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Old 11-07-2008, 10:27 PM   #1
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your worst injury?

So while i'm sitting here in my bed eating jello and flirting with the nurse (shes 25, she pretty cute) what have you broken sprained, pulled, or ouched?

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I have had a broken right pinky finger for almost eleven years, and have yet to get it fixed. I cannot straighten it completely, play piano with it, or type with it. Other than that, it's fine.

My parents didn't think it was broken, then it got more and more crooked as I got older, but since I can still use it normally for the most part, no one really cares.

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I broke a bone in my left hand crashing my car several years ago.
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I have some weird joint/arthritis injuries currently, but as far as pain and such, I'd say pinching my nerve in my lower back. I never got to tumble or vault for gymnastics after that and was in pain for over a year. Second to that would be a toe injury from gymnastics. Scariest would be a slip off bars onto my head/neck, but nothing came of it other that being VERY stiff for a few days and fuzzy for a few minutes.
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i guess fracturing my knee. that really hurt.
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khan wanna take this one?

Well, I got attacked by a pit bull when I was 7, I broke my thumb that same year, I've broken both of my pinkies somewhere along the way,and ....

I feel like I'm forgetting something...

...oh that's right. So I fell out of a tree and cracked my skull open on a stump when I was five. That was a fun one.
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Originally Posted by bono_212 View Post

khan wanna take this one?

oh, in addition to my knee fracture, i also had a concussion...not really painful at the time of, but all the side effects from it were terrible. the headache and the nausea the day of, and then the horrible concussion headache i got days later. i still say that day i had the concussion headache is the most pain i've ever been in.

also my recent foot problems. the time i got the left surgery done and was still recovering from the right was rough. painful.

then of course i broke my arm when i was a kid but it was a very minor break (didn't even require a cast) and i don't really remember much of it so yay me.
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I broke my collar bone 3 times 3 years in a row.

More painful than that wasn't an injury - meningitis, FTL.
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I got 8 stitches in my chin when I was 9(?), getting out of a pool, slipped and banged my chin on the side. Sprained, twisted, strained plenty of fingers, ankles and knees playing basketball and volleyball.

My worst injury though happened about 3 years ago at work. I had a few coworkers helping me move some warehouse racking crossbeams (10' long, 50ish pounds each) around, and there was one about 7 feet up that we were going to lift out, but before we were all ready one of the coworkers lifted one end and the whole thing popped out, and the (rather sharp) edge came down directly above my knee. The cut was small but went down to the muscle, and was just about an inch away from shattering the kneecap. Luckily it only took 7 stitches to sew up, but it took me a good 6 months before my leg was totally healed and didn't ache if I stood or was in the car for too long.

Looking back, I'm shocked I didn't break anything riding my bike as a kid. I took plenty of spills, most of them without a helmet on, and the worst I ever came away with was some nasty road rash.
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When I was 10-ish we went to a look-out on the top of a hill. My Mum warned me not to walk on the edge of the path or I'd slip and hurt myself. Instead I walked right in the middle of the gravel path and tripped on a stone. I put my hands out but took most of the impact on my face. No broken bones but I did have wicked gravel rash on the entire right side of my face. I still have some scars 20 years later.
I tell people I fell down a mountain.
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I've spilled too much blood to count....
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When I was about 6 one of my brother's threw a rusted circular saw blade. Just as he told me to duck I was turning around so I got hit right in the face with it. The cut started near my left eye and went all the way down to my lip. Amazingly had no stitches and only ended up with a small scar near my lip.

One another time I pulled something in my knee when I was running and tripped over a rock. Knee was pretty stiff and hurt a lot for a few days but then it cleared up.
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I love these stories!

I once was climbing a tree, and had a race with my younger brother to see who could get to the top first. I was having trouble grasping branches near the top of the tree, when all of a sudden one of the ones I was standing on snapped, and I fell. I landed on my tailbone on a rock. That was pretty damn painful.

Another time, I was running on a gravel road and tripped on something, and landed on a very sharp rock, splitting my knee open. Gross.

I was in a horrible car accident once. I was a passenger in a friend's car, and it was a dark and wet night. She could see in her rearview mirror that some guy was barreling down towards us and started screaming, because she knew he wouldn't be able to stop in time. I, being the idiot that I was, turned around to see what was happening, and the guy smashed into us while my body was turned. I couldn't move, and the paramedics were worried I had broken my back, which wasn't the case, thankfully. Lets just say I had major back problems after that. My roommate called me Gimpy, because I could barely walk for weeks.

I was using a roommates kettle that I'd never used before to make a pot of tea. The water was boiling, and I picked the kettle up and went to pour out the water. I hadn't put the lid on all the way, and didn't notice, so the lid fell off. Boiling hot water and steam fell all over my hand, and I got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my fingers. I got my hand onto ice right away, and went to the hospital as soon as I could. Luckily it was a slow night in the ER, so I got treated fairly fast. Thankfully I have no visible scars, which is pretty incredible. My fingers do ache at times, especially when I'm very cold, but that's not a big deal.
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Old 11-08-2008, 01:21 AM   #14
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Slipped at school which tore that bit on skin under the top lip that's attatched to the gum and knocked my teeth back.

And banged my nose into my know whilst wrestling with my brother. Can still feel the bump along the bridge of my nose.
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broken ankle-undiagnosed due to poor military hospitals it went uncast for 2 weeks because the xray machine wasn't working properly. Took forever to heal once I was referred to an orthopedic specialist.

separated symphysis- don't ask

broken tailbone-you can't set those so it still moves when I sit wrong. Doesn't really hurt anymore though

broken tooth, don't know if that counts

none of those were fun but shingles was by far the most excruciating as far as pain goes.

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