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Desert Island V Album Game: Semifinal, Match 2

Please vote for the playlist you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the second Semifinal match for Interference Desert Island V! The premise of this game is that all of the Interferencers have been stranded on a desert island and we can only take up to 160 minutes of music with us (either as a continuous iPod playlist or two 80 minute CDs or any other format of our choosing). The object is to see which forum member can fit the most musical goodness into these 160 minutes.

Semifinal #2 is phanan and hardyharhar. Below are their playlists.

If you don't know the songs, or wish to hear how each playlist flows, feel free to check out the Desert Island website.

Forum name: phanan

Beach Sequence

1. Dire Straits – “Telegraph Road” – Love Over Gold (14:18)
2. Rush – “Red Barchetta” – Moving Pictures (6:10)
3. The Police – “Walking On The Moon” – Regatta De Blanc (5:02)
4. Chalk FarM – “Lie On Lie” – Notwithstanding (4:22)
5. Live – “Selling The Drama” – Throwing Copper (3:25)
6. The Caulfields – “Devil’s Diary” – Whirligig (3:36)
7. Oasis – “Some Might Say” – Morning Glory (5:29)
8. U2 – “Stay (Faraway, So Close)” – Zooropa (4:59)
9. Death Cab For Cutie – “Your New Twin Sized Bed” – Narrow Stairs (3:06)
10. Better Than Ezra – “Misunderstood” – Closer (3:45)
11. Editors – “The Racing Rats” – An End Has A Start (4:17)
12. Elbow – “One Day Like This” – The Seldom Seen Kid (6:34)
13. The Notwist – “Pick Up The Phone” – Neon Golden (3:55)
14. M83 – “Skin Of The Night” – Saturdays=Youth (6:12)
15. Goldfrapp – “A&E” – The Seventh Tree (3:16)
16. Dirty Vegas – “Simple Things Part 2” – Dirty Vegas (6:25)

17. The Offspring – “Intermission” – Ixnay On The Hombre (0:48)

18. Slade – “Run Runaway” – Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply (5:00)
19. Kasabian – “Reason Is Treason” – Kasabian (4:35)
20. Led Zeppelin – “Houses Of The Holy” – Physical Graffiti (4:02)
21. Golden Earring – “Twilight Zone” – Cut (7:52)
22. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Universally Speaking” – By The Way (4:17)
23. Okkervil River – “Unless It’s Kicks” – The Stage Names (4:36)
24. Spoon – “Rhthm & Soul” – Ga Ga Ga Ga (3:30)
25. Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Down On The Corner” – Willy And The Poorboys (2:45)
26. Elvis Presley – “Little Sister” – 2nd To None (2:32)
27. Bruce Springsteen – “Open All Night” – Nebraska (2:51)
28. The Beatles – “Hey Bulldog” – Yellow Submarine (3:11)
29. Blues Image – “Ride Captain Ride” – Open (3:45)
30. Gerry Rafferty – “Baker Street” – City To City (6:01)
31. The Shins – “Red Rabbits” – Wincing The Night Away (4:30)
32. Mute Math – “Picture” – Mute Math (5:24)
33. Bloc Party – “Ion Square” – Intimacy (6:33)

Forum name: hardyharhar

Hardy Har Har's Desert Island 5 Playlist

With about a day to get this thing together, the only theme I could come up with was to be loosely semi-autobiographical through songs I've known and loved. A few that take me to specific places. Brought back a couple from my retro set. Lifted The Pretender's from Vintage Punk's. I think this list would be a great set to take a long drive to. It may have changed a bit if I had more time but I like it just the same. Hope you enjoy some of it.

Part One - Awakening (Whatever you say, Kath)
Still under the influence of my big sister, I'm dependent on her collection and I spend many hours daydreaming to her more folk leaning LPs. However, her parties during the 60's at our house and friends who attended open my eyes to a world I wanted to be a part of, but would have to wait 'til 1971 & high school for. I'm able to observe the summer of love from a distance.

1. The Everly Brothers - "All I Have To Do Is Dream" - The Everly Brothers' Best (2:22)
2. Music Explosion - "Little Bit O' Soul" - Little Bit O' Soul (2:21)
3. The Beach Boys - "Don't Worry Baby" - The Absolute Best Vol. 1 (2:48)
4. The Beatles - "You Can't Do That" - A Hard Day's Night (2:38)
5. The Doors - "Hello, I Love You" - Greatest Hits (2:15)
6. Cream - "Strange Brew" - Disraeli Gears (2:49)
7. The Who - "Substitute" - Live At Leeds (2:07)
8. Pink Floyd - "See Emily Play" - Relics (2:53)
9. Elton John - "I Need You To Turn To" - Elton John (2:33)

Part Two - Reckoning (hey man, schoolday's insane, hey man, my work's down the drain)

The day I turned 16, I got my driver's license and that night I began a food delivery job with older guys. This was the catalyst to a downward spiral that lasted a decade or so. King Missile's Cheesecake Truck fit nicely. Mott the Hoople's All the Way From Memphis was the song playing as I walked into my first high school party. Editions of You was a Roxy live staple and is from their 2nd & final album with Eno. The rest, groups and songs I liked during the70's & early 80's.

Already a big Zep fan, Led Zeppelin was not my first concert. However, it was the concert that showed me exactly what I had been searching for. Like U2's Elevation tour, Zep strolled out onto the stage to no hoopla, Bonham burst into the opening beats of Rock 'n Roll, a song I loved, and a fairly naive 17 year old was instantly blown away. This version's first minute or so takes me right back to that moment I remember so well. The excitement of the crowd's roar, Plant's initial wails, the instantaneous maelstrom of teenage anarchy all
around my girlfriend and I. Everything and anything going on. No parents around with their kids in those days. Ha!

One constant through these years was the music. Great shows, bands & songs all the way through those crazy nights. I've ended it with the obvious and wonderful Rock 'n Roll Suicide. By my late 20's, I knew this lifestyle had to end.

10. King Missile "Cheesecake Truck" -Mystical Shit / Fluting on the Hump (1:11)
11. Mott The Hoople "All The Way From Memphis" -Mott (5:00)
12. Roxy Music "Editions of You" -For Your Pleasure (3:49)
13. Jim Hendrix "Fire" -Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix (2:44)
14. Led Zeppelin "Rock 'n' Roll" -How The West Was Won [Disc 3] (3:56)
15. The Rolling Stones "Rip This Joint" -Exile On Main Street (2:23)
16. The Cramps "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" -A Date With Elvis (3:25)
17. Stray Cats "Stray Cat Strut" -Stray Cats (3:18)
18. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "American Girl" -Greatest Hits (3:29)
19. The Kinks "Sleepwalker" -Sleepwalker (4:04)
20. Pretenders "Precious" -Pretenders (3:37)
21. Queen "Keep Yourself Alive" -Classic Queen (3:46)
22. Squeeze "Is That Love" -Singles 45's And Under (2:33)
23. The English Beat "Best Friend" -I Just Can't Stop It (3:02)
24. Elvis Costello "Wednesday Week" -Taking Liberties (2:05)
25. The Cure "Fire In Cairo" -Boys Don't Cry (3:21)
26. The Clash "Somebody Got Murdered" -Sandinista [Disc 1] (3:33)
27. Midnight Oil "My Country" - Earth And Sun And Moon (4:51)
28. David Bowie "Rock & Roll Suicide" -Ziggy Stardust (3:02)

Part Three - Redemption (Life Gets Better, Yeah!)

I don't know what Lila saw in me, but she liked me and basically saved me in everyway that a person can be saved (lifted from Titanic, lol). So I've included here songs & groups we have enjoyed together. And our greatest achievement - Maddy, an angel sent to us from heaven - contributed a couple of songs I like quite a bit, turning me on to Speed of Sound, Storm in a Teacup, and Shut Up and Drive. I'm a lucky guy.

29. Vangelis "Chariots Of Fire" -Themes (3:31)
30. Mike Oldfield "Arrival" -QE2 (2:49)
31. Crowded House "Distant Sun" -Together Alone (3:50)
32. U2 "One Tree Hill" -Joshua Tree (5:23)
33. Oasis "Don't Look Back In Anger" -(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (4:48)
34. Coldplay "Speed Of Sound" -X & Y (4:49)
35. Pearl Jam "I Am Mine" -Rearviewmirror: Greatest HIts 1991-2003 Disc 2 (3:36)
36. Audioslave "Doesn't Remind Me" -Out Of Exile (4:16)
37. The Chemical Brothers "Orange Wedge" -Surrender (3:07)
38. EMF "Unbelieveable" -Schubert Dip (3:28)
39. Inspiral Carpets "Keep The Circle Around" -The John Peel Sessions-V/A (3:32)
40. Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" -Rotten Apples: Greatest Hits (4:17)
41. Muse "Supermassive Black Hole" -Black Holes & Revelations (3:29)
42. Radiohead "Bones" -The Bends (3:11)
43. Nirvana "On A Plain" -Nevermind (3:16)
44. Love And Rockets "No New Tale To Tell" -Earth Sun Moon (3:28)
45. The Raconteurs "Salute Your Solution" -Consolers Of The Lonely (3:00)
46. The White Stripes "Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine" -Elephant (3:18)
47. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Storm In A Teacup" -Stadium Arcadium [Disc2] (3:45)
48. Rihanna "Shut Up & Drive" -Good Girl Gone Bad (3:32)

Time: 2:39:56

UP NEXT: Third Place Match

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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Hardy. I think I've voted for him in every single one of his matches.


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Ali's vote will be manually added as usual.

Her vote here goes to phanan.
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Originally Posted by LemonMelon View Post
Hardy. I think I've voted for him in every single one of his matches.
Hah, same.
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I really liked that hardy included a lot of older artists, but my musical taste overall goes a better with phanan's. Also phanan's has the best ending out of anyone's. Picture-->Ion Square is beautiful.
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Good luck hardy, and remember to contact me (or have Lila do so) if you can't get your vote in on time.
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Hardy ftw.
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Tied, right now.
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Good, I see hardy was able to vote.
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yeah, I just double checked. I thought I'd have to log in and place his vote

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