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Motel Blues 24

"Motel Blues 24"

In a familiar bar he waits after hours
For her to bring him more dead flowers
He dosen't know if its the smoke or the cheap perfume
That sends his eyes spinning around this room

Looks down at his glass, needs a refill
Last call's been called and he just sits still
The conversation with himself has run dry
The band's playing the same old tune and he's so high

Cause when the traveler comes passing through here
He ain't just stopping in for a beer
His check out time was last January
I guess he accidently kept the key

Stands and stumbles out of his broken chair
Hard to find his way through this motionless air
Sees the Men's Room and he opens up the door
Finds that stall where he's been before

Tonight the walls read the same new sign
It says, "Call after midnight for a good time"
Jots down the digits in his old black book
Rings but no answer, once again they played a joke

He thought he was coming here
For a pit stop and a sip of beer
For now he stares at the statue of Jesus & Mary
Holding onto his bottle of whiskey

Bar to the bar and he's looking in the mirror
Sees his eyes getting just a little clearer
And for a flash he's the boy he used to be
Before she wrote that note and left him on the street

Feels over his shoulder that girl from 10th Avenue
She's wearing the short dress and those high heels for shoes
She asks so slowly, "Hey, how ya been?"
"And oh, are you ready to go back to the room and commit that faithful sin?"

Without saying a word he rises from the stool
Eyes on the exit sign, his hands pushing through
Heart is pounding and his blood running fast
Takes one look at himself and one last gasp

Kick, smash through the window
One step and off he goes
The storm is raging out here
And in the wind & rain he disappears

That girl is still there staring down
At the key he accidently dropped on the ground...

-This one is Bob Dylan influenced. You know, long and wordy.

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it definitely feels like a song tackleberry
it'd be great to hear it as one
u dont sing and write music too do ya? hehe

the opening stanza is great, i especially like the part about the dead flowers.

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Thanks for the reply. In fact it is a song. Guitar folky kind of thing. Its sort of darkish because I was listening to Bob Dylan's album "Time Out of MInd" and reading "Waiting for Godot" whilst in the middle of writing this song.
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