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Old 12-11-2001, 03:26 AM   #1
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I don't wanna go back to work.....

Okay so I've been laid off for nearly 2 months now. I am turning into a SLUG (don't wanna be a...). I'm staying up all night, sleeping very late during the day (till 1 or 2 PM!), I have NO motivation whatsoever, I stopped walking/exercising, I have no job prospects, no networking, no idea what I want to do "when I grow up," and y'know what? I just don't care. I know I have to find a job soon, because the money WILL run out eventually, but....I just don't want to. This makes me feel very guilty and damn worthless.

Oh...not to mention I spend a hours every day on Interference, GAAAHHH!!! Sigh...I used to be so much FUN!!!

Anyone else ever felt like this?? (sorry April, I know you don't!)


p.s. thanks to sicy

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Old 12-11-2001, 12:58 PM   #2
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Disco!!! You naughty girl!

Tell you the truth though, I have had bouts of unemployment where I've been like that...I probably would be like that right now if it weren't for the fact I have practically no money and I have a lease that's running out on my car at the end of Febuary. Blargh...

Get to workin', girl!

"I sometimes get the odd twinge that I wouldn't mind playing lead guitar, just like a couple of notes, but that's about as near as I would want to get to the front." -Larry

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The whole employment thing is very depressing isn't it? Damned if you do, and damned if you dont.

You looking for work? The hard bit is finding motivation. Not necessairly actually finding a job. If you're like me, desparation is what gets you off your arse and moving again. I dont really have anything to add, but I feel for ya. Work is a major thorn in my side and has been ever since I quit an incredible job about 18 months ago. And all because I hated the team I was forced to endure day in day out. They were Indian, every single one of them, and that was not a problem at all, but they DID NOT speak in English. And I mean never. I would have senior management saying to me "Angie, you dont communicate with the team do you?" "Well, no fucking shit Sherlock! Teach me Hindi and I will!" Argh. Sorry to vent in your thread. Its something I've actually been denying for too long now.

I want my old job back.
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I had the same experience last February. I just stopped doing homework (this is when I didn't have a job, but hey who needs a job as a junior in high school?). When my teachers would ask for it I would go on and on about how it was my conscious decision NOT to do work. But March rolled around and I got out of my slump of laziness/bitterness (which is, of course, not to say I'm not STILL bitter) and everything cleared up and made sense. Time will help ease your pain, but you need to start acting on it. Especially with the economy as it is. Just remember, "It's just a moment, this time will pass." See, isn't U2 great?

Go lightly down your darkened way.
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