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Seen a Total, Anular, or 90%+ Partial Solar Eclipse

inspired by yesterday's "blood Moon" eclipse

Who's been lucky enough to see any of these?
Since we have people fropm all over ....

A Total or Anular one is on my bucket list

i'm still looking through a list to find the one partial that seemed to affect the quality of light when i saw it. It did seem to be less, and was at 2P or so when sky would normaly would have bright appearence. Hard to describe but slightly to somewhat "greyed" look is as close as i can explain it.

The other cool thing for anyone who has not seen or notice this effect during a partial is the multiple "pinhole " camera effect that happened under the trees' shadows.

They told us during a partial to put a pinhole in a box, point that at the eclipse, face the opposite side, and you see a "scalloped" sun image to various degrees on the back inside of the box.

With the trees, you get many multiple images of the sun in various scalloped states in the shadowed areas.

i only wish i'd had a camera with me the ?2 times i observed that

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Witnessed 1 total eclipse in Holland in the year 1999 , still a kid , it made a huge impression on me.
No bloodmoon as it was not visible in this part Europe

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I remember a total eclipse in 1979 when I was very young- about 3. It got dark out, like dusk, for just a minute or two. I remember my mom was vacuuming in our living room at the time, but that's all I remember. Wish I could experience another one.
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wow domo & LSH

i remember one they showed on the Net where you had the "black disk" of the moon, the pearly white corona of the Sun(super-heated plasma) all around it; flowing outward solid-looking at thevery surface, and getting more translucent & veil-like as it gets further away some of it even longer in length than the diameter of the sun mass itself AND THEN....
much "smaller" in height at the surface at various areas were the red solar flares! Just astounding !
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I saw an annular eclipse when I was 8 years old. It happened in the middle of the afternoon when I was in grade 3 class, the teacher closed all the blinds and curtains and insisted everyone stay away from the windows, and she had us all huddled together at the back of the room like a bomb was about to go off. The school advised that anyone who had access to a welder's mask could see it. I was too curious so I asked to be excused to go to the washroom and snuck a peek from the hallway where my friend loaned me the welder's mask his uncle had let him bring for the day. It was pretty darn cool.

Other than that I've seen plenty of lunar eclipses and a partial eclipse a few years ago but nothing approaching that annular one in 1994. We had a total one a few years back (can't remember when exactly) but it was overcast that day so all that happened was that the sky got dark as if the sun was going down for a few minutes, and then brightened back up again, nothing too interesting to look at.
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anular solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse, solar eclipse, total solar eclipse

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