! I know a handful of REM fans who feel the same way (including myself), it's a legitimately great album.
Pretty cool.

Not that I intended to appear apologetic with my "fav" REM album, but sometimes I know that my choice in a given thing isn't technically the superior choice.

I'm not a big fan of ranking things. But here it is off the top of my head:

1) Life's Rich Pageant
2) Fables Of The Reconstruction
3) Monster
4) Out Of Time
5) Document
6) Automatic For The People
7) Green
8) Murmur
9) New Adventures In Hi-Fi
10) Reckoning

11) . . .who cares

(can the departure of a drummer really shift a bands dynamic that much? I guess so!)

Now there is a thin line separating each ranking so the reality is that I like one REM album almost as much as the next depending on mood, in most instances. So I could rearrange that list on any given day.

Except for Pageant. If I had to pick one and only one to listen to, that would the be one.

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