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Originally Posted by iron yuppie View Post
I've been vegetarian for five years now, and I can honestly say it is one of the best life choices I ever made. In addition to the health benefits, it has opened me to a whole new world of foods and cuisines and forced me to learn how to cook legitimately.

The animal rights element was also a significant motivating factor for me, but I think it is an encouraging sign that many meat-eaters are becoming much more conscious of how their food was raised and treated.

Same for me, but I've been vegetarian for 20 years now and almost vegan for about 3 years. I love to cook and I've learned so much about food and nutrition since becoming a vegetarian. I live about 90% vegan. I have friends who are vegan and I know it's possible. I don't like milk, I'm intolerant to lactose. I would eat a slice of certain blends of cheese from time to time, mostly sheep or goat, but I can live without that very well. Also, I don't use eggs. If I'm eating pasta, I make sure there are no eggs in there. I find it, however, quite difficult to be a full vegan when it comes to traveling and being invited for dinner. It's very hard, in some countries harder than in others. I find it easier in summer because I eat lots of fresh food and vegetables, salads and such, but it's stressful for me to travel as a 100% vegan.

I eat a lot of whole-grain and cereals, pulses and seeds, I try to have as much variety as I can with my food and I don't have any health problems. The hardest thing for me was and still is letting go of sweets, but recently I discovered vegan ice cream and cake - I even got a great recipe for that from a friend, so I do eat sweets and pastry, but I shouldn't. I'm not a fan of tofu or any meat-like substitutes, I really don't find that very attractive and don't feel I need it.

My prime motivation for becoming a vegetarian were animal rights, ethical reasons and factors such as climate change. I've read so many books and articles about these issues. I come from a very very meat-orientated family and found it tough to become a vegetarian. It became easier when I moved to the city. I just love the international cuisine and it's good to see that there has been a process in developing more awareness for the vegetarian lifestyle with hotels and restaurants.

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Originally Posted by MrsSpringsteen View Post
I have been thinking about starting juicing. I have a friend who swears by it, and she has lost so much weight. I think she has a Ninja. Vitamix are so expensive, I'm sure they're worth it.

I have a real issue about texture, it has to be completely smooth. I won't even drink orange juice that has pulp in it. Does Vitamix really make it completely smooth?
I've enjoyed both juicing and smoothies for quite some time now. My in-laws gave us a mixer that is close to the Vitamix (one probably offered by Costco a few years back). Very effective in creating a good smoothie.

Juicing can be done by centrifical juicer or a masticating juicer. Centricial juicers are faster, but are also very noisy. The centrifical juicer strains out the pulp, so you do get a very liquid product. I enjoy adding a bit of ginger root for a little zing.

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