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1. Gloria - U2

Just the most exhillarating song from the most exhillarating band of all time. The adrenaline of the final chorus is unmatched. The sheer enthusiasm and passion in Bono's vocal is genuine, borne out of both spontanaeity and the underlying spiritual struggle he, Edge and Larry were sharing. And there's a bass solo complimenting the gloriously bouncy rhythm. The most cracking of them all.

2. Made Of Stone - The Stone Roses

Intrigued me endlessly after first hearing it on a B-grade American movie. Was convinced that it was an American artist, the way the song kind of rolled in sync with the mid-western landscape during the film. Would have made a great video clip. Then I found out it was a band from Manchester, and a band who were really quite special. This song is their finest moment. King Monkey in a cage - "tin twisted grills grin back at me". Lovingly explosive.

3. The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths

A wicked, epic, rhythm underlines the most remarkable contribution from Morrissey, and it's not only what he says but how he says it. He spits it out marvellously. This song showcases Morrissey at his finest, the wit, the sarcasm, the social commentary, the contemporariness of the whole thing. Timeless. And gee, this is well produced.

4. True Faith - New Order

On a very personal level, something eternally refreshing and uplifting about this song. Can always be relied upon to reinvigorate my mood, it's quite the stimulant. As great as Joy Division were, they were never gonna create something like this with Curtis out front. I find JD and NO incomparable, they fulfil different needs. This song fulfils it's own need better than anything else.

5. Follow You Down - Gin Blossoms

A most straightforward pop-rock song but it's the compatability of all of the parts in the sum of the whole arrangement that is pleasing. Every hook is in the right place, and strikes the perfect chord. Robin Wilson's vocal is soothing and warm, and the harmonica is just Massive nostalgia factor too.



How Soon Is Now - The Smiths

Where The Streets Have No Name - U2

Beautiful Day - U2

PDA - Interpol

All Over You - Live

Acquiesce - Oasis

Disorder - Joy Division

Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles

Writing To Reach You - Travis

Born Slippy - Underworld

Children - Robert Miles

An End Has A Start - Editors

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1) Beautiful Day- U2- The song that got me hooked to U2. In 2000/2001, I couldn't turn on the radio and not hear Beautiful Day being played somewhere. Easy to say, this song changed my life, and will probably forever be my absolute favorite.

"You’re on the road but you’ve got no destination
You’re in the mud, in the maze of her imagination
You love this town even if that doesn’t ring true
You’ve been all over and it’s been all over you"

2) Desperado- Eagles- This is one of the songs that you recognize within about a half-second of that piano intro. I love the whole message of not letting the important things in life- the ones right in front of you, often- pass you by in exchange for things you don't need. Really pretty song telling what is truly important in life. I think Desperado is one of the 10 greatest songs ever written, but that's just me.

Oh, you ain't getting no younger.
Your pain and your hunger,
They're driving you home.
And freedom, oh freedom.
Well that's just some people talking.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone."

3) You're A God- Vertical Horizon- My favorite non-U2 pop song of the late 90s/early 00s. Just a great love song. Vertical Horizon is/was a great band. They don't get enough respect, IMO.

"You're a God
and I am not
and I just thought
that you would know.
You're a God
and I am not
and I just thought
I'd let you go."

4) Billy Brown- Third Day- Great rock song by a great Christian band. Tells the story of a celebrity (a singer, an athlete- doesn't specify) who is loved everywhere he goes and always remains rooted in his faith. We need more Billy Browns in the world.

"Superstar Billy Brown,
Stop and listen to the crowd.
Everywhere you go
well everybody's screaming out your name.
But do they know the reason why
You point your finger to the sky?"

5) More Than Useless- Relient K- My favorite song of theirs. Talks about how sometimes we feel useless, but that God assures us that we are not.

"I'm a little more than useless
When I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right,
Do something right for once."

6) One- U2- Obviously, a very emotional song. Mexico City performance is incredible. I don't need to tell you guys how amazing the song is. I had a somewhat rocky relationship with my brother for a few years, and this song definitely hit home.
7) Across The Stars- John Williams, Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones- Outstanding piece of music. When I bought the soundtrack I listened to this song on repeat for what was probably hours. Amazing love theme.
8) Want To- Sugarland- One of the most perfect country songs I've ever heard. Anyone who thinks today's country music isn't very good needs to listen to this song.
9) Bad- U2- All things considered, this is my 9th favorite song. However, my single favorite live performance of any song ever is Bad from the Boston DVD. With the whole idea of letting something go and overcoming obstacles, this song is something that everyone needs to hear at least once in their life.
10) Who Needs Pictures- Brad Paisley- See number 8. Also, this was Brad Paisley's first single. As far as I'm concerned, he'll spend the rest of his career trying and failing to do better than this song.

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Oh, geez. This will be hard, but I'll give it a shot. I know the songs, but the descriptions might take some time.

1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-U2 This will forever and always be my favorite song. I still think it's the greatest song ever written. It is my anthem for everything in my life, especially my faith. It's ok to have doubts, to question, to leave myself open to whatever God and life has for me. The music, the lyrics, Bono's vocals everything just came together in one of the most transcendent songs ever created. It's about still having hope in a struggle and nothing is more powerful than that.

2. Live To Tell-Madonna Madonna did this song for the movie At Close Range which starred her then-husband, Sean Penn. According to the co-writer, Patrick Leonard, Madonna improvised most of the lyrics in the studio on the mic in a practice session. As popular as she is, I've often thought that by music snobs Madonna is highly underrated as a lyricist, vocalist, and musician. This song proves why Madonna deserves every bit of credibility she's ever received. There were still a lot of people who though of Madonna as a brainless pop singer when this song came out, and this proved that she was truly an artist. It's a song about experiencing pain, the wounds we all carry inside ourselves and never tell anybody about for fear of what they might think or how they may react. Madonna dared to ask what would happen if we eventually worked up the courage and "lived to tell" those secrets. Would we finally be free? The song leaves us hanging, but still a sense that it will be ok in the end.

3.Let It Be-The Beatles While U2 may be my favorite band of all time, The Beatles should always and forever be listed at the top of all the "Best bands" list. They may not have been the best in the technical sense, but they created songs that everyone still knows today, even little kids. Without The Beatles, none of the other great bands we know and love would exist, at least not on the level they do now. There was something magical about John, Paul, George, and Ringo that almost everyone, even people of my generation who hate all other older music, still love. "Let It Be" one of the most popular Beatles songs from their last album before they unfortunately broke up in 1970, is my favorite Beatles tune. Some people say it's about the Virgin Mary, others' about Paul's mother, but to me, it doesn't matter. It's simple, beautiful and powerful. There's always a childlike wonder in so many Beatles songs, but this one shows that at it's most profound. To me, it says 'quit struggling, quit worrying about everything, quit trying to do" and just as it says, "let it be". Yes, we may have troubles, yes people may be suffering all over the world and things need to be fixed, but there's still beauty in life and over all it's good.

4. Levon-Elton John. Elton John is a legend, simply put. He's created some of the most recognized, well-loved songs of all time, and he's always been uniquely himself. It's hard to pick a favorite, but "Levon" is definitely mine. There's something so uplifting, yet haunting about it. It seems to have a simple storyline about a young man wanting to break free of his family's expectations and carve his own path, but it's something that almost everyone can relate to. There's something pure about being who you are regardless of the expectations of others and that's something definable in Elton's music and life.

5. Go Your Own Way-Fleetwood Mac It's the most famous song from one of the best (and one of my personal favorite) albums of all time, Rumours. It was recorded when both couples in the band were going through a break-up. This whole album, and especially this song show how misery can lead to greatness. I first heard this song as a little girl during Forrest Gump when Forrest is running across the country. I loved it, even though I didn't understand it at the time. Now that I'm older (well, 20 ), I love it more. How can a song about a relationship ending be so joyful? To me, it's because, even though there's anger, bitterness and hurt in the lyrics and lives of the songwriters and singers (Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks), there's a feeling of freedom, of saying, "I don't have to be angry at you anymore. We can go down different paths in life and still always have some sort of love between us". That's a powerful, beautiful thing, and there's nothing better than blasting this song in you car on a warm summer night and hitting the highway.

6. Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen
7. Not Dark Yet-Bob Dylan
8. Gimme Shelter-The Rolling Stones
9. One Day-The Verve
10. Time After Time-Cyndi Lauper
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1. U2 – Beautiful Day
I love the joy of this song. One of the most euphoric songs I have heard, and it captures the way I feel about life so much of the time. Bad, All I Want Is You and Running to Stand Still are other U2 songs in the running.

2. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
I love the trippy psychedelia, and as others have mentioned, there’s a lot beneath the surface in this song to keep things interesting. Could have picked A Day in the Life or I Am the Walrus, but Strawberry Fields always barely edges them out.

3. Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
A lot of times I hear this and think, this is the best song ever written (but U2 gets the nod for today’s list). A great anti-war song, and one of the more powerful female vocals I have heard.

4. Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
Another joyful song that always brings a smile to my face. A song about Gabriel’s decision to leave Genesis and try to make it on his own. Could have picked In Your Eyes or San Jacinto.

5. Radiohead – Let Down
One of my favorite songs these days – transports me to another place. Gorgeous vocals, and a sad, moody piece. Just beats out Fake Plastic Trees for me right now.

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go, Wake Up
Billy Bragg and Wilco – Remember The Mountain Bed
Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City
Paul Simon – The Coast, Sounds of Silence
Tori Amos – Precious Things, 1000 Oceans
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My album list is a lot more consistent than my song list, which is constantly changing.

1. "Jungleland" - Bruce Springsteen
A song with everything: rock, beauty, poetic lyrics, a great story, drama, an epic aspect, and a fantastic live rendering. A memorable hook and melody, a song that makes you want jump up and down, sing along, and maybe even cry at some point.

2. "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide" - David Bowie
The greatest ending of any song ever.

3. "Bad" - U2
A transcendent song that plays to every strength in the band, and, when the pieces are put together, it comes out as so much more.

4. "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" - Radiohead
A passionate and somewhat haunting vocal combined with a memorable guitar riff and perfect drumming (Phil Selway is one of the few drummers who I think really makes a band work: listen to this and "A Wolf at the Door" and tell me he's not majorly enhancing the band's sound).

5. "The Show Must Go On" - Queen
The context of this song is important: Freddie Mercury's last vocal put to tape on Queen's final album, done in one take, after Brian May expressed concerns that Freddie could do it in his frail state. And he nails one of the greatest vocal performances ever.

Honorable Mention:
"Won't Get Fooled Again" - The Who
"My Body Is a Cage" - Arcade Fire
"Gold Soundz" - Pavement
"The Birth and Death of the Day" - Explosions in the Sky
"Mr. November" - The National
"The Next Movement" - The Roots
"London Calling" - The Clash
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1. "The Fly" - U2

To me, this is best song U2's ever done. It completely revolutionized their sound and introduced the world to the Achtung Baby period. It contains some of Bono's best lyrics, an amazing falsetto chorus, and gives Edge the chance to show off his soloing abilities. The solo and the final chorus never fail to give me goosebumps. And that's not even talking about live. My favorite song, period.

2. "How to Disappear Completely" - Radiohead

This song is one of the most emotional I've heard in my life. Thom Yorke's voice floats beautifully over a guitar and string arrangement. The intensity keeps on building throughout the track without losing any of its delicate nature. The last third of the song is incredibly powerful and where Yorke's falsetto rises to match the strings is one of the best moments in music for me.

3. "Strawberry Fields Forever" - The Beatles

What can I say about this song that hasn't been said by someone here already? One of the Beatles defining tracks and it definitely earns that title. The music takes the psychedelic factor of Sgt. Pepper one step further but it doesn't go too far like some later Beatles songs do. Lennon's lyrics are some of the best he's ever written. There's no one clear meaning behind them, allowing the song to relate to many people.

4. "All These Things That I've Done" - The Killers

This song is best the Killers have recorded, in my opinion. The track just continues to build until it explodes in the final chorus and ending. "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier" may seem like a cheesy line but the way it's sung shows real passion behind it. I've seen The Killers live twice and both times, this song was the highlight.

5. "Zero-Sum" - Nine Inch Nails

While there were many more well-known songs that I could have chosen, this track is my favorite NIN song at the moment and one of their most underrated moments. The verses contain a large amount of industrial sounds but they all fall away into the background during the chorus. Reznor's voice is full with regret over what's happened throughout the politically charged Year Zero. It's a perfect ending for that album and a great song all around.

Nine Inch Nails – Zero-Sum – Video, free listening, & lyrics at Last.fm

Honorable Mention:

Beck - "Devil's Haircut"/"Sunday Sun"

Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"

The Who - "Love Reign O'er Me"

Elbow - "Grounds for Divorce"

Coldplay - "Yellow"
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Great to read, this thread.
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1. St. Vincent - "Now Now"

This is everything I love about Annie Clark in less than four and a half minutes. Insanely catchy throughout, controlled chaos at the end. Her lilt of a voice is her strongest instrument, but I can't get enough of the guitar part during the chorus. But 3:19 on shows her true colors. She's been my biggest musical crush of the year, which looks to continue when I see her twice next week.

2. Lykke Li - "Dance Dance Dance"

Tough to choose just one track for the fantastic first half of Youth Novels, but I have to go with this one. I'm a sucker for girls with cute accents and I'm a sucker for girls who can sing. Double whammy. Nothing puts a smile on my face these days like this song. Just joyous. And surprisingly calming for a song with such a title.

3. The National - "Lucky You"

Breaks my heart. Every time. I don't know if I have a more personal relationship with any other song.

4. Animal Collective - "Fireworks"

If this song doesn't stir something inside of you, you may not have a soul. Musically, this might be their finest moment. The way the guitar part just spills around the edges of the song is sublime. And then the gorgeous piano part kicks in. Fuck me. Just a perfect, perfect song.

5. Broken Social Scene - "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl"

An obvious choice, but somehow I've never got sick of this song. I don't even know where to begin in describing it. It's one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard even with so few words. The build. The strings. The vocal effects. Absolutely mesmerizing. This will go down as one of the greatest songs of this decade.

And some extra nuggets to nibble on:

Another one destined to go down as one of the decade's best:

One of the more fitting and beautiful codas for an album I've ever heard:

Stars: occasionally insufferable, often unbelievable. This one falls in the latter category:
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Originally Posted by impy13 View Post
5. Broken Social Scene - "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl"
Looks like GAF is gonna have to update his list.
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Yeah, I gotta say that is a really cool song title.
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Originally Posted by GirlsAloudFan View Post
Yeah, I gotta say that is a really cool song title.
You haven't heard it?!

Nice lists, everyone. I don't think my mind will allow me to try to decide 5 songs I say are my "favorites", as I'd hate to leave anything else out. I'll try to think about it and see if I can come up with something though.
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It was difficult to choose these based on the song alone and not based on whether the artist is also one of my top five. But these are five songs I don't want to live without. I'm very much a lyrics person too, so I've included some of my favorite lines.

1. "The Atrocities" by Antony and The Johnsons

A heartbreaking song about God weeping over the sins of man. It begins gently with piano, and as the song builds, Antony's voice grows more powerful and the strings swell. It ends as softly as it began, reminding me of T.S. Eliot's "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper." Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, beautiful Antony.

God visits all lost souls
To survey the damage
And holding his bleeding heart
A tear comes to his eye
He whispers,
"It's the atrocities of history."

2. "Polaris" by Jimmy Eat World

This song is emo perfection. The guitars rock, the boys sing beautiful harmonies, and the lyrics paint just enough of a picture that you can remember when this night happened in your own life. The bridge of this song rocks so, so much.

3. "Starlite Diner" by Ryan Adams

There are probably 30 Ryan Adams songs that could make this top five, but this one slays them all, and it kills me every time I hear it. Simple piano and lyrics that tell a story we all know the ending to, because we've all been there.

Have you ever slept it off to the bones
Having woken up at night, my love,
And dreamt that you called them all
Every person you could never love

4. "Special Needs" by Placebo

I have a very special place in my heart for songs that are both beautiful and rock the fuck out. And this is one of those songs. And when I didn't think this song could get any more amazing, I saw Placebo perform it live. I have to stop what I'm doing every time I hear it.

5. "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" by Manic Street Preachers

It's not often bands write songs about the Spanish Civil War, and it's even rarer when they're so absolutely gorgeous and affecting. The Manics prove that you don't have to write love songs to get people's attention. Maybe it's the sweeping chorus, maybe it's the incomparable voice of James Dean Bradfield. I just know I will forever want to hear this song.

Bullets for your brain today
But we'll forget it all again
Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder

Close calls:
Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
Idlewild - In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction
U2 - Love Is Blindness
Manic Street Preachers - Judge Yr'self
Deftones - Digital Bath
And about ten Tori Amos songs and covers.

P.S. Nice to see the love for Zooropa on here. Brilliant song and record.
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Placebo are pretty cool. A great song to sing along to is Every Me Every You.
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Originally Posted by u2popmofo View Post
You haven't heard it?!
No, I haven't dabbled in Broken Social Scene very much. I know about 'em and have heard a handful of songs but i've yet to dive deeply into their catalogue. I know they're Canadian and You Forgot It In People is supposed to be their best album. And Feist was in the band for a little while. And they're Canadian.

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top songs

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