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Has anyone here like, travelled a lot?

yea so just wondering, are you someone who has been pretty adventurous, been to a LOT of cities, etc.

where is the best place you visted?
where is the worst?
was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?
On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?

it really is okay if no-one answers this, there might be none or just one of you!


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I was a tour guide/assistant art professor in Florence Italy for the last 3 years with my university...I grew up there so I stayed to see friends and family over the summer but still travelled all up and down the country. So far in 3 years i've seen about 40+ Italian cities and towns, mostly for churches, artwork, and of course food and wine.

This past summer I went with my best friend to Istanbul, Turkey, because I'm he and I are into Byzantine culture. We climbed an ancient Roman aqueduct (a scary story in itself) did an amazing Turkish bath, took a cruise up the Bosphorus, and spent hours inside the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque (my first time in a Mosque and I was thoroughly impressed)

I've also been to Paris, drove down through the south of France (Provence) and spent 3 days in Salzburg Austria (Mozart!!) and Prague which I believe next to Istanbul is probably the most under-rated city, its absolutely spectacular.

Next summer i'm making plans to return to Italy, maybe take up my old job again, and i'm also talking to my travel buddy about possibly doing Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece.

Unfortunately I really can't say i've seen much of the United States. I went to Alaska in 2000, and took a family camper trip and did the Gulf Coast to New Orleans and then travelled to North Carolina for summer camp when I was 12. Other then that lived a few years in New York which is still one of my favorite cities, and made trips to see family in Los Angeles. I guess this summer while i'm tied down here for school, I want to "re-discover" America.

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^ Prague is my favourite city, I go there a lot

Italy and Spain are pretty amazing places, too, as is most of Europe.
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it been decdes for most of my big trips.....
when I had money I was too scared to fly much, so I couldn't go over the water to Europe/Asia/ Africa etc

SO I took one trip by bus (like a eurorail pass - 2 weeks unlimited travel) across the USA- concentrating on the Southwest route Arizona & New Mexico and visiting the Navajo & Hopi nations (in NE arizona).

Also saw the Grand Canyon (but not near sun set or sunrise when the colors really, really come out on the rock formations), a bit of the Painted desert, 2 other canyons. plus ( the incredible) Monument Valley.

If you like the look of the high desert & canyons then THOSE are splendid areas to go to. Utah also have alot of rock formations.
You also get to visit and experience - unlike some of the Native-American Tribes that totally got pushed off their lands-- the Hopi & Navajos do live in some of the areas they've lived in for over a 1,000 years.

going by bus or train you get to see the landscape change which was fascinating.

I had ALSO a great time visiting San Fransico. Hope to viait aGAIN SOME DAY. I even heard some local punk bands of that time (79).

Then the next trip I stopped again in Alberquerque and visited my some friends of my dad. then I went up to SOuth Dakota (saw Mount Rusmore and the early work on Geronimo Mountain from a special get-together , and visited my cousin Denver who took me on a motorcycle up into The Rocky Mountains!

On our way up to the Rockieswe also stopped off at Red Rocks ! But this was ? 4- 6 years BEFORE U2 played there..... but it was beautiful!

I have also visited Philly, Boston & Washington DC. Dc is the city I've visited the most.
And the rare jet trip to Georgia - Altanta & Athens .... way back.

a realtive gifted me w a vacation, so 2 yrs back i finally got back on a jet and finally got over SOME water & visited San Juan/ Puerto Rico. Lovely Hotel. Old San Juan is quite fascinating And the gorgeous teal/turquoise water is dreamy!

my "advice"??
... read up/google up where you think you'd like to go.
SAve up - i did ( except that special trip) .... plan some things/ leave room for some happy, unexpected occurrences or places to suddenly take off to from where you are.

Also see if there are places your interests would take you....
like I hope to visit chicago b/c I love Architecture and it has some of the best in the USA. I enjoy politics & some History so I've been to DC a bunch of times.

I love the high-desert landscape so I went parts of the south west.
and as you are doing here--- ask people!

See if you can also stay a bit w friends or relatives you like!

and if you get some ideas over time--- come back and tell us what you're thinking of doing.
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where is the best place you visted?
where is the worst?
New Orleans
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Best - Cinque Terre, Italy
Worst - Las Vegas

Most of my travelling was with at least one friend, if not a group.
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Originally Posted by mad1 View Post
yea so just wondering, are you someone who has been pretty adventurous, been to a LOT of cities, etc.

where is the best place you visted?
where is the worst?
was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?
On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?

it really is okay if no-one answers this, there might be none or just one of you!

I love travel!!

Best places were probably London, Dublin, Paris, South Africa and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Worst? No such place exists. I've done a lot of travel, and have enjoyed every place I've been to.

All of my travel has had a purpose of some sort. I went to Europe on a university exchange, so it was very easy for me to go to other countries while I was there. I've done charity work in Russia and South Africa. Within North America I have gone to visit family/friends, gone on vacation with family, or just on roadtrips to discover new places.

I've always gone with at least one friend/family member, although I have flown alone to certain places and met up with people when I arrived.
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Originally Posted by anitram View Post
Best - Cinque Terre, Italy
I go there every summer!
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where is the best place you visted?
I hate this question, lol. I loved so many places for so many reasons. I'm going to go with London, England. Honolulu is a close second.

where is the worst?
Many parts of Florida, except the Keys.

was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?
New people, weather, food, experiences. History, family, friends.. BEACH.

On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?
Both. I love to spend the time with friends, but I also like to wander.
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where is the best place you visted?

Paris but I also love Dublin, Nice, London and Madrid. Every time I go to Amsterdam I like it more and more, too.

where is the worst?

Hmm, I haven't been anywhere I didn't really enjoy. Sanremo in Italy was probably the most boring place but it was so hot we didn't get any further than the beach where we sat drinking all day.

was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?

I had to go to two countries as part of my degree. Everywhere else we just felt like exploring or would see which places we could get to by bus and train and then take a day trip there.

On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?

I was with Salome in Spain in 9 months, in France with about 20 other people from university and Salome or family everywhere else I've been to.
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where is the best place you visted?
Too many to name, but I do have fond memories of Hawaii, England and Zanzibar. I love the beach so this is where Hawaii and Zanzibar score points. England was with family and we had a lot of fun in London.

where is the worst?
Mumbai, India. I went as a kid and I still remember it.... not fondly.

was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?
Interest, family, etc....

On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?
Both. Family and friends are important but I also like to explore alone. Picture taking is done best alone
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has a
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Oooooohhh good questions. I travel a fair amount (6-8 times per year), about half for work, half for fun. I'm going to Mongolia for July. You can see that I started that thread here below.VVV

where is the best place you visited?

Best Country--New Zealand. Beautiful place, wonderful people. I've been there 4 times now and would love to visit even more.

Best City--toss up between Sydney and Vancouver. Both beautiful and diverse. I've been to Sydney twice and Vancouver once, but I am planning on attending the Winter Olympics in 2010.

where is the worst?

Sorry, HOUSTON! Florida (the whole state) is a close second, dirty cities, selfish people, poor infrastructure. Sorry, that's been my experience.

was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?

My wife and I had our big "awakening" trip to NZ in 1998. After that trip, we quit our jobs, started our own company and have been independent ever since. Many friends of ours had recommended NZ. We had never traveled outside the U.S., so NZ was a safe, comfortable familiar destination. It's a fabulous place that made us want to see more of the U.S. and the world. It's expensive to travel, and better when you are young, so you have to commit and go for it.

On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?

Like I said, my wife and I are great travel companions. We mostly will go places together, but sometimes we meet up with friends.

I have to say to that I like traveling to big cities as much as rural/camping type travel, either one suits me.

My ultimate plan is to save up for a sail boat and tour around the world that way for as long as we can.
My ultimate destination to visit is the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia--tigers, bears, giant eagles and volcanoes. That would be amazing!

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This is a great thread! I to travel!

Where is the best place you visted?
Tahiti-Bora Bora which was breathtakingly beautiful, picture post card perfect vacation with the perfect balance of rest & relaxation sitting on the pristine beach both night and day and fun activities as well. I also loved the beautiful Scottish Highlands and more than 40 shades of green in Ireland!

Where is the worst?
Not really a "worst" because I look at every place I visit with fairness and an open mind. Every place on earth has it's unique Pros and Cons.

Was it interest or, well, boredom that made you up and go?
Hobby and interest. I love to travel!

On your own whole time? with mate/mates whole time? or bit of both?
Both. I enjoy a balance of alone time and time with a good travel partner or group.
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Best (abroad): Paris, no contest. I went back and lived there for six months, and it still haunts my dreams. The only place aside from Los Angeles that I could see myself living for the rest of my life.

Best (U.S.): New Orleans. I can't believe RedRocks listed this as worst. This city rules in terms of music, food, and a culture that is the most unique in the entire country, a strange brew of French, Southern, and Africa culture. They created jazz and jambalaya. Enough said. Also, I went through most of Wyoming a couple years ago and my god is that state beautiful.

Worst (abroad): Of the 8 or so cities in Italy I visited, I found Genova the least interesting. I remember a group of us staying in the hostel went into town, got bored, and then just came back to drink and do drugs. Also not a huge fan of Barcelona, which everyone seems to love. I liked the food a lot but the nightlife scene was a little cheesy for me.

Worst (U.S.): I did an extensive amount of traveling through my last job, and I probably had the most uneventful time in Columbus, Ohio. I don't like the midwest anyway for the most part, and I grew up in Chicago. Also, Florida pretty much sucks, and despite having one of the best indie rock bars I've ever been to in my life (the Bar-BQ), Orlando in particular is like tourist overload and garish. Sorry, YLB.

I traveled abroad completely out of interest, and can't wait to have the $$ to go again. I doubt that I will be going anywhere in the future that doesn't involve some kind of film project, though.

I've traveled alone a couple times (most of my Italy trip), but that came about more through circumstance (people who TOTALLY flaked) than intention. I really don't like being by myself.
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India is without a doubt my favorite country to travel in, though I'm biased because my studies/work have revolved around it for almost two decades now. Kerala and Himachal Pradesh are deservedly famous for their beauty and Rajasthan for its historical sites. My favorite cities there, all small-to-medium-sized by Indian standards, are probably Udaipur, Varanasi and Kochi. It's true that the really large cities can feel overwhelming and not much else for many tourists; with the exception of Delhi, which has a medieval Old City as well as the architecturally impressive federal government center, they're really quite young cities, dominated by the unappealing look of turbo-paced urban development on a budget. But no problem--this is a country so large and diverse you could fit virtually all of Western Europe into it, so there's so much else to see besides just the megacities and handful of predictable package-tour staples (Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Khajuraho).

I've traveled more in India than anywhere else, including my own country (US), but I've done some fairly whirlwind tours of lots of other places. I loved Guilin, Hangzhou and Hong Kong in China; Kyoto in Japan; and Bangkok. Rome, Lisbon and London are probably my favorites of the European cities I've seen, and Italy and Greece my favorites of the European countries I've visited. I also love to hike, and the Hautes-Pyrenees (France) is my all-time favorite destination so far for that. My favorite US cities to visit are probably San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC; Hawaii is probably my favorite state, again especially because of the hiking. Charleston and New Orleans should not be missed if you're interested in Southern history and culture.

I've honestly never had a through-and-through lousy tourism experience anywhere. In my opinion, if you do your homework before you go, there's simply no excuse for winding up someplace that holds no interest for you, or finding that you allotted too much time to an otherwise unappealing place which happens to have one or two sites of interest.

Pretty much all my international travel has been tacked onto studies abroad (as a college and grad student) or work-related trips (conferences, research) since then. I just haul out my backpack and my hostel guide and see whatever I can of the area with whatever time and money I have left. I definitely prefer to travel with friends or family if they're on hand--for me, it's more fun to have someone(s) to share the experience with--but I can enjoy myself well enough on my own too.

yolland [at] interference.com

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