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Originally Posted by Von Schloopen View Post
were they tight? I've been told this band isn't tight.
Are you mocking me?

Because it sure looks like it.

I saw Sugar several times on the Beaster and FU:EL tour and they were ferocious, a force to be reckoned with. So forgive me for not thinking Bob's current band doesn't fully measure up.

If you didn't have the opportunity to see them back then, there's an official live show that comes as part of the 2-disc edition of Besides which attests to their prowess.

The liner notes from Besides included this little gem of a description from Chicago music critic Greg Kot:

First thing you notice about SUGAR in concert is the look and I don't mean their fashion sense. It's a look that says "Your wake call has arrived." SUGAR do not take requests. SUGAR do not banter with their audience. SUGAR are not cute. Bob Mould, Dave Barbe, and Malcolm Travis are a glowering juggernaut, and for the next 90 minutes or so, they will be the best rock band in the world.

Travis is crunched over his hi-hat laying down beats with pitiless precision. Barbe is jumping out of his skin wrestling with his bass, while blowing his veins in his neck singing harmonies over the din. And Mould tries to reconcile the eloquence and clarity of his lyrics with the distorted, blinding chaos of his guitar-playing. Melodies are swallowed up in noise, tunefulness extracted from feedback, beauty torn from violence. The music seems to consume the band as they perform it, each precious note extracted a toll until all that is left is glassy-eyed exhaustion.

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Laz -

i finally got my hands on the deluxe reissue and have been giving that live disc a few spins. WOW. highlight for me has gotta be that scorching performance of "Tilted". I can't believe they could pull that off!

unfortunately, i didn't get to see Sugar back in the day, so my only points of reference are random youtube tracks and this live release and what I witnessed on friday night. and what i witnessed was totally badass. i'm so glad i went.

my lady and i were debating before the show - i made some comments about how the major shortcoming of our summer festival season (PFork and Lolla) was a distinct lack of tight, tastefully arranged, simple rock bands. the festivals were spilling over with laptops and synthesized music. not that i have anything against that, just that with the rise in the availability of new technologies to create music the art of the 3 or 4 piece band might be getting lost in the shuffle. and when it's done well, it sticks out like a glorious sore thumb. (as an example, Superchunk - of whom i'm not really a big fan - performed at Pitchfork a year ago, delivered hooks and rhythmic explosions in spades, and were a highlight of the festival, even for a guy who doesn't know any songs by name). regardless, she didn't necessarily agree with my overall point.

then we watched Bob and co. rip through their set and she said: "I see what you mean".

Point is, they put on a fantastic show. Its power trio to the max - they make a ton of noise for just 3 guys, were always on the same page, and create so many melodic lines and counterlines above the roar of their 3 core instruments. If you get a chance to see them (i went on a lark), i'd recommend it - i have a feeling you'd be happy with the decision. for what it's worth, they absolutely TORE through new track "Keep Believing". While that tune is no "Tilted", it's the closest thing Bob currently has, and it's pretty special in it's own right. be good.

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Sounds good. And I really regret not seeing Superchunk over the last couple years, because I thought Majesty Shredding was some real standout power pop.
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Do the Sugar remasters sound good? Because the originals sound fine to me.

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