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Old 04-04-2010, 09:20 AM   #16
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Hippity hop hop.

Easter blessings to all.


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Now this is an Easter Song from another great dead guy!

Goosebumps, still.

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Originally Posted by the iron horse View Post
Gotta love that Rebel from Nazareth

Happy Easter Sunday to all

Take care
The "Rebel from Nazareth." Ha ha.

When I think of the way most American Christians I know (or come in contact with or read about in the daily news) live and vote (and, for that matter, when I think of the words some of these people post on discussion boards), the idea that they are trying to emulate the "Rebel from Nazareth" is laughable. After all, these people claim to be disciples/followers of "Him." If they are in fact living lives like the "Rebel" lived, then he wasn't any rebel.

Happy Easter. But let's be realistic.
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Old 04-04-2010, 02:25 PM   #19
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Great line from Hannah and her sisters : "If Jesus came back, and saw what's going on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up."
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Old 04-04-2010, 06:21 PM   #20
love, blood, life
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c'mon guys, just let iron horse have his Happy Easter thread
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Old 04-05-2010, 02:17 AM   #21
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^ Agreed...lighten up, peeps!

Here in Hong Kong, Easter overlapped this year with both Passover and Qing Ming, a spring festival where families visit their ancestors' graves, fly kites, set off fireworks, etc. For me, this meant a rare day off, so our kids invited over a bunch of their friends from our apartment building and we celebrated the holiday(s) together by making halvah from scratch, a holiday tradition in our family. The process of forming the halvah is much like an old-fashioned taffy pull, plus there's lots of neato-keano 'Mr. Science' cooking-chemistry stuff along the way--watching the halvah-root erupt in billows of foam as you whip the sugar syrup in, seeing the hot tahini swell and aerate as you pull and fold the foam through it--so kids have tons of fun doing it, then of course there's getting to eat the results, which have an out-of-this-world texture somewhere between mousse-cake and fudge, way better than most storebought halvahs. Every kid got to take home a box of all four flavors we made. It was a blast, and the most fun I've had in a few months, frankly--if you enjoy sharing traditions with kids, and enjoy making your own holiday treats or crafts, I really can't recommend enough making an afternoon of doing something like this with them, whether it's your own or friends' or relatives' kids. Yeah, it sounds schlocky, but it's such a great feeling to see that pleasure of accomplishing something unique and special in their faces and know that this is something they'll remember fondly for years to come...it's why we still remember how to dye an Easter egg, decorate a fancy cookie, or twist a rope of taffy in the first place.
yolland [at] interference.com

μελετώ αποτυγχάνειν. -- Διογένης της Σινώπης
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Nice to "see" you, Yolland! Glad you and your kids and their friends had an enjoyable day.
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Old 04-05-2010, 11:41 AM   #23
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I heard a homily about how SI had a greatest comeback list in Nov of 2001 and they named Jesus as having one of the greatest comebacks of all time (as he said that was before the 04 Red Sox, which I want to say was as big as Jesus but I guess Jesus still wins). I thought that was pretty cool.

The weather was absolutely beautiful

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