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Treadmill vs. Elliptical?

I've used an elliptical for the past year and a half. I originally got this because I found a great deal, and I was worried about the impact of running outside with my joint issue. Well this week my elliptical cracked. Yes even though I weigh 125lbs less than the weight limit, solid metal cracked (the bottom frame/base and the T-front the welding was shoddy or something). I'm going nutso not being able to run b/c I'm a bit stressed at the moment and doing a HARD cardio workout every night is my main release. I do have a bike and I used that last night but the gears are all off, it's rubbing and grinding. I'd rather get something else to use indoors year round then get a new bike. Someone I know is selling a good treadmill. I'm trying to decided whether to switch. The nice thing about the treadmill is that I can condition my dogs on it too, which is cool considering I need to prep Kenya for an endurance test and Nikon just needs more conditioning in general. I'm still a little concerned with the impact, but since I lost weight using the elliptical, the joint issues in my foot have improved considerably and I only have pain on certain surfaces (like dry sand), instead of every footstep like before. Can I get just as good a workout on the treadmill as an elliptical? Maybe better? I dunno how machines compare. My second choice was a stationary bike but I can't find one around here for sale in my price range.

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Originally Posted by Liesje View Post
Can I get just as good a workout on the treadmill as an elliptical? Maybe better?
It depends on the treadmill, but generally speaking I personally get a much, much, MUCH better work out from running than using an elliptical machine. Again, it depends on what the treadmill you're considering is like, but many of them have somewhat of a "bounce" to them that absorbs a lot of the shock you get to your joints from running outside. Depending on the treadmill, you may not have nearly as much joint impact as you're expecting.

If you were completely made of money, I'd say shoot for having all 3 at some point (treadmill, bike, elliptical). It really helps mix things up so it's not as boring, works different muscles, and they all will last longer as they're individually getting less abuse. Obviously that's not possible for most of us though in regards to money or room where you live for all that equipment, hence a gym membership being nice to counter that.

Would you be able to see or even walk / jog briefly on the treadmill you're considering? That may help answer some of your questions.

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I don't run.....knee problems. But, I do walk. Flat surfaces, such as streets work well for me. I hope this is of some help. And good for you, for living a healthy life style. Believe me, it will pay off. When you are middle age and older.
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Luckily I've never had knee or ankle problems my entire life, even as a gymnast (but I didn't vault or tumble much after sophomore year b/c of a back injury).

u2popmofo, I'm not too concerned about the impact on the treadmill. I think it will be OK because the joint is not really bothersome unless I'm doing certain motions. It's hard to explain because it is a small bone (hard to get on x-ray), but something like walking on loose, dry sand would hurt b/c of how much I'm curling my toe down. But since I lost weight, the everyday stuff no longer bothers me (I can walk my dogs for miles). I'm more concerned about getting the same work out. I liked the variety of the elliptical because you can do different things with your arms, adjust the stride length, go backwards, change the resistance, whereas with a treadmill it seems the only variety is the pace. But, I've also heard that you don't burn as many cals on an elliptical anyway, so maybe I needed a treadmill all along. On my longer workouts I'd burn about 600-700 cals.

It's a ProForm Crosswalk GTS and was $800 new. I'm asking her for the exact model number....
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Elliptical now, DMP fell on his face when he took his foot off the tread to change his mp3 player and fell on his face in front of everyone. No one said anything but I know they all saw, so I went down stairs to save face and played tennis instead.
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