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missed y'all!

Hey all!
It's been waaaay too long since I hung around here (haven't yet replaced my crashed computer), but now I'm on vacation, and I plan to loiter here on this computer as much as I can! Just wanted to say I miss this place, and say hullo to those who know me (a toast to you, Chris; and mebythesea, *sorry* I dropped out of sight so abruptly. I gotta write you!), and say I need this U2-fix in a major way.

Now I'm gonna scroll back through stuff and see how everybody's doing. Me, I'm in love, I'm moving, and I start theology school in September. God is good. Blessings, all. (and a {hug} for hippy, just because. )

Deb D

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hey Deb,

great to have you back as well. This place actually needs some livening up...I've been rather busy with summer school, but am hoping to come up with some new topics for discussion soon. So feel free to jump in and start posting! The place needs some waking up.

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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DEB!!!!! I was starting to wonder where you were! Though I haven't posted in awhile around here (except for last night )! *hugs* to you too!!! Sula's right, there hasn't been much going on around here lately...I've been reading even though I haven't been posting a lot. I also have some ideas about things to discuss...I'll have to formulate them into coherent thoughts before I post them, but they are forthcoming...

And Deb, what's this about being in love and moving????!!!!! You must tell me more! I'm online most nights around 10 pm (eastern time) every night. I would love to talk to you! In any case I want to wish you lots of luck and love in whatever is going on right now. Sounds like you are really doing well!

Peace and Love!
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Email or PM me (kim@interference.com) if you're interested.
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Re: missed y'all!

Originally posted by truecoloursfly
I start theology school in September.


This would be a lottery-money pursuit of mine (one of many involving mass quantities of higher education). Tell us more, please.
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The Goal Is Soul
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Hey Deb...I've already expressed to you how you have been missed in this forum, and in Interference for that matter. But oh to find love, and for that love to be true...you are a very fortunate women, and very deserving of such a gift. Please let us know in here, or email me and let me know of all your plans for the fall...sounds like everything is falling into place for you...Awesome.

"The truth is when that singer is saying something that comes from right down within him, and it affects you right down within you. That's when you start talking about great music, as distinct from nice music." -- Bono
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thanks for askin'...

hey, nice to hear from you guys.
sula, when are you leaving with the Peace Corps?? I wasn't sure you'd be around! 'Scuse me while I scroll around to find out what you're studying...
It's been some year: Somebody up there changed the movie I'm in, and I'm just trying to keep up with the plot, you know? I was at a union conference back in May, and approached the Communications guy about contributing some writing. He's a cool guy, social activist, experienced in the labour movement, writer... and he's the guy I'm moving in with. Hey, when it's real, it's real, you know? I don't dither with that stuff.
The week after the conference, I got my acceptance to the School of Theology -- even though I knew in my heart I'd get into the Master's program (I don't have an undergrad degree), well, I just needed confirmation that God sent the School the same message. My guy is utterly supportive of my plans for ministry, even though he isn't a churchgoer; we even found a big apartment right on campus! Even as life got richer, it's getting simpler. Now I'm less financially constrained, I can work less than I thought I'd have to...
I'm splitting my First Year into two years, partly so that I can eeeease my way back into academia after 17 years, and partly because I need to earn money as I go. And because the blend of the working life and theology is key to my personal philosophy and to my ministry as I envision it.

Funny thing about finding my mate at this auspicious time... When I heard the Call back in January, after the initial shock of recognition, I was like a woman in love -- I'd found my Spouse at last, accepted His proposal, as it were, and my life was like a sea of joy. Every day I was listening to Everlasting Love (often on repeat, I confess), celebrating my new life along with Bono's giddy shout-outs. I've been single for three years, feeling out my true heart, and in "coming out" as a servant of Christ, I found it.

Then I met Tom. It's as if I finally found my place in my community, turned from inward contemplation to outward service in the world, and found a partner there to join me. He's a profoundly compassionate man, and teaches me (although he avers) by his example...rather as Bono has, actually: by "becoming the change you want to see in the world." And for all of this, I am not rocked by these wholesale changes in my life, because Christ is my rock, and in him, nothing changes -- nothing more than the clothes on my back or the seasons outside.

I am much blessed. Just as Bono got to thank Eugene Peterson, so someday I will get to thank Bono. Hopefully across a conference table at some global gathering of church activists, amen.

reclining in the East Coast sunshine,
Deb D
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Hi Deb! How wonderful to see you around again. And congratulations on your good year and good news. It is uplifting to read messages like yours. I think often of the gorgeous picture you shared with me- so thanks. Keep us updated- I'd love to hear about your studies when you get a free chance. (free 'help' on your homework ) take care!


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