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Originally Posted by Irvine511 View Post
one Thought Conditioner, Maggie Gallagher, admits defeat:
Finally had the time to read this, and I'm glad I did.

Will we recognize we are a subculture now facing a dominant culture and build subculture strategies? These include building networks to get our story out, to get the “face of the victim” in front of power? For without a community that appears to care, very few individuals will find the courage to stand.

Or will we look the other way, keep denying to ourselves what is happening right in front of our nose?
This part strikes me the most. It's truly the core of the problem, as the Christian movement sees itself as the dominant culture, and thus they feel that they can force their views onto the rest of the country. While things are moving, and not everyone is sharing their views anymore, perhaps not even the majority (since 52% was pro gay marriage or something if I recall correctly). So that shift of power is the thing they are fighting against, not necessarily against other human beings.

Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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Woah cramming ( as in the definition of "cramming" overnight for a HS or college exam the next morning like about 4 pages as fast as I could read--because posting/responding is not the last thing I want to do before sleepland.

One thought on the Liberal V? Progressive thing....

I either didn't get it at the time ( that I am about describe) OR i am right but the definaitions have way changed...

I started to become interested in local/state/national politics (NYC/NY/USA) when I was around 12 yrs...when John V Lindsey was running for Mayor....mid-late 60's.

I remember in 68 ( I was 15) going w my uncle to a either "Liberals (or Progressives) for (Hubert) Humphrey". Within that time period 68 - 70ish I understood one of the strategies in NYC Democratic Party ( I think) was that the word "Liberal" had become SO tainted with Richard Nixon winning (George Wallace being Third party candidate) that it was replaced with the word Progressive.

Now I understand there seems to be some differences.....

GG here in the USA we have Religious continiums from liberal to very conservative groups with in the Christian/Catholic/Jewish communities and at the very least in Islam from moderate to a very conservative continium.

Yes there is a shift in various demographics that is altering the formerly more prevelant White/Christian/Male "group"; i parenthesize group- because a poor white Christian male IS different from a rich white Christian male. Problems of Class in the USA have been considered less dominant than in, say, Britian for instance... but that's not completely true. Esp from Reagan onwards. Yes the losing of power is partly the trauma. Still, there is geniune hatred by some people for GLBT, People of Color, the Poor, Women (who also don't know their "place" ) and in some areas Non-Christians and Atheists.

See I've been partily avoiding deep listening of the news for several months - no NPR, No parts of Pacifica Radio, and we (in NYC) lost our last Commercial Radio station broadcasting a swarth of liberal and progessive talkers , no on-line L or P sites either (which is quite unlike my usual habits). I've got Major Art projects to struggle and focus on. I can et very upset easily at times so I'm filtering away all but the most general upsetting stuff that comes up on CBS radio or TV news.

Anyway- THAT'S why I hadn't even heard about the Mozilla CEO story until this tonight! I think cori & Irvine have very valid points about him being the face of the Company, what that represents inside and outside that coporation, and making a contribution etc.

Ha, while of course I know the phrase "yelling fire in a crowded theater" which which I just read (in Wiki - which isn't always correct, though I've read about things I know alot about and have seen good articles on those)-- said that in Holmes's orignal opinion he placed the word falsely before "yelling......" .

From a often conservative religious POV yeah, G/L/B/T is a "deviant" behavior. I remember when the DMSA removed "homosexuality" as a "Mental illness".

Funny... because something a few days ago triggered off the phrase in my head approx of what I've heard in radio discussions: "Sometimes there aren't 2 sides to every story..." . I almost was thinking of starting a thread in FYI on that.

but in the worst of circumstances calling such behavior "SINFUL" in mile-high letters can in cases lead to such abhorent acts as the murder of that poor child for "being/acting "gay" " a four yr old!!!??? (not thany any other age is any better, per se)
I also missed this story.....

If i hadn't been feeling on the relaxed, satisfied side when read this just an hour ago or so....if i'd been not feeling good i would have had the metaphorical equivilant of rolling myself up in a blanket and then crawingl under my bed and not come out for a day or something .

i will have to read AS's pieces on the CEO etc I wondered if he considers himself a Log Cabin Republican?

As for the Weekly Exaiminer next time i'm in DC whether for a march, demonstration, just for fun hanging out on The Mall & Museums or both I must run, Run, RUN - i say- to get my very own, to have and hold WE ....all my faaaaav commentators!


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