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Old 03-21-2010, 07:03 AM   #1
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What do you like about where you live?

First off, please, if the only thing you can think of in answer to this question is something such as "That I'm getting the hell out of it soon" or "That it isn't Ohio (or other place you may consider an armpit)", don't post in here. I don't mean you can't mention anything bad about your area, I just would like to the focus to be on the positive (even if it's only that decent bagel place down on Third Street).

Some things I like about where I live:

1) the weather. We get four distinct seasons here, and I like that, even though I sometimes think the names of those seasons are: Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, and Dreary. The weather here is generally fairly moderate -- yes we can get 100 F days here, but we usually only get a few; we can get below 0 F days here in the winter, but again, we usually only get a few. And although the summers do tend to be humid, they aren't nearly as humid as they could be.

2) Cost of living is fairly low here. The neighborhood I live in now, while not ritzy, is nice. The properties are generally tidy and well kept, and the people are friendly and helpful. Taxes (such as sales and property), food, gas, housing costs are all pretty reasonable.

3) The city and surrounding metro area is big enough to offer a variety of hospitals, veterinary offices (including two emergency/specialty centers), restaurants, concert venues (although I have to admit I've only seen one concert here ), shopping, etc. It's also small enough to get around, and get out of, easily.

4) The pace is slower than in a lot of larger cities and people met in casual situations seem more even tempered. For instance, when my car died in the middle of a main road during rush hour, several people stopped to make sure I was ok and could get help (ie., a tow truck), then pushed my car to a safe spot at the side of the road. And everyone -- including the motorists blocked from moving by me and my poor little dead car -- was calm and pleasant.

5) Proximity to other cities. Half the population of the US is within 550 miles of where I live, so the things not here (such as concerts I actually want to see) are still within fairly easy reach.

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It is quiet and not congested. Live close enough to the city so I can go visit there whenever I want.
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The Olympics to the west, the Cascades to the east, Mount Rainier to the south, lots of green all year round, proximity to water. The scenery in this whole region is to die for.

Big, but not too big. Mild winters, lots of culture, open-minded people.

Seattle rules.
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I live just south of New Haven, CT. New Haven is best avoided. However, I love that my house is just 1 mile from the beach. It's nothing like the beaches south of here, but the crashing waves are refreshing nonetheless. My university is also on the beach. One of my favorite things to do here is take a nice brisk run or walk along the shore.

I also appreciate the variety of seasons here. Winters are cold, the spring is already mild (70s all weekend!) I'm sure the summers will also be pleasant.

There's definitely a diverse community around here, and that is also reflected in the various local restaurants. My house is right behind a Peruvian restaurant, and a bar that has a banner claiming to have the freshest Guinness pint in town.

Then there's the proximity: NYC is just a 90 minute train ride away (the train station is just minutes from my house). I go there once or twice a month. Boston is about 2 hours away (I haven't been yet, but will likely go at some point this summer.) I love living so close to the train line, where I can just hop on a train to go to NYC, Boston, or DC, and any place inbetween.

I think the best part is living so close to the majority of my friends and family. I moved here in December, and went from being lonely most weekends, to having something to do every week, social-wise.
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Minnesota=10,000 lakes! I just moved back from Phoenix last summer. While living there I had a hard time grasping the fact that life didn't revolved around being near a lake or river, as it does in the Twin Cities. It was so beautiful there but I felt so landlocked. Even though MN is not on the coast, there's water everywhere.
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I am 6 blocks from the beach in San Diego. We are spoiled by fabulous weather year round.
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Cheap housing and cheap cost of living. I'm looking at 1200-1500 square foot homes, 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a nicely done postage stamp yard in a nice safe neighborhood inside the city for 80-120K. (Now the economy, jobs, and salaries here are probably half that of elsewhere...)

Lake Michigan - like an ocean but no salt! There are some really great beaches, lighthouses, islands, dunes, and the national lakeshore area.

Proximity to Chicago - Chicago is more of a "home town" than Detroit. We go there half a dozen times a year or more. Family in that area, lots of dog shows, or just going for the sake of going. It's far enough to not get sick of each other, close enough where we can go for a weekend or even a day and not waste a ton of time traveling.

I hate the fall and winter here but I love that the summer does get hot and often last until mid-October. Last summer was very mild, but the one before that we were often the same temps as central Florida. I need to be able to go to the beach and do "summer" things so I need some 80s-90s degree months.
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People say hi to you instead of hiding their faces while walking around the supermarket.
Lots of people walk or run around the area and they are extremely polite.
We have the best McDonald's in the US....also the best KFC. Weird, but they are also very nice in both locations.
Everything's close shops wise.
No smog.
Great weather year round.
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I like that you can drive twenty minutes from the heart of Omaha, a medium-sized city, and feel like no one is around. Even in the city people here tend to be very nice and helpful. There are places and events in the city that I enjoy too. There's a top zoo in the United States, the College World Series, Creighton games in the Qwest Center, the Old Market, the Joselyn Art Museum and far too many to keep naming.

I also love the weather in the summer where you can lie on the ground see endless blue without a cloud in the sky. I think this part of the country is stereotyped as being flat and boring a lot. It is quite beautiful though. There is this unexplainable peace and calmness to it. I've lived here all my life but I have never stopped being inspired by it.
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I like the fact that I live close to everything. I live 4 train stops from New York Penn Station. I also live 1 hour and 15 minutes from Philly, 4 hours from Boston and 5 hours from DC. I can also hop on Amtrak and go to those cities for the day. I live 40 minutes from the Jersey shore, and 2 hours from skiing. There is always something to do. I have all 4 seasons so the weather changes every couple of months.
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I love the bay area, and will miss it dearly when I move. Great diversity, great food, (mostly) great weather, gorgeous coastlines, forests and mountains within an easy drive, and of course the fabulous wine country.
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uhhh. we have a pretty cool tower. oh, and the only worthwhile international airport in the country.

but seriously. there's many decent beaches nearby - if i want a lazy swim at a calm beach i've got one side of the country, if i want to be nearly killed by the surf i can go to the other side of the country and it won't take much more than an hour to get there. at the most i'm less than two hours flying time from anywhere else in the country, whether it be a regular city, a tourist trap, a mountain resort or some of that shit you all saw in lord of the rings. the pacific islands and australia are a cheap three to four hour flight away. public transport is alright.

traffic's worse than sydney, which is nice given we're 1/4 of the size in just about every way measurable. it's still home and i always appreciate it more when i'm coming back.

fuck me it's humid though.
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Originally Posted by Diemen View Post
I love the bay area, and will miss it dearly when I move. Great diversity, great food, (mostly) great weather, gorgeous coastlines, forests and mountains within an easy drive, and of course the fabulous wine country.
I'm new to the Bay Area so it's hard for me to wax eloquent about it just about now. I'll let the above speak for me, though.

Diemen, when/where/why are you moving?

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