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Originally Posted by U2girl View Post
Gaga fans accusing any other artist of lack of originality is...interesting.

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Originally Posted by Bono's shades View Post
I honestly don't get the fuss over Lady Gaga. I hate to be all "hey, kids, get off my lawn," but Madonna was more outrageous and controversial more than two decades ago than she could ever dream of being - not to mention recording far catchier songs.
and i don't get all the fuss about madonna.

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I don't get all the fuss about all of the fuss.

I like saying "fuss" though. Whheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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Originally Posted by No spoken words View Post
I don't get all the fuss about all of the fuss.
yes you do.
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If originality (or lack thereof) is the main topic of discussion concerning an artist, it doesn't speak kindly of their music's quality. You would think there would be something to it that could make comparisons unnecessary. With Lady Gaga, what is there to discuss, really? The lyrics and beats don't jump out at you. But you know what does? Her outfits. Her similarities to Madonna. Now look at the discussion in this thread.

I don't mean to pick on Gaga, but I think it's becoming more apparent over time that she isn't writing music worth heated discussion. Rather, she's making pop music with a visual aesthetic that is worth discussing. But even that isn't so dazzling as to transcend its influences.

But hey, the moral of the story? In her biz, no one really cares. She'll be fine.

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Gaga can flip the bird.

anyone can.

it may not be seen as classy.

but we all can do it........and we all should do it.

its a big statement with a small finger.

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I saw that this week - really impressively well done!

I don't care how much she steals from other people. As long as she keeps putting out songs I like, it's all I'm asking for.
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Dat ass.
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Who knew she was such a baseball fan?

That didn't work for A Rod? Surprising..It is the NY Post but please let this be true. That's the latest fashion for baseball games-bra and panties and fishnets with team shirt.

She's persona non Gaga.

A fuming Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium executives that Lady Gaga is permanently banned from the team's clubhouse after her boozy antics -- including swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs -- during a visit to the house that Ruth built Friday night, sources told The Post.

The songstress and two girlfriends sauntered their way into the Bombers' clubhouse -- without team approval -- and hung out for 30 minutes after the team lost to the Mets.

She met six players -- including Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano -- while the "Poker Face" singer kept slurring her words trying to say how much she loved the Yankees and how thrilled she was to be inside the exclusive area, sources said.

Gaga, drinking Jameson Irish Whiskey, was wearing a Yankees jersey half-unbuttoned, exposing her black bra, fishnet stockings and a bikini bottom.

But apparently she didn't think that was enough to catch the players' eyes, so she kept groping her chest over her jersey.

The show inside the clubhouse was news to Yankees brass.

Hal, who is co-chairman with brother Hank, club president Randy Levine, general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi all had no idea she was going to show up, sources said.

In fact, when a Post reporter told Cashman about Gaga's presence, Cashman said, "What? I didn't know that," and stormed off.

Sources said Gaga, who left through a private exit, smooth- talked her way past stadium security.

The bizarre incident was the 24-year-old raunchy songstress' second recent run-in at a baseball game.

Read more: Lady Gaga banned from Yankee clubhouse after boozed-up antics -
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Wow, I didn't expected that there would be the topic about Lady Gaga!

Well, I like her. I'm not a big fan, but I like her. She is not like many other singers nowadays. She is... no ordinary at this time. I must confess Gaga is the one modern artist for me who is interesting to me.

I took notice of Gaga after "Poker face" (I don't like her song "Just dance", and when I saw the video on it, I didn't mean something interesting after her). Then, some day I listened to her albums, "The fame" and "Fame monster"... and I understood I like her! Also, I like the way she looks. I can't name her beautiful, but she has something by that she hooks me (I can't say so, for example, about Katy Perry). I hope she will be one of the best artists, at least, I want to believe in it.

I cringe seeing comparisons between GaGa and Madonna already. Too many people are all "Oh, she's the new Madonna!" Let's not get carried away. Let's see what she does over the next few years before saying she's the next anybody.
You're right. It's too early time to name Gaga new Madonna.

Throw-away pop music can also be art (see early The Beatles, Motown, The Beach Boys and yes, also Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé).
(But Beatles, as for me, are not throw-away music. I've never considered them as a pop band, too.)

Also wonder if its just me or does anyone think she sounds like Gwen Stefani when she sings Paparazzi? Specifically the part at 2:39/2:40
When I heard "Just dance", Gaga reminded me Christina Aguilera by some notes sung.

Siouxsie Sioux was a chameleon who would adapt to the material whether it be gothic and sinister or classical and melancholy. Between her heavy eyeliner or fetish clothing in the early years of the Banshees, she was creating a spectacle. You keep metioning Lady GaGa's similarity to ZooTV but no pop star has come as close to The Fly in mind as Siouxsie's persona did at times. Like The Fly, with Siouxsie, the audience was always seeing something artificial.
I'm so glad that people here know Siouxsie! She's a great woman and artist!
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My mail man is going to think I'm into porn.
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oh my. what's worse is elton john has still worn higher platforms than her.
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Seinfeld on Gaga: She's a jerk. I hate her.

Jerry Seinfeld want to know what's the deal with Lady Gaga.

Apparently the comedian turned marriage ref is not impressed with the way she behaved at the Mets game last week when she danced around in her underwear and flipped everyone the bird, after which she was taken to his unoccupied private box. She was not invited and Seinfeld was not aware that she had been put there.

According to the New York Daily News, he originally stated that his family took "an optimistic view of Lady Gaga's gesture as a sign that she wants the Mets to be in first place as badly as they do," but has since changed his tune.

During an interview on New Work's WFAN Sports Radio with Steve Somers, the comedian aired his displeasure for the boundary-pushing performer, who was escorted to his private box at the stadium after her one-finger salute.

"You know, i changed my mind. This woman's a jerk. I hate her," Seinfeld said. "i can't believe they put her in my box that i paid for! You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we're living in now?" "it's pathetic," he added."

And just in case you didn't get the picture:"She's a jerk," he continued. "What is she giving the finger [for]? What's the finger anyway? Speaking of interesting and new, how old is the finger? How did it even get to be the finger?"

He did go on to say, "but she is talented. I don't know why she's doing this stuff."

The best I can figure this thing out, Gaga was supposedly annoyed because she had been seated next to the paparazzi, because all of a sudden she decided she didn't want the attention…so she stripped down to a bedazzled bikini. As you do when you're trying to stay under the radar.

Also, she's apparently a Yankees fan. And the Yankees are rivals of the Mets. This is a beef I know and care nothing about, not being a baseball fan. But there you go.

Posted by Elizabeth Bromstein


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