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Originally posted by melon
Oh for God's sake. It's an exercise, not a religion!

Are you doing yoga to worship pagan deities? No? Then what are you worried about?

God isn't some dumb autocrat; he reads your mind, remember? He knows perfectly well that you're doing yoga for the exercise, so who cares what anyone else thinks of it? If they are doing it for the paganism--which I don't know many people who actually do--then let them deal with it conscience-wise. Out of many of the exercises I have read about, none matches the effectiveness of yoga, and, IMO, you would be foolish to stop it.

Some Christians just love to sap all the fun out of everything, and they get some sick pleasure on giving people guilt trips--which is precisely the purpose of the very unbalanced website. Shame on them, not you.

well, it's more than an exercise, actually. it's a WAY to reach spiritual (in a physical sense) ecstasy. Just ask Sting, the guru of yoga as a way to sexual pleasure and fitness! Or Madonna, she did do a fine movie as a yoga instructor...while i, myself, gave it up after trouble with proper breathing during contortions that only caused giggles...just not cut out for that kind of stretching! i would recommend some other form of recreation, such as swimming, step aerobics or biking, all just as exhilarating, and less contortions! Your sex may suffer, though, but what a small price to pay for a better spiritual relationship with JESUS!

drop the yoga, let god be your co-pilot! LOL, i know what Sting said, but SOULS can be sold!

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