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Ecclesiastes 1:18

Ecclesiastes 1:18

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow

It makes me think that wisdom and knowledge is, in fact, a "chasing of the wind."

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In posting this, I refer to U2's evolution of faith over the years. Do you think Bono's wisdom and compassion comes at a great price?

He has seen much, much more in life than you or I will ever experience or witness. Do you think he carries a burden at a great emotional expense?

We follow U2, not just for their great music, but because we feel like they carry our generations voice, COMPASSION. Resolve is not so much a cliche, as it is a destination.

As I grow older in years and wisdom, I long for the days when I was younger and ignorance was my strength. Not a care in the world. Politics seemed innocent. As the years go by, the more cynical I grow. Distrust begins to envelop my very existence. How has Bono managed to rise above the cynicisim and hope for an extraordinary future?

Maybe he believes in a Jesus full of compassion and hope. Maybe it's due to a Jesus that "believes" in a human race that refuses to abandon each other. A people that accepts people for their character, not their behavior.

I have to admit. I have lost hope in humanity. It is beyond my comprehension why people continue to oppress and suppress others due to narrow ideologies and lack of compassion. Why can't we walk a mile in other people's shoes? Why do we use government to further suppress and apply the moral convictions of some citizens on others?

Why do we continue to be offended by the opinions of others, when all the while, Bono is out there fighting the good fight, for the best interest of humanity. Instead, we SIT around and point the finger and accuse others of this or that, while we are left holding the worst of offenses. Intolerance

When a great man like Bono is too involved with action to judge others, he stands as a testimony of why we should never point the finger at another person. We should be too busy reaching out to others to even think about pulling the plank out of someone else's eye.

U2 continues to carry our generation's voice. Tolerance and compassion

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I wish, so often, that I was still young enough not to be hurt by so much. That I didn't know so much. When I didn't have to be right, didn't have to distrust, could simply listen and assume that everyone older than me was smarter and more right than I was.

That's not the case. And it's hard to come to terms with.

Knowledge does increase sorrow.
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Or as Bono said, "You sacrifice your innocence for experience". That's not necessarily a bad thing; it depends in what you choose to do about it.
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I can't remember where I heard Bono talking about still holding on to a little of his inncocence and being naive at times but it is what allows him to believe that things will get better .. wish I could find it but anyway..

He I am sure often gets angry and mad an hurt and I am sure times he just wants to lash out I think it is that knowledge and the anger that fuels him to be the change he wants to see.

In the interview at Much Music Bono mentioned that he would have dinner with the devil if he thought that would make a differnce. I think he has met some pretty dodgey characters over the years. His wisdom has clued him into knowing the differnce

I really think Bono beleives in the human spirit and I think it is that which keeps him going .. you can chose love or you can chose hate .. Bono has chose to believe in love and the power it posses maybe thats just the trick.

You can't let the evil you see over come your belief in the good..

I somehow think if Bono had to chose between being naive and being cynical .. he would chose.. naive but he would be smart about it
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