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The Glory of Freedom and Greed

The Glory of Freedom and Greed.

Once upon a time there were two small children named Freedom and Greed. They both lived in a village on a small island. In this small community people lived well and worked hard. They were prosperous. Before long the two boys grew up strong and beautiful, the people loved them and in return they took good care of their families. The community grew to large for the small island and a great meeting was held. Freedom being the adventurous one spoke up and said, "this island can no longer sustain our people. Someone must set out into the world to find a place where we can settle all the new families. The people agreed. "... and I volunteer to go myself!" Freedom exclaimed. The people had a hero and showered Glory upon him. Greed was not pleased for these two had always been friends and it was not until now that Greed ever felt different. Greed wanted the Glory too. "...and I will go with you! You can't go alone for you would surly parish with out your best friend." Freedom thanked him and the whole town erupted in joy. They all showered Glory upon him. Greed never felt how he did at that moment. Greed loves Glory.

They worked together and built a vessel sturdy enough to travel very far if necessary and with a hero's bon voyage they set off into the unknown. Each split the duties and were equal. It was not long before Greed got bored. He missed Glory. Once they were well on their way and Greed was certain they could not turn back he changed. Greed told Freedom that in exchange for being his helpful shipmate and since this whole thing was his idea, he would no longer have to steer the boat. At first Freedom was insulted but after some consideration he decided that it was worth the sacrifice and loss of sleep so they could have the adventure of a lifetime.

Days, weeks and months passed as the two made the best of their time together alone out in the open sea. Freedom was tired but Greed was funny and would joke and laugh a lot.

One afternoon Greed realized that he had Freedom at a disadvantage, " ...from now on I need you to do all the fishing because this long journey has made me weak and so I must rest." Greed told a lie. Freedom, being naive and gullible, felt sorry for Greed and quickly agreed, " I'm sorry you are not feeling well my friend I will gladly help, go relax and I will take care of you." From that moment on Freedom did all the work while Greed did all the relaxing.

One morning while Greed was still sleeping Freedom saw it, LAND! Eureka! he screamed, "we found it! we found it! wake up wake up Greed! We have found the new land! Greed was shocked and suddenly remembered that Glory would not be far behind, "Yes! he cheered lets go back now and tell the others!! We are hero's of our day! They will remember us forever!" Freedom just stared blankly at Greed and calmly said , "no." You see, Freedom was not satisfied with his initial discovery, he knew that there was so much more to see beyond the shore. "We came so far! We have a responsibility to our stake our claim and pave the way for the rest, we can't leave...not just yet. We must see if we can survive in this strange place. Would you help me?" Well this did not sit well with Greed at all but he knew that if he returned without Freedom there would be no Glory. Greed needs Freedom. So he agreed, one frustrated one elated they proceeded to the land.

With much enthusiasm Freedom began the task of building an outpost and equipping it with all the things he could think of that they would need to survive. It was all very arduous awkward and exhausting work. Greed watched and made no effort to help. He spent his time thinking about the Glory waiting for him back home and he got really really fat and grumpy. Soon Greed feeling like he needed more space demanded that if Freedom wanted to stay any longer he would have to move out and build another home or they should go back to the island. Freedom thought this was absurd, but then he saw an opportunity. Freedom could build a better bigger outpost and in-doing so perfect his carpentry skills. Freedom moved out and started over.

It took far lass time to build the new outpost and he loved that he had learned so much. He was happy and very proud of his work. He would sing and dance the hours away dreaming about all his ideas.

Greed saw this and became jealous and in a fit of rage he destroyed the new outpost Freedom had built and demanded that they return home that instant. Freedom was deeply hurt and heart broken that Greed could be so violent. He could not understand how things got so bad. Freedom became depressed and ill he was so discouraged that he distanced himself from his friend. Greed grew increasingly more threatening. If Freedom stayed away he would yell and scream and if he did not do the work and stopped bringing food and water Greed would scream and curse at Freedom calling him ugly names. Freedom was unable to harvest enough food to feed Greed's appetite but Greed took all the food anyway. One day he raised a fist and shook it in the face of Freedom. "If you want this food you have to build me a better outpost!", "You are an idiot." "You are waisting my time!"

Day after day Freedom grew weaker and weaker. Finally Freedom expired on the shore of the new land and Greed was all alone screaming at death. He realized what he had done but it was already too late. He wept, "Freedom Freedom I destroyed my Freedom I've killed myself..."

Then because Freedom had done all the work and was the only one who knew how to survive Greed starved to death, alone in the new land and never saw Glory again.

The end.

~Author Unknown

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Thanks for sharing...

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They were both idiots

Freedom should have learned to say NO
and Greed needed a good talking to

Cheers for posting
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