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U2 plays my back yard

Not sure if this is the right place for this but I had a most interesting U2 dream last night. I must be getting excited for the concert in less than three weeks. U2 was playing in my back yard. I think there may have been a few other people besides myself and one or two family members around, but certainly not many. FOr some strange reason, I was hanging around inside in the kitchen looking out to the back yard--I think there was something I had to do inside and I knew I was missing some of the show, but the most important thing was to get outside when they played Streets. Then--you guessed it--they started playing Streets! I ran outside and danced around. This part is hazy but I think I climbed on the fence in my joy and broke it or something, and either Bono or my dad got kind of mad at me The really strange part was at the end when Bono was driving away in a car and I discovered he was a woman. Unless it was another person who was a woman (blond, incidentally) and I just got her confused with Bono. That does seem strange, doesn't it.

Any comments on my state of mind?

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hmm, sounds like you are perfectly normal actually. the mind has a strange way of twisting images 'back there' in the subconscious. There may be things about Bono's personna that you equate to someone in your life and that probably explains the final bit. I like the fact that you actually ran out there when they played 'streets', shows how much the song really means to you, keep sharing them dreams scatteroflight...

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cool dream. don't we all wish U2 would play in our backyards???

Reminded me of a U2 dream I had last week. I was playing in this band, and we were playing this little club. So we went over in the afternoon to soundcheck. Now I was the guitarist, but we were sitting around jamming and talking, and I picked up the bass and started playing the New Year's Day bass riff, and Adam was suddenly sitting there with the band smiling like "cool man, real cool". So I thought I'd be funny and did a U2-meets-Metalica thing with the riff, and made a comment to that effect as I finished my little jam and everyone was laughing, esp. Adam, who was just about busting his gut from laughing so hard. And yes, I was butchering the poor riff to death!

And then I woke up....laughing
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