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Rebirth Question

I'm curious about something. When did you guys become Christians? I mean, can you remember when it was that you decided to accept Christ's forgiveness because of the cross and follow him as Savior and Lord? I'd like to hear your story!

I was born again when I was 12...the summer of 1979. That was also the summer I got boils and stayed most of the summer in bed. It was awful. However, I wonder if the fact that I was laid up helped contribute to my salvation. It certainly gave me lots of time to think.

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For me i'd say it's still a progress in work

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Great question!
I had to really contemplate this – not being “born again” so much as the very *foundations* of my until-then closet Christianity – when I applied for seminary and they wanted an autobiography. So for me, it kinda looks like this:
Evangelical family, Sunday school and all that; I very earnestly asked Jesus “into my heart” when I was about 11 – comprehending nothing of real forgiveness at that age, but simply wanting Jesus to use me, to lead my life and make it … sunnier, somehow.

I think I responded to Springsteen so strongly when I first heard him, because he invokes God in his art so very intensely, with a kind of desperation for redemption (Adam Raised a Cain, indeed!) – I related to that at 17. That’s when I recognized how God may speak through the arts.

About twelve years later, I was renewed in my love for Christ when I got quite ill – sudden and undiagnosed asthma, and believe me: when breathing itself is a struggle, you think a lot about God … I was reading an anthology of the letters of Van Gogh: a “failed” preacher, a late-blooming artist (same age as me at the time), and a self-confessed “ecstatic” personality. I really identified with that, and with his passion for God. During that period, I came to Christ in a deeply personal, emotional way … he approached my bedside, his love for me touched me profoundly, and my love for him quite took me by surprise, actually … It was almost unnerving. But my “attachment” to him, forged at that time, has never waned.

I guess I came to be born in him again, in a more mature way, when I finally was called to ministry. That time, it was like a betrothal, and I was just that giddy. With each phase in my relationship with Christ, I apprehend him more deeply, with greater awe and abject humility. Now I understand forgiveness – grace – and it makes me weak with gratitude and the desire to be his completely, to be used as he will.

Amen, brothers and sisters.
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