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View Poll Results: Please vote for the playlist you like the most.
Screwtape2 1 10.00%
Alisaura 9 90.00%
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Desert Island V Album Game: Round 3, Match 7

Please vote for the playlist you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the seventh match of the third round for Interference Desert Island V! The premise of this game is that all of the Interferencers have been stranded on a desert island and we can only take up to 160 minutes of music with us (either as a continuous iPod playlist or two 80 minute CDs or any other format of our choosing). The object is to see which forum member can fit the most musical goodness into these 160 minutes.

For every win, each player will receive three points. If there is a tie, each player gets two points. If a player loses a match but is within three votes of the winner, that player will earn a single point.

At the beginning of each round, I will include the updated standings. Remember, the top two from each group moves on to the quarterfinals.

In Match 3, the tourist got his first win, defeating impy13, 7-5. impy receives a point for finishing within three votes.

For our seventh match, we have Screwtape2 and Alisaura. Below are their playlists.

If you don't know the songs, or wish to hear how each playlist flows, feel free to check out the Desert Island website.

Forum name: Screwtape2

Messages From Earth

Like words on the wind, the silence is broken by what has been carried away and suddenly found. A message in a bottle from an island called Earth. They are the scream, the rapist and the violator. The tortured caught between two worlds. This is a poem without rhyme scattered. A story in pieces told in masks now lost like tears in the rain. It has no meaning. It has no message. It serves no purpose except that in the chance moment that those far from this island called Earth may feel the same thing from the same note and the same sound even if they never understand it. Words like dreams live on in a sound, in a note. These messages from Earth surrender themselves to you.

1. Utopia – “Star Trek Theme”- Demos & Lost Albums (4:04)
2. U2 – “Zooropa” - Zooropa (6:32)
3. Pink Floyd – “On The Run” - Dark Side of The Moon (3:33)
4. Coldplay – “Square One” - X & Y (4:47)
5. NASA – “Greetings/ Whale Greetings” - Murmurs of Earth (4:05)
6. Yes – “Soon” - YesYears (4:06)
7. Coro Yamaguchi – “Cranes In Their Nest” - Murmurs of Earth (5:08)
8. The Hollies – “Wings” - 30th Anniversity Collection (3:01)
9. Colin Turnbull - “Pygmy Girls’ Initiation Song” – Murmurs of Earth (1:01)
10. Robert MacLennan – “Men’s House Song” - Murmurs of Earth (1:26)
11. Todd Rundgren – “In And Out The Chakras We Go (Formerly: Shaft Goes To Outer Space)” - Todd (5:48)
12. Willard Rhodes – “Navajo Night Chant” - Murmurs of Earth (1:01)
13. Peter Gabriel – “Birdy’s Flight” - Birdy (3:03)
14. Sandra LeBrun Holmes – “Morning Star And Devil Bird” - Murmurs of Earth (1:30)
15. Sigur Ros – “Hun Joro” - Von (7:20)
16. Jose Maria Arquedas – “Panpipes and Drum Song” - Murmurs of Earth (0:55)
17. Amanda Palmer – “Astronaut” - Who Killed Amanda Palmer (4:37)
18. Vangelis – “Tears in Rain” - Blade Runner Soundtrack (3:01)
19. Genesis – “Watcher Of The Skies” - Foxtrot (7:23)
20. Kate Bush – “Hello Earth” - Hounds Of Love (6:13)

Total Time: 1:18:29

Forum name: Alisaura


You've been working here for three and a half years. It's the longest you've ever been in the same job. Three and a half years of fixing other people's mistakes, solving other people's problems, cleaning up other people's fuckups, copping other people's shit. Three and a half years of boring, tedious work that you're not remotely interested in, and never were. Three and a half years of
"this will do until I get a better job", or "just until I get back from my holiday".

You're sick of it. You want out. You've had some meltdowns, but that was before you stopped giving a shit. Now you're sick of the apathy, on top of everything else.

And you know things could be worse, and that you have nothing to complain about. But somehow, that doesn't help.

Sometimes it feels like the only thing keeping you sane is music. For a few minutes at a time, you can escape, one way or another. Some tracks can pull you out of your own head and take you away somewhere (pays to be careful of those while driving). Some echo all the crap you keep bottled up... the futile frustration, the smothered violence, the self-indulgent wangst. Some of them are loud enough to drown out all the other noise in your head; and some just have a killer bassline that you can feel resonating in your bones.

However they do it, they allow you to forget, for a while, where you are.


01. U2 - "Beautiful Ghost/Introduction to Songs of Experience" The Joshua Tree [20th Anniversary Bonus CD] (3:57)
02. The Edge - "Rowena's Theme" Captive Soundtrack (3:57)
03. Afro Celt Sound System - "When I Still Needed You" Anatomic (8:17)
04. Jakatta (feat. Seal) - "My Vision" My Vision (single) (7.47)
05. Gotye - "The Only Way" Like Drawing Blood (4:49)
06. The Bloodhound Gang - "Fire Water Burn" One Fierce Beer Coaster (4:52)
07. Iron & Wine - "Woman King" Woman King EP (4:21)
08. Paul Kelly - "Maralinga (Rainy Land)" Gossip (4:00)
09. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "The Mercy Seat" (single edit) The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (5:08)
10. Joy Division - "Twenty Four Hours" Permanent (4.27)
11. Muse - "Showbiz" Showbiz (5:16)
12. My Chemical Romance - "Mama" The Black Parade (4:39)
13. Pearl Jam - "Leash" Vs. (3:09)
14. Linkin Park - "One Step Closer" Hybrid Theory (2:36)
15. The Strokes - "Juicebox" First Impressions of Earth (3:16)
16. Queens of the Stone Age - "No One Knows" Songs For The Deaf (4:39)
17. The Dresden Dolls - "Girl Anachronism" The Dresden Dolls (3:00)

(sub-total = 1:17:58)


18. Walrus - "War!" The End Of The Earth Show EP (4:22)
19. The Cranberries - "Zombie" No Need To Argue (5:07)
20. Silverchair - "Israel's Son" Frogstomp (5:19)
21. The Faint - "I Disappear" Wet From Birth (4:07)
22. Butthole Surfers - "Pepper" Electriclarryland (4:39)
23. Dallas Crane - "No Through Road" No Through Road EP (3:30)
24. Crowded House - "Four Seasons In One Day" Woodface (2:48)
25. Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" The Bends (4:12)
26. Tool - "Lateralus" Lateralus (9:24)
27. Eric Serra - "Koolen" The Fifth Element soundtrack (0:55)
28. Bright Eyes - "One Foot In Front Of The Other" Saddle Creek 50 (5:17)
29. Youth Group - "Daisychains" Casino Twilight Dogs (4:22)
30. Modest Mouse - "Float On" Good News For People Who Love Bad News (3:30)
31. INXS - "Elegantly Wasted" Elegantly Wasted (4:34)
32. Boom Crash Opera - "Dancing In The Storm" These Here Are Crazy Times (4:15)
33. Fleetwood Mac - "Big Love" Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (2:48)
34. John Butler - "Ocean" One Small Step (9:53)

(sub-total = 1:18:54)

Grand Total = 2:36:52

UP NEXT: RegularBonoFan vs. bono_212

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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Yup, Ali.
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I'm not big on either list, to be honest. However, Ali wins by a fair margin because her list has some great songs, and Screwtape2's list is easily his worst to date.

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Ali all the way
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Ali's list is pretty enjoyable. Screw's is the worst list anybody's submitted since DI I. No contest.

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