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Old 05-01-2002, 07:13 PM   #46
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Originally posted by Diemen:

(that's honestly one thing that still blows me mind. mbi: I'm going to be working in Dublin for a summer. Stormy: Gasp - she's stalking the band! -- uh, wtf? Where the hell did that connection come from?)
I know trust me I know...I put the message up before going to sleep and I checked e-mail notification cause I honestly didn't expect that many replies. I woke up this morning to find my mailbox overflowing with notifications. I was completely dumbfounded to see what had become of some simple honest questions. Oh well...to each his own.

kobayashi, my other unsung hero, many thanks. And thanks to all my pleba sisters, you gals are the best. And just everyone that replied with support it's impossible to name everyone.

Daisy I can for sure make some room in my suitcase, and I do want everyone to know that when I get a place, and this will happen, you're all welcome to crash if you're ever in town, be it LA, Dublin, Miami, or São Paulo.

*bets money Stormy will call this a lame attempt at self-promotion* Oh well, don't forget to e-mail me your address so I can send you Bono's hair after me and MVD are done clipping it.

This is the last of me you'll hear on this subject, I am too busy looking for a place and e-mailing resumes.

Marina Chapman

Long live the lemon!!!

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ONE<br>love, blood, life
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Originally posted by Sicy:
Once again, I'm always questioned no matter what I do. Bleh.
Sicy, why are you doing this?

Anyway, right on! lol

The whole wide world feels like a shrine to the worker bees, who stole it from God anyhow.
Lay it down, child
Lay it down, child
And walk into this room all made with love for you...

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
Although Im sure theres probably more of it in PLEBA too lol
Yep.. lol.

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Ok I guess I should apologize for my above statement regarding leavig the thread open.

I should not be stooping to others' childish levels, although I just felt like Stormy was really in the wrong here and this isnt the first time she has caused a stir. Starting with the whole stupid thing about the MacPhisto status... leading to the whole deal in pleba and now recently all this.

Sorry Stormy but I just was feeling a little fed up with your posting habits, as others have as well. I shouldnt ask people to flame you, but it was a spur of the moment feeling. You should expect that it is going to happen, and you even say "ok I'm going to get flamed for this but.. " Its like you enjoy it.. so that's why I said what I did. You know you're going to get flamed, yet you dont seem to mind telling people exactly how you feel. I am the same way.

Any more final thoughts? Cuz I'm about to close this one too.

Sexy poshin' sugar snarlin' rock and roll ...

My Lair
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The Flower
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Close it.
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Please close it, Sicy... This thread is just a ridiculous copy of that one in EYKIW.

(I didn't have a chance to say this in the original thread, so I'm saying this here instead. Good luck and enjoy your time in Dublin, Marina! )

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close it sicy.
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Originally posted by Bono's American Wife:
Close it.
Yes, I think everyone has said what they wanted to say.....

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Originally posted by *Stormy*:
Now I know I'm not the crazy one.

I really do feel sorry for U2, honestly I do, because I know how much they valued their peace and privacy and ability to live freely in Dublin the way other stars can't in other places, and I hope that isn't spoiled for them.

No one said you're crazy.

But i do think it's a bit too much to just assume that everyone who moves to Dublin does it because of U2.

EVERYONE knows (U2 included) there's "normal" fans and there's obsessed fans (i think we all agree it's not apropriate to take the "fan" thing overboard. that's why a celebrity gets alarms and security around the house if necessary) - it's a price to pay along with loss of privacy to some extent. I'm sure U2 has managed and got used to it over the years. Like i said, i don't think that they can walk around all over Dublin just like that anyway.
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Originally posted by U2girl:
No one said you're crazy.

But i do think it's a bit too much to just assume that everyone who moves to Dublin does it because of U2.

Exactly. There is more to life than U2, even in Dublin. And I'm sure these people realize that.

I personally think that way too much attention and controversy has been created over this. Time to let it go, Stormy.
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Originally posted by *Stormy*:
All I will say is that I have discussed this privately with people who have no connection to this board, and they have said what is 'scary' is the fact that people would move from all over the world to 'make a new life for themselves' in a place because a rock band lives there. They also agreed that the constant hounding of the band will only cause them to tighten their security and/or move, and that is sad. The people told me the things I speculated on were 'common sense' and blurted them out before I ever even finished. It's nice to talk to someone who has no emotional attachment to the board or any of its posters. Now I know I'm not the crazy one.
Well of course these people would agree with you, since their only knowledge of this person is through your obviously biased opinion. So in other words, you discussed this with people who don't have a clue about this person moving to Dublin (and you obviously don't either), and you gave them a misinformed opinion to go on by insinuating that the main reason this person is moving to Dublin is to stalk U2. Most common sense people would agree with you if the only thing they knew about the person was that they were going to Dublin to stalk U2. But the fact is, that is your opinion only, and from all accounts here, a very misinformed and petty opinion.

And if "constant hounding" is indeed what this person is going to do, well then yes, that would be a shame. But I find it extremely petty, immature and unfair to claim that the only thing this person is going to be doing in Dublin is following around U2. You do not just uproot your life and move somewhere simply because you want access to a band. It might be a nice perk to live in the same city as U2, but people still have to make a living and live their own life. And I seem to remember her starting the thread saying she was going there for a summer only, and to WORK. Not some little move just to stalk the band, but to work. Unless you're paranoid and delusional enough to think that the job and getting and apartment and all that is just a front for her ulterior motive of hounding the band until they beef up security.

Here's my theory: you're just plain jealous that this person has the opportunity to move to Dublin and is actually following through on it. It bugs you to no end that someone who has already met U2 has the chance to live in the same city for a while. It's just not fair (boo hoo). So in order to make yourself feel a little better, you've convinced yourself that this person is moving for petty reasons, only to stalk the band, and golly-gee-gosh, that's just terrible for U2, so aren't you doing us all a service by informing us of how wrong that is?

What other people do with their lives - especially on such a controversial level as *gasp* moving to a new city - is both none of your business and also very little grounds for you to bitch and moan. Get a life.

*Edited to include more factual data on mbi - and a little more ranting *

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Verry well said Diemen!! I agree 100%!

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somewhere else instead..
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