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Oh shit! That's sooooo awwweeesssommmeee

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Ah... archeology
and sometime history buff...

I love sitting nearby the Temple of Dendur in The Met

didn't scroll all the way down...they might not have photographed the fact that there's a Pool in front and partly up the sides of the raised area. there's papyrus plants in it. In front of the pool lining up with the temple are 2 statues. It sits in a Big room pretty much by itself with a slanted wall almost totally filled with a window on the north side.. Wonderful! ~Just there a few weeks back.

My mom enjoyed learning about cultures from all over the well The Naitive Amercans right here.
We lived (back then) not too far from what was then The Museum of American Indians. So i got to see models of (yes) tepees, but also the cliff dwellings of the Anazasni (Adobe type homes under big cliff faces/ in natural caves), the wooden Long Houses of the Iraquoi nation, and the houses of the North-West peoples.

Because we lived nearish to Inwood Park (lines part of the northwest of Manhattan) you could go and see that/still see the biggest natural forest left in Manhattan) much of it goes up into the hill(s) there.
Plenty of arrowheads and (other stuff) dug up from there.

So I have a difference sense of Manahttan Island than many people do. Also lived near were you could go and see The Palisades of NJ (a geological wonder) and the Hudson River heading north and south. (Glorious)
OK that's more geology than archeology ... But people who know nothing about Fort Tryon Park (right below Inwood), or Inwood are quite suprised to see such a green forested place in Manhattan!

And there a plaque (in Inwood park) where the Lenape Indians "sold" Mahattan to Peter Minuet. OK there's some more History for ya!

Pearl, I know we (when I was in late grade school- earlier than you) learned about the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. If we learned about the Native Amercans of the USA back then idk....especially since I'd already picked up alot of the info from the museum I mentioned, plus Museum Natural History.

I had the incredible privillage of (with a friend who drove) visiting the Three Mesas of The Hopi Nation back in 79.
Both my parents loved the often stark beauty of shapes and colors of the canyons, mesas, buttes and smaller formations of the Arizona & New Meixco high desert.
As an artist from a young age the photos I saw deeply appealed to my color and sculptural senses!

So there we were up on the mesas where you could look south west and see the Mountains north of Flagstaff, Arz at least 50, maybe more like 70 miles away. Traditional Hopi houses are made of rocks and slabbed rocks instead of adobe /brick in teh other Pueblo peoples in new Mexico.. Quite wonderful to look it.

Old Oriabi is one of two or three of the oldest continuously lived in villages in the USA part of NA.

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World War I in Photos: Introduction - The Atlantic

This is an amazing photo series with hundreds of (many never-before-seen) images of World War I. Really cool if you're interested in the time period, or European/military history in general.

The Atlantic also did a series on World War II later in the year, I will post the link I have at home once I get there.

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