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I just saw the chef one the other day on another forum

All this time, I thought Canadians were nice, mild mannered people and in reality you guys are sick bastards

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Originally posted by trevster2k
Well, we do have profanity and nudity on our network tv too. We are a nation of heathens.
I miss "Bleu Nuit"... (inside joke for Eastern Ontario and Quebec residents!)

Originally posted by UberBeaver
How would one go about getting a job that require writing those ads, cause that would be awesome. I'd like to make one about getting eaten by moose, or beaten to a pulp by the Mounties, or maybe something with Bullwinkle and Rocky, or drowning in the snow, or trying to escape across the border and having those lunatics on the ATV shoot you, or the dangers of messing with the Hart Foundation, or going to the Bell Center to root for the Leafs (or vice versa), or ordering poutine and it's so hot you burn your mouth and almost choke to death on the embers that were once your tongue, or wrestling a polar bear, or trying to swim across a lake and a pack of beavers just fuck your shit up, or telling VintagePunk that David Gilmour sucks, or telling locals how you really feel about Nickelback and the Bear Naked Ladies or.... you know. Stuff like that. I think I'd enjoy that.
I haven't had a proper poutine in over a decade. Apparently, you can only get real poutine in Quebec. Other areas of Canada may call it poutine, but it supposedly tastes a lot worse. I used to love mooching that stuff of other kids at the lunch table in elementary school. I knew no shame.

David Gilmour the writer/film critic? He's an obnoxious jerk. I hate Nickelback and Bare Naked Ladies, too, but there are far worse bands in Canada: Sum 41, for example. Avril Lavigne pisses me off, too. And Shania Twain can't even create a moderately catchy melody; she's awful! What's worse is our music awards are even more commercial than the Grammys; it's all driven by Canadian corporations getting awards for awful music artists. I only found out about Arcade Fire from U2's Adam Clayton, not from Canadian music stations.

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