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The thing that broke my brain about the Morrissey thread was that LEOE was so obsessed with whether Morrissey would mention U2 on the day of his performance.

I mean, really? Who gives a fuck?

And for that to lead to all that snarking and arguing and smiley abuse and the trolls posting the same thing over and over again, I couldn't believe people were still responding to them... it's frankly mind-boggling. I actually wish I'd voted for Sing With Me, even though I wasn't involved and had no idea it existed until yesterday, cos it was such a positive and fun thing in comparison. I think I'm going to stop reading the argumentative threads halfway through in order to preserve my (remaining) sanity.


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Originally Posted by iron yuppie View Post
Even so, it seems to me that any U2 fan serious enough to know that they have a version of Satellite of Love will also likely know about ZooTV. And, if I'm not mistaken, at a lot of those concerts Bono "duets" with Lou Reed from the monitor. I would think that people who see that would wonder who the hell the guy on the monitor is.
You're right. My point was, only a crazed U2 fanatic would do Satellite of Love as homage to U2. Certainly not Morrissey.

But I did remember one example where Nickelback played The Ghost of Tom Joad in honour of Rage Against the Machine.

Hey, it's Nickelback. The redhill of rock bands.

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Originally Posted by cobl04
If someone was going to pay homage to U2, they'd play a U2 song, not a song U2 covered on a tour in the early 90s.
Enemies Of Art never can tell with those guys..
ACROBAT - U2 Tribute on Facebook

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I'm serious, don't!


Originally Posted by Tyagu_Anaykus View Post
Interference is my Earth.
Originally Posted by gvox View Post
Consequently, Earth is an experimental disaster.

If you keep going, you have only your self to blame


Originally Posted by The Best Interferencer On The Damn Planet View Post
too sexy for his amp
too sexy for his cap
too sexy for that god-damned headset
I told you

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"We're not in Britain or Australia" comes pretty damn close to winning the internets. I read through that thread when it happened, re-read it just now, and I still can't figure out what that guy was talking about. "Morrissey will speak u2's name on the day!" That's batshit insanity right there. Only thing I wonder that wasn't entirely addressed in the original thread was whether red hill has some sort of serious gambling problem, seeing as he seems like a guy who is willing to make bets on absolutely anything, even things that only make sense in his mind (not even finance guy agreed with him, and isn't that guy full of really weird nonsensical opinions that one one else shares? I guess for entertainment purposes it's better that not all batshit crazy is the same batshit craziness). Also, what if he had said the words "you" and "too," given the difficulties with your and you're in that thread, I could clearly see the poor guy getting confused...

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