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Originally Posted by nathan1977 View Post
4 years of Catholic school.
Grew up a preacher's kid.
Went into campus ministry for a while.
I know what I'm talking about.
Do you?

Memphis says that most of his friends lost their virginity on trips to Nashville for Christian World Youth celebrations (or whatever they were called) and singing and stuff like that.

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Originally Posted by nathan1977 View Post

Who on earth is being lynched? The school is willing to distribute information to anyone who wants it.
You need to go re-read the article. You can point them to where they can get it but they now have to pay $450 for the shot. Is that fair to the ordinary families that, in some cases, HAVE to send their child to Catholic school?

We have universal health care but it does'nt come cheap. This is a cost saving matter. The Health Minister, of one of the most conservative governments in North America, is asking the school boards to reconsider! The entire country has been giving out these shots (of course Alberta is last) and only one other school board has denied it. There are over 400 school boards across Canada, and only 3 have refused this immunization. That is 0.75% of school boards who are holding God up in the face of common sense and healthy children.

If some of you want to side with the under one percent of irrational thinkers, be my guest. I'll stick with the 99.25% of people that actually see past fear and God.

I suppose every country will have a small percentage that are idiots...

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Woman criticizes vaccine ban

CALGARY -- A Catholic woman who survived cervical cancer after contracting the human papilloma virus says a Calgary school board didn't properly weigh the pros and cons when it decided not to vaccinate young girls.

The Calgary Catholic board was one of two in Alberta that voted last week to ban a vaccination program.

Rose Penlington, 52, still lives with the effects of sexually transmitted HPV virus and cervical cancer.

"If I can stop one girl from going through what I went through, it is worth coming forward," she said.

A group of Catholic bishops has suggested the vaccine promotes sexual activity among young girls.

Ron Liepert, Alberta's health minister, has called on the boards to reconsider, saying their decision puts the health of young girls at risk.

Penlington said she got the virus from her husband when she was 24, and 13 years later it developed into cervical cancer.

After radiation and surgeries, including a hysterectomy, she developed scarring in her intestine. It became blocked and had to be partially removed. She suffered five years of chronic pain and a heart attack from the stress.

"The Catholic church has a way of making the issue the vaccine promotes promiscuity. It doesn't," Penlington said.

Penlington said she "behaved herself," not having sex before marriage, and she still got the virus.

She added parents should be allowed to opt their children out of a vaccination program.
Now read that carefully, a Catholic woman who contracted cancer through her HUSBAND!

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