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Special Protection for the Godfather

The Government has moved to prevent the possibility of an arrest warrant being issued against the Pope during his state visit this autumn.

Sky News understands that Whitehall officials have been "seriously concerned" that campaigners would use international criminal rules to try to detain the Pontiff while he is in the UK.

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC were among those campaigners reported to be looking at the options for bringing a private prosecution in relation to the Pope's alleged cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Now Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has proposed changes to the rules on universal jurisdiction, a law that allows individuals to be prosecuted in the UK for serious offences such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture even if they were carried out abroad.

The plans would mean the Director of Public Prosecutions would need to give his consent to any arrest warrant issued under universal jurisdiction.

"Our commitment to our international obligations and to ensuring that there is no impunity for those accused of crimes of universal jurisdiction is unwavering," Mr Clarke said.

"It is important, however, that universal jurisdiction cases should be proceeded with in this country only on the basis of solid evidence that is likely to lead to a successful prosecution - otherwise there is a risk of damaging our ability to help in conflict resolution or to pursue a coherent foreign policy.

"The Government has concluded, after careful consideration, that it would be appropriate to require the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions before an arrest warrant can be issued to a private prosecutor in respect of an offence of universal jurisdiction."

The state visit this September will be the first visit by a Pope to the UK since 1982.

This would effectively mean taking that power out of the hands of the courts.
Ministers say the current rules are open to abuse because the evidence required to get a warrant is far below the threshold that would be needed to bring a prosecution.

This has meant the rules are often used by those who wish to make a political statement or to cause embarrassment.

The most recent attempt to obtain an arrest warrant for a foreign dignitary was ahead of the visit by former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni who cancelled her trip at the last minute to avoid embarrassment.
UK Government Moves To Block Pope Arrest Attempts By Limiting Universal Jurisdiction | UK News | Sky News

It seems wherever the pope decides to go laws are soon to change. What other criminal gangs receive this sort of special treatment.

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Might be time to open the books regarding JPI.

If they're capable of covering up mass child rape, I'm not sure if they're not capable of covering up a potentially suspicious death. Did the Italian right wing murder a Pope?

Pope John Paul I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In God's Name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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There are many things I love about the Catholic Church. I agree with their theology on the Eucharist, their Catechism teachings on social justice, and their veneration of Mary (I pray the Rosary often). However, the cover-ups of child molestation are so terrible - that it's difficult to imagine the Catholic Church as we know it recovering credibility anytime soon. Yes, I understand that any particular person can commit horrible acts - as we see in the leadership ranks of all faiths and denominations. And the occasional sexual assault while obviously painful and heartbreaking - would be easier to comprehend because most of us accept that there will always be some small number of predators within any given population. But when the entire system is involved in not only covering up such acts, but permitting the crimes to continue - the system is obviously broken, more than broken.

I still believe in the catholic church (lower case "c" - as in "universal"). I see the Catholics as brothers and sisters on the same journey - struggling to carry each other through this life and into the next. I pray they can retain the beautiful, sacred, and mysterious aspects of their Tradition while removing this cancer within their leadership once and for all.

To the priests I ask - What would the Mother of God say to those that rape her children?
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