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Old 04-18-2008, 08:06 AM   #1
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Uno, una or neither?

hey guys, im thinking about getting a tattoo done and well im thinking of getting One and then a mirror image of that being the spanish word for One but i'm unsure as to which one fits - uno or una and whether either of them are actually right for my meaning. Little help??

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"uno" would be masculine (and as may you know spanish is sort of machist in its use, so it is its most usual variant of the word) and "una" would be feminine (used particularly to name one femenine specimen of a given thing)
for a plural use , use "uno".

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Old 04-22-2008, 01:17 PM   #3
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If "one" is a numeral, it is translated into Spanish as "uno", as numbers in Spanish have no gender.
It's different when you can replace it in English by "a" or "an", in this case we're talking of a determinant and it depends on the word coming after it, if it is a word with feminine gender you translate "una" (a house = una casa), if it is masculine you say "un" ( a man = un hombre; a bridge = un puente).
"One" can also be a pronoun, in this case it depends on the gender of the noun it is replacing ( I've got a house, but I want to buy a new one = tengo una casa, pero quiero comprar "una" nueva).
"Unos/unas" is the plural form, but they are both related to the English word "some".

In the song "One" is a numeral, "we are one, but not the same" the translation should be "uno" meaning "one unit".
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