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Desert Island VIII Master List, Part Two

Thanks to all for the great posts in Part One. Let's keep it rolling. The remaining threads will only have four playlists each, which should give everyone plenty of opportunity to check these out...



Hey guys,

So for my DI Discs I have made two 80 min max discs.

This compilation is pretty much songs I love and digging at the moment. I have missed so much but I tried not to double up too much so I could have variety of artists.

I hope you like it and hope you discover some awesome new tunes for you because there all classic songs if you don’t know them already. Enjoy and thank you for your time!

DISC 1 (71:56)
1. The Raconteurs – ‘Consoler of the lonely’ – Consolers of the Lonely (3:26)
2. The Black Keys – ‘Everlasting light’ – Brothers (3:24)
3. R.E.M. – ‘Strange currencies’ – Monster (3:53)
4. Arcade Fire – ‘Antichrist television blues ‘ – Funeral (5:10)
5. Blink 182 – ‘All of this’ (feat. Robert Smith) – Blink 182 (4:40)
6. Arctic Monkeys – ‘The view from the afternoon’ – Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not (3:38)
7. Muse – ‘Hysteria’ – Absolution (3:47)
8. Ben Folds Five – ‘Brick’ – Whatever and ever Amen (4:43)
9. The Rolling Stones – ‘Sweet Virginia’ – Exile on main Street (4:26)
10. John Lennon – ‘Crippled Inside’ – Imagine (3:53)
11. Paul Kelly – ‘How to make gravy’ – Songs from the South (4:27)
12. Phoenix – ‘Long distance call’ – It’s never been like that (3:03)
13. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – ‘Maps’ – Fever to tell (3:40)
14. Joni Mitchell – ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ – Ladies of the canyon (2:15)
15. The White Stripes – ‘Effect and cause’ – Icky thump (3:00)
16. Joy Division – ‘Love will tear us apart’ – Substance (3:24)
17. Pixies – ‘Hey’ – Doolittle (3:31)
18. The Beatles – ‘Strawberry fields forever’ – Magical mystery tour (4:10)
19. Radiohead – ‘Gagging Order’ – Com lag: 2+2=5 [EP] (3:36)

DISC 2 (72:49)
1. MGMT – ‘Weekend Wars’ – Oracular spectacular (4:12)
2. Cold War Kids – ‘Hang me up to dry’ – Robbers & Cowards (3:43)
3. Interpol – ‘PDA’ – Turn on the bright lights (5:12)
4. Led Zeppelin – ‘Kashmir’ – Latter Days: The best of Led Zeppelin volume two (8:29)
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – ‘Voodoo Child (slight return)’ – Electric Ladyland (5:13)
6. The Strokes – ‘The modern age’ – Is this it (3:33)
7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Into my arms’ – The boatman’s call (4:15)
8. U2 – ‘Bad’ – The best of 1980-1990 (5:52)
9. Gorillaz – ‘On Melancholy hill’ – Plastic beach (3:48)
10. Vampire Weekend – ‘Cousins’ – Contra (2:25)
11. The Cure – ‘In between days’ – The head on the door (2:55)
12. Modest Mouse – ‘Float on’ – Good news for people who love bad news (3:29)
13. Tame Impala – ‘Solitude is bliss’ – Innerspeaker (3:56)
14. The Vines – ‘Ride’ – Winning days (2:36)
15. David Bowie – ‘Heroes’ – “Heroes” (6:10)
16. Sigur Ros – ‘Gobbledigook’ - Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust (3:05)
17. Bob Dylan – ‘It’s all over now baby blue’ – Bringing it all back home (4:15)



Part 1: Kids (41:13)
01. The White Stripes – “We’re Going to be Friends” – White Blood Cells (2:22)
02. Arcade Fire – “Ready To Start” – The Suburbs (4:16)
03. Best Coast – “Boyfriend” – Crazy For You (2:30)
04. She & Him – “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” – Volume One (2:31)
05. The Duke Spirit – “You Really Wake Up The Love In Me” – Neptune (2:42)
06. Peter Bjorn And John – “Young Folks” – Writer’s Block (4:39)
07. Wilco – “I’m Always In Love” – Summerteeth (3:43)
08. Muse – “Invincible” – Black Holes and Revelations (5:01)
09. Metric – “Twilight Galaxy” – Fantasies (4:54)
10. Coldplay – “Shiver” – Parachutes (5:02)
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps” – Fever To Tell (3:40)
This part is all about falling in love for the first time. I envisioned it as a young boy and girl meeting each other in school and becoming friends. Then, years later, the feelings have started to blossom into high school romance. They chase after each other and eventually become a couple. While everything appears to be perfect, the beginning of cracks are starting to form towards the end of the set.

Part 2: Losing Direction (47:42)
01. The Verve – “Love Is Noise” – Forth (5:29)
02. The Beatles – “For No One” – Revolver (2:03)
03. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – “Everytime I’m With You” – Dark Night of the Soul (3:10)
04. Bat for Lashes – “Siren Song” – Two Suns (4:58)
05. The National – “Conversation 16” – High Violet (4:19)
06. Garbage – “Stupid Girl” – Garbage (4:19)
07. Tegan & Sara – “Are You Ten Years Ago” – The Con (3:18)
08. The Smashing Pumpkins – “The Beginning is the End of the Beginning” – Rarities and B-Sides (5:02)
09. Emilie Autumn – “I Know Where You Sleep” – Opheliac (3:13)
10. Nine Inch Nails – “Eraser” – The Downward Spiral (4:54)
11. How to Destroy Angels – “A Drowning” – How To Destroy Angels (7:03)
The cracks are forming and there are huge problems in their relationship. Maybe they fell in love too fast. Maybe one needs too much from the other or they just can’t communicate. In any case, this is where everything falls apart. The songs represent a building array of emotions, including frustration, cynicism, self-loathing, outward rage, and finally sadness.

Part 3: Return Home (46:20)
01. Passengers – “Slug” – Original Soundtracks 1 (4:38)
02. Radiohead – “Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was” – The Bends (3:29)
03. Paramore – “The Only Exception” – Brand New Eyes (4:28)
04. Elbow – “The Bones of You” – The Seldom Seen Kid (4:49)
05. Depeche Mode – “Come Back” – Sounds of the Universe (5:16)
06. Florence & The Machine – “Cosmic Love” – Lungs (4:16)
07. Ra Ra Riot – “You and I Know” – The Orchard (4:35)
08. Linkin Park – “The Messenger” – A Thousand Suns (3:02)
09. St. Vincent – “Just The Same But Brand New” – Actor (5:24)
10. U2 – “All I Want Is You” – Rattle and Hum (6:30)
The final part takes place a few years later. By this time, both the man and woman have grown up and go through some self-reflection. Chance meetings lead to the realization that the feelings are still there. While both are cautious at trying what failed before, they overcome their insecurities and come back together, this time refusing to let their baggage weigh them down.



No Artwork, No Title

Summary: When I was at UMASS, I did a radio show at the radio station. Before I got burnt out and making playlists each week started to feel like work, I wanted every single week to be something I wouldn't mind having if I were stranded on the hypothetical island on which music nerds are forever sticking themselves.

For this list, I originally set up this 4-part structure for as many basic states of mind I might find myself in: dark and brooding, angry pissed off want to smash shit, happy jump around sing along, and blissful chill out. It didn't work. Even some the "happy" sides ended up kind of bleak. When I re-did those parts, they became considerably shorter and full of less songs I really love than songs that worked as purely an academic exercise. Keeping things obscure for obscurity's sake was pretty silly as well, for a lot of reasons. I can't make a DI list without Springsteen just because everyone knows The Boss. This place has had too much of an influence on my music taste, and I'll never have any way of knowing what everyone's ever heard anyway.

Basically, this would be the kind of playlist that I'd put together on any given week if I could ignore all FCC guidlines (and warp time, because while I played a lot of the songs here many times, not all of them were written yet/or known to me at the time). It transitions through what may or may not be considered a variety of music, depending on how the individual listener is going to classify and sub-classify these bands/songs. I think some sub-genre of punk rock is probably at the center, even after drifting off in other directions, it inevitably returns to something that someone out there refers to as punk rock. I don't really know. It's stuff I like. That's really all that matters to me now.

Part 1
1. Hudson Falcons - Jersey City Streets - La Famiglia
2. Steve Earle - NYC - El Corazon
3. Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City - Nebraska
4. Mark Lind - Better Days - Death or Jail
5. Ramallah - Just Walk Away - Kill a Celebrity
6. Blood for Blood - Some Kind of Hate - Outlaw Anthems
7. Sick of it All - Blown Away - Yours Truly
8. Agnostic Front - Gotta Go - Something's Gotta Give
9. Ducky Boys - Pride - No Gettin' Out
10. Far From Finished - Those Never Forgotten - East Side of Nowhere
11. Street Dogs - Fading American Dream - Fading American Dream
12. The Beltones - Cheap Trinkets - Cheap Trinkets
13. Darkbuster - Cheap Wine - 22 Songs That You'll Never Want to Hear Again!
14. The Damaged - Out of Today - [these guys were somewhat local, I lost my copy of the cd this was on, and google isn't even helping me to find what it was called]
15. Turbo A.C's - Nightmare - The Turbo A.C.'s
16. Tiger Army - Santa Carla Twilight - III: Ghost Tigers Rise
17. The Bruisers - Gates of Hell - Better Days
18. Social Distortion - Bad Luck - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
19. Sinners & Saints - Marquee Lights

Part 2
0. Brian Jonestown Masscre - Wisdom - Methadrone
1. Glasvegas - Flowers and Football Tops - Glasvegas
2. The Jesus & Mary Chain - April Skies - Darklands
3. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio - High Violet
4. The Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running - Neon Bible
5. The Magnetic Fields - Born on a Train - The Charm of the Highway Strip
6. Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate Myself - Dear God, I Hate Myself
7. Pluxus - Psykopotat - European Onion
8. William Shatner - Common People - Has Been
9. Against Me! - Cliche Guevara - As the Eternal Cowboy
10. Everybody Out! - Ghettoblaster - Everybody Out!
11. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Hope I Never Lose My Wallet - Devil's Night Out
12. Saves the Day - Jukebox Breakdown - Stay What You Are
13. Rancid - Roots Radicals - ...And Out Come the Wolves
14. Bouncing Souls - True Believers - How I Spent My Summer Vacation
15. The Clash - Death or Glory - London Calling
16. Billy Bragg - The Milkman of Human Kindness -
17. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
18. The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love
19. The Kinks - Lola -
20. Dead Boys - I Won't Look Back
21. The Gaslight Anthem - Old White Lincoln - The '59 Sound
22. Say Anything - The Writing South - ...Is a Real Boy
23. The Briggs - Waiting in the Shadows - Leaving the Ways


Ashes In The Snow

1. Alcest – “Ecailles De Lune, Part 1” – Ecailles De Lune (9:52)
2. Led Zeppelin – “Achilles Last Stand” – Presence (10:23)
3. Mogwai – “Batcat” – The Hawk Is Howling (5:24)
4. Tool – “Eulogy” – Aenima (8:28)
5. Metallica – “Fade To Black” – Ride The Lightning (6:55)
6. Incredible Expanding Mindfuck – “Headphone Dust” – I.E.M. (6:11)
7. Midlake – “Rulers, Ruling All Things” – The Courage Of Others (4:25)
8. Yes – “Turn Of The Century” – Going For The One (7:55)
9. Pelican – “Last Day Of Winter” – The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (9:36)
10. Opeth – “To Bid You Farewell” – Morningrise (10:54)

11. Mono – “Ashes In The Snow” – Hymn To The Immortal Wind (11:45)
12. Rush – “Xanadu” – A Farewell To Kings (11:07)
13. Red Sparowes – “In Illusions Of Order” – The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer (7:36)
14. Shearwater – “Corridors” – The Golden Archipelago (2:46)
15. Four Tet – “Circling” – There Is Love In You (5:17)
16. Talk Talk – “Desire” – Spirit Of Eden (6:57)
17. No-Man – “Truenorth” – Schoolyard Ghosts (12:51)
18. The Mercury Program – “Slightly Drifting” – A Data Learn The Language (6:24)
19. Gifts From Enola – “Aves” – From Fathoms (9:00)
20. Agalloch – “A Desolation Song” – The Mantle (5:08)

Total time: 158.53 (2:38:53)

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Re: phanan's list.

Holy shit, that looks fantastic.

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So I got as far as ultraviolet's list before I knew what to check out first. Looking forward to all of these though! It looks like another varied round.
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props on using my fav Paul Kelly song uv!!
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A quick note on ultraviolet's list - originally it included more than one track by The Beatles and Dylan, so two songs had to be removed, yet they'll still be included in the download. Just don't add them when you put that playlist together. Go by what you see above.
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These look really intriguing. Joey and Phanan, those covers are excellent.
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Originally Posted by iron yuppie View Post
Joey and Phanan, those covers are excellent.

yeah, they are.

i'm such a tool.
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Also, phanan, looking forward to your list. It's a lot different than the music I listen to so it should be a fairly original experience for me.
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Cool. It's certainly a 180 from my last playlist; I like to mix things up...
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Just got through the first half of Ultraviolet's playlist. Some thoughts:

- “Consoler of the Lonely” segued perfectly into “Everlasting Light.” Felt like they could have been on the same album.
- In fact, the entire first four songs work really well together. I’m not really a fan of most of Neon Bible but that selection worked well after R.E.M.
- I wasn’t a fan of the Blink-182 track but I thought Arctic Monkeys was a nice recovery.
- “Hysteria” is one of my favorite Muse songs. I thought it fit really well after Artic Monkeys but created way too much of a mood and tempo change with Ben Folds Five. Plus, the bit of dialogue at the end of “Brick” didn’t go well into the Rolling Stones song.
- The section from “Long Distance Call” to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was absolutely brilliant. Great song selection, great flow.
- “Gagging Order” is a beautiful song that I’m surprised I haven’t listened to before, given how big of a Radiohead fan I am. Wonderful way to close part 1.

On to the second half!
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I hope to get to ultraviolet's playlist sometime this weekend, or Monday at the latest.
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I honestly can't decide which list to start with - they all look fantastic, so I'm going in order this time, starting tonight with UV92.
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I had more free time this weekend than I thought! With that comes the second half of Ultraviolet92's playlist.

- To me, MGMT has always been a three-hit wonder, with their second album being an epic disaster. But “Weekend Wars” was surprisingly catchy and awesome. I made need to dig into their debut more.
- On the other hand, I never liked the Cold War Kids and sadly this song didn’t change my mind.
- The straight-up rock segment from “PDA” to “The Modern Age” worked really well. I like how Interpol and The Strokes had that sort of classic feel that fit alongside Zeppelin and Hendrix. Plus, the four songs choices from those groups were just wonderful. Only snag was the transition from Hendrix to Strokes, which felt a little awkward.
- The Nick Cave song didn’t do much for me but you could not have picked a better way to move into “Bad.” Absolutely perfect.
- “On Melancholy Hill” worked far better than I thought it would as a follow-up to “Bad.” One of the best Gorillaz tracks out there.
- Sorry, but I absolutely can’t stand Vampire Weekend. Listened to their album and saw them at a festival. Didn’t like them in either scenario.
- On the other hand, I really need to get into The Cure because I really like everything I hear by them (especially since they’re in like 90% of the playlists here lol).
- Thought the segment from The Cure through Bowie was done pretty well.
- Couldn’t really get into the last two songs either. I’m pretty indifferent to Sigur Ros but I definitely can’t stand Bob Dylan’s voice.

I'd say both halves were very strong for the most part with a couple segments that didn't work for me. I'm a fan of many of the bands you get big thumbs up for that. There were quite a few beautiful transitions too. All in all, I really dug this list. Awesome work!
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Originally Posted by Axver View Post
Re: phanan's list.

Holy shit, that looks fantastic.

i need to catch up on listening to the first list of lists, but i think i'm going to listen to phanan's right now because all that post-rock is perfect studying music. plus Tool and Opeth...all kinds of win
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I suppose that I'll be the first to review phanan's list. The sequencing was impeccable throughout. I would point to exceptional instances, but that would assume that some transitions were of a lesser quality when in fact the whole thing was seamless.

When I initially looked through the list, the number of tracks exceeding eight minutes made me fear that they would be either turgid or meandering, but neither of those was the case. The longer songs either functioned as suites or developed consistently enough to demand the listener's attention. The shorter tracks were also well-placed in the sense that they prevented the flow from becoming nondescript.

I would say at this point that phanan's list has established itself as the one to beat. The whole thing was very smooth.

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