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the internet has a saint?

My good friend David from Memphis told me this was the case, if i remember, the saint is St. Isadore.

Can any Catholics confirm this? Is there a saint looking over all this cacaphony and crossfire, or are we supposed to pray to "her" and ask for deliverance from the pit of writer's block, or confused answers to perplexing problems?

This possiblity is eating away at my Christian soul, the very think i come HERE, to be with fellow fans, to quench and refine...what is a girl to do, who never does go to confessionals, anyway?

And, does this bother anybody, of course i am just curious

having not really done anything wrong, you know

yikes! mother mary, please save the orphans of Africa, please help Bono, please leave the broke fans of irish bands in warm but not too sticky places...

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I don't think they have anyone yet. The Vatican was pondering the issue, but didn't decide on one yet.

And I think you are being terribly melodramatic on this issue. There are patron saints for everything. I wouldn't worry about a patron saint terrorizing you while you're surfing.


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Old 03-10-2003, 12:32 PM   #3
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i am not terrorized, but i *am* haunted, because, as a Presbyterian, we try to avoid saints, even if they are patronizing...we believe, as you know, that all Christians who believe and follow Christ ARE saints, so we really do not need patron saints telling us what to do and how to do it, or go confess and say Hail Mary three or eight times...i'm sorry, it just "gets my goat" and i want this catholic universalism stopped immediately, if it is going on without me knowing about it!

hope that makes sense, i know coming from a catholic background, you can't imagine life without a huge cadre of saints from through the ages, representing different causes, like Jude, the one for lost causes, which this internet may be, don't you think?

Please, God, don't put anyone in charge of this vast web of communication, it is confusing enough as it is! Thank you, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

brought to you by the letter J and the number 4. (in my private arcana, with swords and one rod, heavy, made of brass or copper or something.... )
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As I fail to see what possible good could come of this and also because I am distinctly uncomfortable with mocking other forms of Christian expression, ie. Catholocism, I am closing this thread. Please feel free to disagree with my decision, contact me directly and/or to repeat the thread in FYM, but I don't feel it is appropriate to GIS. Thanks.

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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