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Old 03-05-2009, 08:00 PM   #1
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Lemonade Stand - Respectfully

I am back.

Is this a coincidence some album came out this week and that they are in my city all week.


How is everybody???????????????????????????????????????????

I know this is neither the time, nor the place for this, but there are way too many threads, topics, and sections for one little ouizy to dig through.

So I am posting here. Number of topics. None related, thus the Lemonade Stand.

First listen = blown away.

I disagree that Rolling Stone should not be able to give out five stars to anyone, this is in the same chapter as my belief that no film should be nominated for every award at the Academy Awards. It is impossible that the film nominated for best supporting actress can also be nominated for best sound editing and best trained monkey. There are too many films that come out for only the same five to be nominated for everything, or anything. Blowhards. Give awards to doctors. I digress.

Blown away.

This is the finest album in many many years. REM meets the White Stripes with Passengers watching the mash-up from the sideline drinking bourbon. The voice sounds the best on this album and the most raw since Boy.

Ridiculously creative, ridiculously good and I wanted so hard to hate it - I really did. Even Boots when broken down makes sense.

This may be the new-album euphoria dripping all over me still, but I have not felt this way about their music since the Disposable Heroes of Hip Hoprisy almost blew my ear drums out.

Speaking of which - my tinnitus is gone. Had nothing to do with the $1000 USD I spent on acupuncture, although that felt kinda good.

What is going on?

Years have gone by and the economy is in the crapper. Tony Bourdain said it best that meat may actually become a more valuable currency than what we have these days. Sorry Peta.

Who would have known this?

I'll say it now - I hope everyone here weather's the storm and comes out the other side with grace. It will soon get very ugly.

Joyfulgirl, you around?

Kiernan McWeirdenstein?



Everyone still here?


Damn I feel old, but when I read consonants and vowels put together to read "We will be playing US stadiums in the round" the juices start to flow again and I imagine the band doing blow off of supermodels bare breasts and the image of some ridiculous headband that reads coexist gets burned from the cortex.

I don't know, but after hearing a song called Breathe I feel rambunctious like there is a reason to be again.

Who needs a recharge?

I feel like I have been sleeping for 8 months and am ready to be reborn.

I was around the world and back in the past year and now I itch to travel once again.

Places unknown.

Hopefully after success, but if to hide, then so be it. I'll sell coconuts on a beach in Mauritius if I have to, but this is fucking boring.

I ramble.

Maybe I am simply happy to once again see the blue screens here, but sometimes too much content is not a good thing. I feel like this place needs a good scrubbing, editing, and miniturization.


Well, I guess I am back and looking forward to a tour I will not be able to afford. If you'll have me, I'd love to write a piece about the stage and the equipment again blah blah blah, but let's not put the cart before the Upstaging truck just yet.

Wake up.

I have been playing too much chess.

What have you all been doing with your time off? Even with work everyone's head is down and all are hiding. Unless you have come up with an amazing idea.

Down times are the times for innovation. Many companies have overtaken other comapanies in the past recessions/depressions in market share and after all of this shakes out there are going to be some very powerful and very wealthy people.

What are your new ideas? Where is the innovation? Where is the creativity? Do not turn off - this is the time to shine.

I want to hear all the good ideas. I want to hear how to make this a better place to live without using the word 'bailout.'

Print more money - who cares, I want to see flying cars, an abundance of fish, and a combustion engine that runs on water. Figure it out. Make it happen.

Pass the salt

Where are you?

Let's talk.

A new Democratic President, a new album, shit it feels like the '90s again. Fantastic. A Nine Inch Nails, Janes Addiction tour. Why not? I think I still have the flannel boxed up somewhere. Those were the days - long hair and mud. Delicious

I'm in the mood for a grapefruit, aren't you?

Listen, I want a reason to stay and I hate cats, so can we pick it up a bit and get some juicy threads going?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Respectfully and happy to dive back in,

o u i z y

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Old 03-05-2009, 08:17 PM   #2
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I love your excitement about the new album. And that's awesome about your tinnitus!


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Old 03-05-2009, 09:03 PM   #3
Neon Zebra
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You would remember me (or not) as bonosgirl84.

We used to talk roulette, and Fear and Loathing, many years ago.

Good to see you.
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Old 03-05-2009, 09:14 PM   #4
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I remember ouizy, not sure if you remember me but, hiiiiii
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Jesus Online
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I remember wheezy.
<a href=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v196/angelaharlem/thPaul_Roos28.jpg target=_blank>http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...aul_Roos28.jpg</a>
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oh wow, i got a shout out. i feel spesh welcome back, ouizy.
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One of the oldies....
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Yeah - old and gray.

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Glad to meet you, ouizy! You look fabulous in your picture.
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welcome back
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I remember you, WB
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i did not notice the passersby and they did not notice me

i remember you. But i have to tell you s o me th i n g. I am shit. There that wasnt so hard. hahaha hard. lol.

i sin for love and love does not save me. I sin for salvation and salvation give me a cemetary plot. Im foaming at the mouth and drinking from the cup that ... well nevermind im not really drinking at all

Just look deep into my eyes and tell me that you love me hazel. Im out till the break of dawn ill be playing wiith the moon again. Gonnat be like that for a while now. Neighbor lost a dog and its running around causing shit outside, havoc and mayhem. Cats are running all over the house like they found some catnip, XM is playing som e good stuff and i have a glass half full that could be fully full. Life is good. Life is good. Echo?
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WB!!! I remember you too..
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bonosloveslave [at] interference.com
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Hi Ouizy, welcome back!!!

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