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Originally Posted by elevated_u2_fan View Post

I dunno. It's just the term he used. I don't really know what it means.

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I know, I was talking about his use of it anyway - I am assuming this is some complaint about him having to give up red meat?

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Unless I missed something, the OP article never gets around to identifying what the radically new and different system these alleged 'revolutionaries' seek to establish is?
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Originally Posted by Pearl View Post

For some reason, America split into two and that rift is getting wider and wider, while the claws are getting longer. While I certainly hope there won't be any violence from either side, I wouldn't be surprised if a few go that far. There are wackos on both sides of the spectrum.
Much of the major problem is ( i was talking to a couple from Bon, Germany yesterday) is that ever since FDR basically created Social Security, I don't remember whether Social Security Disability was done at he same time,medicare and later medicaid........

the uber conservatives have wanted to GET RID OF THESE PROGRAMS!

Even Reagan realized it wasn't good to kill Social Secuirty.

Ever since Reagan we also have moved so much rightward.......

I could for (volunteer before i was old enough to vote) back in the late 1960's for a Liberal Republican instead of certain conservative Democrats

Right now we have the far right BAMBOOZLing People........

"don't Let the Goverment take MY Mecicare" away......

ding, ding, ding.........

MEDICARE IS a Goverment Run Program!!!!

AN the only reason in general that there ARE complants (not talking about Fraud-- THAT's Disgusting! ) IS that-- it dosen't cover a bunch of things..or have very low payments

you KNOW WHY...........????

Because FUCKING NEWT GINGRICH and his people back in the 80's wanted to makke

"Medicare WITHER on the Vine"

that's a DIRECT QUOTE/ look it up!

IN fact through the all the YEARS the Republicans were IN Control of Congress -- they KEPT REDUCING Monies FOR medicare

THERE ARE NO MF Death Panels !
Obama DOESN't want to
"kill YOUR Granny"

Nut NEWT & HIS PALS did & DO- UNLESS you are RICH.
.....and have been trying to in various sneaky and outright ways since the 80's

YOU WHY I'm SOOOO teed off?????

Right now MY Healthcare is mostly good and will stay that way at least for some years longer...... (i'll have to fight my battles later if certain other things don't go well)

but RIGHT NOW AND in the last several years friends of mine on THIS Site have GONE THROUGH HELL b/c they were deined b/c of pre-existing conditions, or have been dropped..., lost heir jobs etc


I fight for my Family!!! ( my sib if she loses her job-- she's had several operations she'll have hell of a time getting health care-- she'll be one of "THOSE" ("icky") people who have pre-existing conditions......

I fight FOR THE FAIRNESS that all people have the right to healthcare NOT just the rich!

How CAN you have the
" the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" // and the "General Welfare of The People"
IF you are Terrified of being a few paychecks away from? foreclosure, homelessness or Death b/c you can no longer afford or were tossed out of your insurance plan......

I PRAY I AM RICH one day, and I'll be HAPPY to give a few more % points of MY Money B/C THe country has good to me
( monetarily speaking- it''s been good to me in other ways as well ) .....
to those less fortunate than me!

B/c I AM (generally) not Selfish like many of these people who say:
"I Got mine. TOO BAD ABOUT YOU!"

AMerican is Not just suppoesd to be a country of "rugged individuals" we are supposed to be a COMMUNITY.........

Right now rich people pay LESS than they did UNDER EIsenhower for taxes maybr even REagan ( not sure) ( adjusted for inflation etc)

THen there are the smaller BUT dangerous racists who want to assasinate Obama because he IS black. period. end. of. story.

they also stirring up people on the health care issue to neutralize Obama politically if they can't physically.

There have been people never happy that these NOT LIKE THEM -- less than rich, Not-White ( oh, yeah, and not quiet compliant women , either) have been allowed ( and fought with blood. death & the ballot box) to have a better life ESPECIALLY over the past decades since WW2.

I salute those who have fought for tyhis and keep on fighting.

I'd NEVER call myself "an activist" b/c I don't "do enough" compared to others but I can call myself -- a semi-activist" for about 42 yrs

maybe I've come to some kind of peace about that ........

if you're raised catholic and ESP a womam (esp from the late 50's) hooooo take time and fun etc for yourself!!???!!! HA!

I AM emotional because THE FACTS ARE thes:

because of the the GREED of certain indiviuals, Health Inusrance Comapanies ansd other Corporations ( not all).
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Originally Posted by yolland View Post
Unless I missed something, the OP article never gets around to identifying what the radically new and different system these alleged 'revolutionaries' seek to establish is?
Originally Posted by AliEnvy View Post
The article suggests that the revolution will be a fundamental shift in the political landscape and I tend to agree. If the two sides are divided too deep, there will have to be a third option that emerges at some point.
Also, if the republicans can't get their leadership house in order and Obama can't control unemployment and home foreclosures, it's a golden opportunity for a viable third party to form.

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