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Originally Posted by SethVincent View Post
I have no idea how old you are IronHorse but why do you feel @ your age whatever it may be that you need a book to "tell" you what you should do?

When I was a child the idea of a "Heavenly Warden" to keep me in line may have worked & to a degree may have been needed but like The Apostle Paul said "when I became a man I gave up childish things...."

I have no idea how old you are SethVincent, but it really doesn't matter does it?

Yes, I need a book to help me along the way.

The Bible tells me the story of Jesus.

It's the story and person that keeps me railing along....

like a slow train

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The thinness of the new atheism is evident in its approach to our civilization, which until recently was religious to its core. To regret religion is, in fact, to regret our civilization and its monuments, its achievements, and its legacy. And in my own view, the absence of religious faith, provided that such faith is not murderously intolerant, can have a deleterious effect upon human character and personality. If you empty the world of purpose, make it one of brute fact alone, you empty it (for many people, at any rate) of reasons for gratitude, and a sense of gratitude is necessary for both happiness and decency. For what can soon, and all too easily, replace gratitude is a sense of entitlement. Without gratitude, it is hard to appreciate, or be satisfied with, what you have: and life will become an existential shopping spree that no product satisfies.
I don't regret religion. I just don't allow it to influence me. I am independent of religion. I also don't feel empty, and I don't regret the achievements, monuments, and legacy of our civilization. I'm also happy!!!

And I rather dislike the labeling of atheism as a religion in itself. I don't practice religion. A lifestyle does not constitute being a religion. If that was the case, we would all be worshipping Utooism....

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