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Tebow, Bono, & Jesus

Thought I'd mention this piece that we published on the webzine over in this forum:

Tebow, Bono, & Jesus - U2 Interference

Stand up to rock stars!
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I saw that on Facebook. It's a very good essay!

I had thought before that Tim Tebow is kind of in a similar position that U2 were in during the 80s, as regards the public's criticisms of them being too pious or "Oh, look at Bono, he thinks he's God" and all that. It's not exactly the same situation, but it's kind of similar, in that Tebow is taking flak for wearing his heart on his sleeve, like U2 have (especially Bono) off and on for years. It's all very interesting.

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Weren't they called "too serious" in the 80's after the Joshua Tree? They were/are believers but there was always a mystery about it. Remember? They did not want to be pigeoned holed into being labelled a "Christian" band and they ran from all comparisons. I don't remember and maybe I am mistaken, anybody calling Bono "God" during that time but I do remember the messianic complex comments after THE FLY character showed up in the 90's.
Tebow to me seems like a nice guy and I am sure he is great, but as a believer myself I find it really uncomfortable when people feel the need to flaunt their faith in public like that. Why can't he do that in the locker room? Pray with your team mates... that's fantastic I get it, but it just bugs me when he does it alone on the field. It's like he is showing off his religious side....for the crowd, not for himself and his relationship with God. To me that's a very personal private thing. If you want to make a display in public, go to church.
IMO Bono does not do that. Ok, once he kneeled and rapped a prayer before Streets, but nobody could hear him until it was disected later. That's not showing off, that was his heart pouring out in proper context, in the moment connecting with the message in his music which everybody in the audience was there to hear. To me that added to the concert, it's not grandstanding, or shouting, hey look at me ... I believe in GOD! Aren't I great??
Bono walks the talk and sometimes sings it, but there is a huge difference there to me. Tebow's displays feel somehow ( and they may not be..but it feels like this to me) phoney. I am not saying he is a bad guy, I am sure he does lots of great things and means well, but this just bugs me.
Bono is the real deal, and he is humble in his faith and does not feel the need to flaunt it. He even wears his rosaries INSIDE his shirt. I love that about him.
Just my 2 cents. Peace!
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